[Pics] JKS from dohyung2 Instagram

Jang Keun Suk’s friend shared old photos in his Instagram. They were from LoungeH party at Hanyang University. TEAM H activities started for Hanyang University festival. I think he showed his support to the release of TEAM H new album in Japan.

Original source: http://instagram.com/dohyung2


7 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS from dohyung2 Instagram”

  1. hello dear tenshi,please please help me, im sooooo sad now cause i hear that our oppa having problem with his mom these days and antifans use this against him and making problem for him.is it true? i m sooooo worried for him:( i write here cause i think its better to do not making other eels worried. if you know about this please tell me,i m sooo anxious . i wish all of his difficulties be annihilate soon.
    dear i heard it s serious,is it true?
    if yes, what we can do? how can we help him? please tell me what should i do?
    his sorrow always makes me sorrowful 🙁 🙁 please tell what can i do?

    • Hi, I don’t know why you are too worried about just a rumor. Personally I haven’t heard the rumor you mentioned here. Even if it was true, our Prince is just the same as us, humans. It’s possible that he has an argument with his parents. Who knows? Like us, he has ups and downs in life.
      I believe for eels, living a happy and health life is the best way to show our continuous support to him. Even it’s indirect, I believe eels’ positiveness gives him energy ^^ Please don’t worry too much. Please believe your beloved Prince. He can overcome any difficulties by himself as he did so far.

      • thank you sooo much tenshi,yes you right he can overcome any dificulties,but these days he looks sad and sometimes anxious,this annoyance me,i know he is human but i just want he be happy forever,i wish that a rumor and he be happy,i m not sad for his problem with his mom,i was worried for the problem that made antifans.
        Thank you your words give calm to me

      • I read your comment again,yes tenshi you right, i was so anxious and our pisitiveness will give him energy,so i will try to see things around of him positively, again i wish he be happy forever 🙂

      • I’m happy you’re feeling better and positive now. You know today is ZikZin Day. Let’s look forward and Zikzin together for the future 😉

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