11 thoughts on “[Video] Promotional message for ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ broadcast on KNTV_20140627”

    • I don´t think we need to worry, Randa. Bel Ami and JKS has been greatly promoted. And it seems to me that everything Sukkie does in Japan becomes a success. But I am wondering about that too.

      Is there any news Tenshi?

      • KNTV is not like nationwide TV station. Only the subscribers can see it. So there is no viewer ratings, I suppose.

    • oh really ?? no viewer rating?? then why would they go for so much trouble promoting it when their is no viewer rating ! i mean how can they make profit in this case ??!!

      • Of course, KNTV wants to get more subscribers, but I think they’re also happy to increase sales of DVDs or other items 🙂

  1. This is the first time being this blog reader, I really want to know another reader’s nationality. If you dont mind and you read this, please tell me Randa, what is your nationality? thank you

  2. what the hell ?!! why would they sell the drama to some stupid channel with no viewer rating ??!! like seriously ! why ?! did jang geun suk become nobody in japan or what !? why wouldnt they sell it to some international channel for the hole country to enjoy ? their is only 2 explanation for this
    1_ no one is interested in sukkie any more !
    2_ Kntv paid alot of money for it more than any other channel hhheeh..

    • Alex, not only ‘Beautiful Man’ but other Korean dramas are also not often broadcast on nationwide (free of charge) TV channels in Japan. So it’s not unusual. To be honest, TV ratings are becoming meaningless in even nationwide channels. As you know, we have many options. Paid cable TV channels for specific genres such as Korean dramas, European football leagues is meaningful to get hard-core fans. By the way, TV ratings are still meaningful in your country?

      • Thank you for your answers, Tenshi. TV ratings is not importen in my country either. It´s posible that the TV channels have some sort of rating, but I have never heard someone even mentioning that.

        Alex, I have read that KNTV has paid a lot of many for Bel Ami. I haven´t managed to find the article now but you can read this:


        JKS is exceptionally good at everything he does. He can never become nobody.

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