[2014-06-13] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

2014-06-13 16:03:04
【Find the special video!】TEAM H ‘Take me’ MV is released

【Find the special video!】
MV ‘Take me’ released on June 25th is now available!

There are 4 versions; original ver./YouTube ver./Nico Nico Live ver./GyaO!ver.
After you find different scenes from each version, click the part on the screen of YouTube ver.
You’ll see the special video! There is…
Please look forward to what appears there!

*Original ver:
It is included in DVD for the first limited production edition, etc

*YouTube ver.:

*Nico Nico Live ver.:

*GyaO! ver.:

tenshi_akuma’s note: According to @ponycanyon twitter, an unpublished song is playing in the special video. To see the special video, please check your settings on YouTube. Annotations must be ‘ON’.

5 thoughts on “[2014-06-13] Team H/ JKS Ameblo”

  1. I have found it! 🙂 I am so happy now! I didn´t expect that. Sukkie is so handsome.♥ Looks like Team H- Sukkie again.

    Thank you Tenshi! 🙂

    GyaO!ver. is not available in my region. ;_; But it´s ok. YT MV is the most important, isn´t it?

    • I couldn’t find any Zoe. 🙁 I can only watch the original version and YT version, the other two are not possible. You have to tell me. What was it? Tell me please! kkkk 😀 😀 😀


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