[article] ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ ad on Japanese paper ‘Yomiuri Shimbun’_20140608

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“Super beautiful man” Jang Keun Suk is going to return to TV!!
Your heart will beat faster seeing this romantic comedy.

‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’, in which Jang Keun Suk plays a beautiful man literally same as the drama title, will be broadcast on June 27th (fri) on KNTV, Korean entertainment channel for the first time in Japan. One day Ma Te (JKS), who has lived by his good looks, comes to know he is an illegitimate child of Chairman of a large corporation. Through meeting top ladies in various fields, he learns wisdom in life. Can he change from just a good-looking man to a genuine ‘beautiful man’!? This drama receives another attention because IU, well-known as a singer, and Lee Jang Woo, a popular actor act with JKS. KNTV will be broadcast a special JKS program ‘Full of JKS’ from June to July, too.

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  1. Thank you for sharing all this information with us, Tenshi! I live on the other side of the Earth, and don´t even have KNTV, but you have got me excited about Bel Ami promotion in Japan. 🙂

    Hello Amyli! You always put me in a good mood with your ” Happy Sukkie day”- comments. I guess you are sleeping now, and I hope you have sweet Sukkie dreams. I am starting my day now, drinking my morning coffee, and checking my favorite JKS blog – JKS forever. 🙂 Have plans to watch Team H concert in Makuhari on YT again. I have watch it every day since the video appeared on YT a few days ago. I feel it will be a good Sukkie day today. 😀

    Happy Sukkie day to you Tenshi, and to the other eels from ECI who works on this blog, and to all eels who follows JKS forever! 😀

    • Hhhh Me too i live in the the other side of the Earth, now is morninig too, it’s 9:24 am ,so i hope u a very wandrful sukkie day 😉
      BTW. Can you give me the link of this concert ?

      • Hi Malice! You don´t need the link. Just search for “Team H Makuhari” on you tube, and you will find it. Have a great Team H time! 😀

      • Txs dear i just finished watching the party 🙂 ………
        i can’t believe that is the same guy as AGENT JKS =) realy realy i wonder ! Hhhhhhhhhh

      • Good to know a new eel born.kkk..im not new..im 3 and a half years old eel.kkk…I know him since 2010 through Marry me Mary.welcome to the pond baby malice.kkk…

      • what makes me more happy is not only JKS, but also the attitude of his eels, their kindness and helpfulness… I am pleased to get to know everyone and as Emily said :
        “Have a happy sukkie day”

        we must promote this sentence and make it international, very very funny kkkkkkk

  2. The Japanese promo of Bel Ami & JKS is amazing & incredible! I have never seen so much effort on a drama before! I pray Bel Ami does well in Japan & China.

    Thank you ,Tenshi.

    Hi Zoe, Team H’s music is not quite my cup of tea but I think I’m gonna like their new album. 🙂 I like “take me” so far 🙂 Enjoy your Team H concert!

  3. Yes..I guess keun suk make team h music just for fun. I dont think he really into that kind of music too.its just such music have nice beat and can make one enjoying the moment.i mean..didnt such music are good for clubbing. Act..I really missed his solo album coz his song have more meaning and story.i wonder why he dont release one this year.maybe he cant get good material yet.

    • Me too ! I prefer his songs as Abracadabra , can you hear me also my bus and his latest one that was used in japan to promote PM.

    • Hi Sukasukie, I too miss his solo album & hope he will release one also, but I guess Sukkie’s taste in music is as broad as his interests in other areas. That’s what makes him different from others & much more interesting. As you said, the Team H type of music is upbeat & fun. It’s a good destressor for him 🙂 Poor Sukkie, life in the entertainment world is so competitive & stressful. He needs to hang loose sometimes & just go crazy..crazy..crazy 🙂

      • Yes..he’s always busy..but even when hes tired..its hapiness to him because hes doing what he loves. Act..hes the kind who get interest in anything and like to try many thing.thats why hes so good at everything he does.kkk..a man with many experience. .

  4. It looks like there are many new eels here 🙂 the late bloomers 🙂

    Hello everyone ! Have a happy Sukkie day( or night)!

  5. It looks like many here are new (or young) eels 🙂 Great for Sukkie 🙂

    Hello to all – seasoned & new – eels! Have a happy Sukkie & Zikzin day/night!

  6. I’m so glad when I see how beautiful it is promoted BM in Japan and Singapore. With what emotion is expected! Also, I feel sad when I think how it was received BM in Korea! I always think that is the loss of Koreans do not know how to appreciate a true value but I still does not understand them.
    As Team H, that is his portion of freedom. In general, concert stage is for him an free land where he can express emotions and feelings without restrictions. He loves the music he makes and plays alone or in Team H,he loves the stage and the show . He does it with passion and dedication, not just a fad.
    It is true that it cost him quite expensive but he can not give up.
    Thanks for sharing this dear Tenshi!

    • Yea, agree with you Adriana, it’s a pity that BM was not properly promoted in its home country! I know that they might have targeted international markets like Japan for profit reason, but isn’t this exactly the domestic criticism that has been thrown upon JKS concerning his recent dramas that seemed to be tailored for hallyu waves only? BM is a decent drama which needs to be recognised in Korea as well. But anyway… we can’t change what has happened… I’m crossing my fingers now for the current broadcast in several other countries, especially Japan. KNTV seems to do a very good promotion on the drama. Now we can also see some special programs and BTS! yay!

  7. i so love how they are promoting Bel Ami in Japan.

    for those new eels who enjoyed watching “Team H Makuhari,” watch also “Team-H Electrical Summer” for their voice are more powerful there. i am very impressed to Sukkie when i watched it for his voice and performance improved a lot.


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