[article] Hong Kong ‘YES’ magazine, vol 1214, June

Credits: 蒲燒小杰 & Sukstar-HK
English translation: Wen Lee from Eels Club International

‘Live in Japan! JKS takes IU to Japan’
Recently, Korean stars who are good in acting are particularly popular, because there are more viewers watching Korean dramas. JKS has done a few popular K-dramas, although the ratings were not as high as LMH & KSH but he has always had a good number of followers. The drama ‘Beautiful Man’ which he starred in not long ago, will be aired in Japan shortly. The other day, JKS not only took the female lead IU to Japan for promotion, he also took the opportunity to release his new Japanese album. JKS’ work/projects is one after the other, it’s very hard not to support him!

‘New drama to be aired in Japan’
BM was aired in Korea last year, although the ratings were not good locally, but thanks to the popularity of the male & female leads, hence the focus has always existed! This drama will be aired in Japan’s KNTV soon. The male & female leads, JKS & IU flew to Japan last week to attend a special ‘Opening’ event organised by the TV channel, promoting the new drama to Japanese fans. JKS’ popularity in Japan has always been very high, it’s because his previous drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ was very popular in Japan, adding to that, he also released an album in Japan, so he is not unknown to fans in Japan.
‘Floral look, in a good mood’
As soon as he arrived in Japan, he met with the media. At the event, JKS appeared in floral suit, with hair brushed up, he was full of smiles, also he looked very healthy. As to national sister IU, she also wore a ponytail, wore a black & white dress, showing off her cute look. At the presscon, they both said they were happy being able to go to Japan to promote their new drama, also said they were very happy to see many fans at the airport.

‘Praised IU good acting’
It’s easy for JKS & IU to see fans. Actually, the TV channel has arranged an FM for them, giving them a chance for a close encounter with fans. At the event, JKS even praised IU for her good acting skills in front of the audience! JKS: ‘IU not only is pretty but she is also very good in acting. Her role in the drama is very different to her, but she could play (the role) very naturally, really great!’. But IU said, in fact she was electrified (mesmerised) by this ‘Beautiful Man’ JKS numerous times!

‘Releasing Photobook’
Actually, the two are being very polite, nonstop praising each other! This time, apart from airing the K-drama BM in Japan, a Japanese version DVD will also be released. And also, the TV channel will hold a ‘Summer Festival’, so fans can participate! Furthermore, JKS will later release a BM photobook in Japan. Looks like JKS has a lot of new projects in Japan!

‘JKS loves eating’
Days ago, JKS uploaded a pic on his Instagram showing him eating (note: JKS doesn’t have Instagram, it was actually his Twitter). Although not knowing what he was eating but seeing that he was licking his lips, it must be very tasty!

Additional! ‘JKS’ Team H come back!’
‘Filmed MV in Jeju Island’
Last week, JKS went to Japan to promote his new drama, at the same time, he also released information of his singing come back. Following last year’s ‘I just Wanna Have Fun’, JKS once again brings fans a new album as Team H. The single in the album ‘Take Me’ English version was already released last week. This light & merry song, is different to the past Team H genre of rock & Hip-hop. For the new song, JKS & the other Team H member, Big Brother went to Jeju Island to film MV with the big nature as background. In the MV, JKS showed us a sunny pretty young boy, a total change from the past cold, secretive, heavy makeup style, a really big break-through change!

‘Release new album next month’
Apart from releasing an English MV, this time, will also target China region! The Chinese version of new song ‘Take Me’ will be released next week ie 30th June in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand concurrently. Team H’s second full length album ‘Driving To The Highway’ will be released on 9th July. JKS also plans to tour Asia, going to 8 cities in Asia, showcasing FM & also promoting new album. Looks like Hong Kong fans will be able to see JKS again this year!

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  1. wow thank you so much dear Wen Lee for translating this and dear Tenshi for sharing!
    I am delighted that they took a lot of good words and details about what is going on in Sukkie’s projects and events for Chinese eels’ appreciation- i would be so ecstatic if I saw such an article here in the Philippines! ^^

  2. Thank you so much for the article! I always love to read when someone praise Sukkie. It says “JKS tooks the female lead IU to Japan for promotion”. You can immediately understand who is “the boss” here. LOL 😀

    It´s so much to look forward! Lucky Asian eels! And thanks to you guys, it will be a good times for the rest of us too. We know that you are always ready to share JKS -pictures, videos and stories with us. Thank you for your hard work and your kindness! 🙂


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