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  1. HI Tenshi,

    could you help me with directions to Keun Suk’s Zik Zin shop in Shibuya? Like to visit it next week. Thanks in advance! :}

    • Dear Stay Up Late

      Hope you get to see this.

      The link to the Map : http://www.tokyopocketguide.com/tokyo/pdf/shibuya_map.pdf

      Directions to AP/Zikzin Shop using this map :

      Take the starting reference point as Shibuya 109 Men’s, which is on F7 on the map known as 109 Part 2.
      Walk straight up north towards Towner Records. At the junction after you pass Towner Records, cross the road to the opposite shop (its called “Bullet Rose or Rose Bullet” cant really remember).
      Then cross the road again towards “ship” and “freak”. Turn right at the first junction, and its a very steep upslope towards “freak”.
      Turn right at the 2nd junction after Mulberry and walk towards the “salt and tobacco museum”.
      You will find Zikzin shop further down the road

      • Thanks Niamki and QQeyes! Great to know you guys are still around supporting Keun Suk. Can’t locate the map but will try to find my way there nonetheless. Hope its not too long a walk. Shibuya is quite confusing right from the Hachiko (dog), there are so many directions to head from that junction alone! Warmest regards.:)

  2. Love all the smiles of my Sugar, Sukkiki. He always looks so young and handsome.

    Thank you very much Tenshi for your constant support to our Prince. This really is a labour of LOVE.


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