7 thoughts on “[Video-2] ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ press conference in Japan_20140613”

  1. I don’t know about you but watching Sukkie makes me the happiest person on earth nowadays :-). Everything about him seems so perfect….even his imperfections 🙂 and sooooo enjoyable! How could a person be so perfectly adorable all the time?!!! I just love this guy!

    Thank you, Tenshiiiiiii!!!

    • I feel the same Amyli, go around smilling all day without reason. I´ve never been interested in a celebrity before. And I certainly have never felt the urge to write comments on internet before. 😀

      Have a beautiful Sukkie day! Vi have so much to look forward. There´s always something going on in the Sukkie world. 😀

      • Haha….Zoe & Malice, I guess we all got the JKS virus , & it has now become a chronicle JKS syndrome (that we have no wish to cure) 🙂 Sukkie World is a happy & beautiful world 🙂

        Happy Sukkie day 🙂

    • Oh thanks  god, I’m not the only one to have the syndrome “keun suk” this IS REALLY CHRONICLE!
      The page of this blog still active on my Android and every time I have to watch the update 🙂
      as you said zoe I feel the obligation to leave comments. It’s become a necessary daily ritual !!
      like eating and drinking we should have the news of jks ! this is really weird weird!
      Who i am ? Because it’s sure I am not the same anymore 🙂 kkkkkkkkkk

    • Dont worry !! You’r not alone heheh ..we eels all over suffer from Sukkie syndrome lol ..you have no idea how many time i watched this and just giggles .every time he appears on screen hehe…

  2. Ooh, Tenshi, I hope that you can translate it! I would especially like to know what they talked about after 7:30. Sukkie sang a little bit and they laughed about something.

    I know that Sukkie keeps you very busy these days. Thank you for everything you do for us! 🙂


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