[News] Eve Yap’s cute eel stickers ‘Let’s meet Miss Eel’ for LINE users are now available!

One of our translators and talented eels, Eve Yap, Malaysian eel released a set of cute eels as LINE stickers. If you’re interested in them, please check them out!

Below is Eve’s message 🙂
KYAaaa!! Finally it’s approved! Brothers and Sisters, I was trying out a fun project earlier on by thinking of creating a set of EEL stickers in LINE .. and they finally approved!! For anyone who is interested , do check it out !

Credits: Eve Yap
You can get them at Sticker Shop in LINE app (available in 230 countries) on June 23rd or LINE WEB STORE (available in 9 countries; United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Italy, Brazil and Spain) on June 26th. To find her stickers, I recommend you to search eels / unagi / 鳗鱼 / うなぎ (all means ‘eels’ in several languages) ^^


tenshi_akuma’s note: This is her official art page on Facebook 🙂 She can draw many types of arts! Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “[News] Eve Yap’s cute eel stickers ‘Let’s meet Miss Eel’ for LINE users are now available!”

  1. they’re all cute.
    at first, I thought bye bye is written as bye cri 🙂
    which one is kabayaki? is it on the left side of singer eel?
    omo … o_0 an eel in bikini

    can smell jealousy from namja eels 🙂

  2. Ooh, it´s so cute! Congratulations Eve Yup! You are very talented. Your fanfic comics is amazing too. 🙂

    Too bad we can´t send messages til Sukkie on LINE. There is Miss Eel i bikini! And even the camping Miss Eel! Sukkie would be so happy. 😉


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