[fan-cam] JKS returned to Seoul after BM fan meeting_20140615

UPDATE: added more fan-cam video

Credits: mahdiyeh nikookalam

Credits: 贝贝的理想是保洁大妈

Credits: modup_dubom

Credits: bee_jks

4 thoughts on “[fan-cam] JKS returned to Seoul after BM fan meeting_20140615”

  1. Thanks for sharing…Tenshi…and all the uploaders
    The very small vid from Bee JKS is so funny…very short with the music and the prince waving goodbye to us eels 🙂
    Bee is really good

    • Thank you for sharing, Tenshi. 🙂

      What happened that day? There were more people on the airport. It looks like Sukkies bodygard was under a lot of stress.

      I love when they put a music on Sukkies airport videos. HiCri have maid a lot of beautiful JKS on airport- videos, but they have just stop to make them.

      I hope it is ok to put the link of my favorite JKS-airportvideo just to make my point 🙂


      Isn´t he gorgeous? 🙂

      • Waw… a real charming prince !
        You allowed me to start my day with energy and a great smilenow I can go to work with a cheerful heart all of you happy sukkie morninig! I have to go go go;) zikzin!..

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