[Pics] JKS with IU and Song Byeong-joon, CEO and executive producer of Group Eight

UPDATE: added more pics

JKS and IU (needless to say, Lee Jang Woo, too) were really on good terms. All the attendees witnessed their closeness, but you’ll see from these photos. I think while shooting, they were really busy and had less time getting along together, but now, after six months, the three were really really great being together. They all enjoyed ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ fan meeting a lot. All the attendees laughed crazily to see their funny exchange and were moved to hear songs sang by them. But it’s funny to see JKS’ facial expression with men, not women!

Credits: ㅇ^ㅇ
Original source: IU唯 from Weibo, and twitter


tenshi_akuma’s note: Here’s the info about Song Byeong-joon.

13 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS with IU and Song Byeong-joon, CEO and executive producer of Group Eight”

  1. Thanks for additional info my dear tenshi…I really feel that JKS & IU is now close to each other unlike before 🙂

  2. Yeah, JKS facial expression on the second picture is really funny. 😀 Poor Sukkie. ♥ He must be exhausted, and they just keep taking pictures of him. I hope he is relaxing today.

  3. Omo !! you’ve seen the hands of the young woman in pic 3. I would have a heart attack if I was at her place kkkkkk

  4. Haha..what happened in second pic? He look awkward. Is he afraid or what? Someone forced him to smile?Kkkk..who is the ladies in third pic? They molest him?

  5. its really sad it took IU Six month to get kinda close to sukkie !!he is really sweet and i would loved for them to be comfortable with each other from the start but .. glad they seem closer now ! i just hope the keep contact 🙂


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