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  1. Nice but …is it just me or sukkie is giving IU a cold shoulder??!! .. you can clearly see that she desperately wanted to talk to him but he never even truned to her side !

    • It wasn´t like that, Randa. He talked with her, and laughed. Press conferance was much longer, 30-40 minuttes. I have watched the whole PC. I think that IU is just a little bitt insecure. She knows that Sukkie is the biggest star of them in Japan, and looks at him to get confirmation that she is doing good, i think.

      So handsome in that jacket, and with that hairstyle. 🙂

      • Zoe, you are a true die-hard JKS Eel 🙂 Loyal to the end 🙂 I have to give you 2 thumps up 🙂

        Btw, Where did you watch the entire PC?

      • Yes I am, Amyli, thank you. And it`s getting worse every day. It´s good for Sukkie that I live far away from Korea. LOL 😀

        I have watched it on NicoNico. Registered timeshif and everything like Tenshi have explaned.


        It was 30min a speciall program about BA, and press conferance after that. Everything on korean and japanese. And I don´t understand nighter of them. But I was still very happy. 😀

      • Ahhhh…good for you, Zoe! I was too busy with work & missed it 🙁 What would we do without Sukkie huh, Zoe 🙂 He fills our a days with such joy & excitement !

        Wishing you & all eels here a Happy Sukkie life!

    • Its not just you randa . I have watched the whole thing life and he didn’t even turn to her side . like you said. Yes he he laughed and smiled but it was with himself. It was so sad . Cuz IU was really jusy waiting for him to exchange at her smile . But no … he was avoiding every single eye contact. Thats why she turned to lee jang woo and the shared alot of moments . And thats just killed me cuz i was dying for their interaction.but this time it wasnt iu falut it was sukkie .

      • No, and once again no. I have just watched the video and there’s no such cold shoulder from sukkie. He’s just being professional and serious for the press con.

    • randa, if you want to know if Sukkie is cold shoulder to IU or not. Just watch their Fan-meetings later, OK. In the Fanmeeting, they are more comfortable and friendly with each other. I think Sukkie is being professional here. Please don’t think too much!!!

      As for me, I never like watching PRESS CONF….so boring and tiring!!! All of them are so stiff and shows masked faces…..aigoo..

    • Sukkie is not giving any cold shoulder to IU at all. Pls don’t think too much about it. He just didn’t want to take the limelight from IU when she’s talking so the reporters & cameras can concentrate on her. Sukkie is a very considerate person. It’s a presscon after all so he’s trying to be serious and he’s concentrating & preparing for next questions.

      • And if you look at the photo of the 3 of them after the FM, Sukkie’s got his hand on IU’s shoulder & they look happy. Now, maybe some fans might be jealous! kkk!

  2. I wonder if our Sukkie is nervous around reporters. At this press con, He is not his natural talkative, smiling, friendly, joking self as when he is with his friends or Eels. He probably has to watch what he says so he appears aloof & stuck-up, but that’s the image people see. I noticed that mask in a few previous press cons as well. Maybe that’s the image his fellow Koreans see? Relax ok, Sukkie, & just smile a lot 🙂 You have a sunny smile that lights up the whole world! Zikzin!

    • Amyli, I think it’s not that he is nervous, just cautious. The people attending press conference are very different from those who attend JKS’s concerts or fan meetings. The latter ones come to see him and hear him as they already admire him, like him, love him, and support him unconditionally. He can be himself and express his thoughts and emotions freely with them. At press conference, he is under a microscope and he is shouldering the entire drama which is quite a burden as it involves business that’s worth a lot of money. He has to be careful about his actions and words. People there are watching him like hawks and interpreting and reporting every action and word that comes out of his mouth. It is better to be safe than sorry!!!!

      • Sorry, Amyli, I don’t know why it posted my response as Anonymous!!! I leave my comments with my name. Have a great day.

  3. I totally agree with you: “anonymous”, on PC there is a risky business going on and
    He has to be very professional, Sukki is a business man and he has to follow rules, yet he is so charming and lovely, he looks good, but a prefer him with longer hair, like in the beginning of ” Bel Ami”. I noticed also and I don’t know why they don’t give real kisses in the drama, maybe is in te script or they don’t really like kissing? Someone please tell me. Is it about culture?

    • From what I read this is because of the IU agency that insisted for an innocent kiss, to keep the image of the little sister of korea. As far as I know she still a school girl. May be the Korean culture also ..that’s all i know dear 😉


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