10 thoughts on “[Pic] JKS at wedding ceremony of his previous make-up artist_20140528”

    • Word.

      I found another proof as well. m.star.naver.com/asiaprince/news/end?id=2184368 and http://bit.ly/T9U9Jt. The latter one, I dont know what the occasion was.

      Love to learn that he doesnt do single-use on things – including clothes- and isnt afraid of showing/doing it.

      • Agree! While some celebrities feel it’s big deal for them to be seen using or wearing the same clothes twice, it’s not the case for our JKS. He’s just like anyone of us, when he got a fave shirt he will wear it more often.. Love him so muccchh! 😀

  1. Yeah he’s just so cool…I’m sure he wears those clothes again because they’re cool. Like the jacket he wore in love rain episode 10 (kissing scene with Yoona) he wore it in Japan after one of his concerts…but I don’t have the picture though.


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