[Pic] Full-page ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ ad on local paper ‘TODAY’ in Singapore_20140531

UPDATE: added the download page links of the PDF print edition

Shared by Hazy Lee from ECI

Full page ad on local paper ‘TODAY’!!!! The drama is on channel U tomorrow 10pm!! Singapore eels, let’s all watch and made a hit on the viewership^^

The art of seduction is his secret tool
To power, wealth, and revenge

tenshi_akuma’s note: I really love this beautiful ad. Singapore eels are lucky to watch BM every day from tomorrow.

For download from ‘TODAY’ official website:
Print Edition – May 31, 2014 page 23-24
download the PDF page

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    • Yeah, you are really lucky Karen. You have even been in Korea! How was it like to breath the same air as Sukkie? 😀 Did you find the Lotte magazine or some other Sukkie- stuff?

      Have a safe flight. 🙂

      • Yes, I bought JKS calendar, mug and mouse pad from Myeodong. I took photo at Lotte Star Avenue, and saw his BM chocolate and airport trolley with his photo. I got the Lotte magazine, however, this month no feature on JKS, so sad.

      • It shouldn´t be allowed to sell Lotte magazin without Sukkies pictures. 😉 But you must be happy anyway! 🙂 I hope that I can visit Seoul one day too.

  1. Yeah….I will be able to see DKMT on my big screen TV every weekday!
    Soooo happy!
    Must remind my colleagues to watch too! KKkkk^_^

  2. That is great news . And i’m so looking forward to their press conference and fan meeting in Tokyo. By the way tenshi! Do you know where could i watch that live stream for the press . And exactly what time is it ? I really need to see it live 😉

  3. “The art of seduction is his secret tool
    To power, wealth, and revenge”

    Idk, whether they have it right or is it another misleading desc/tagline. I dont remember that ‘revenge’ involved in Dok Go Matte’s journey. It was part of Yu Ra’s, I guess.

    Somehow, to Singapore eels, enjoy the drama! Hope non eels enjoy it too.

  4. I like the picture too, Tenshi. JKS looks like a prince charming, and there is something about those pink flowers. I woudn´t worry about the tagline, Rham. It looks like a add for a romantic drama. I would want to watch it even if I didn´t know anything about Sukkie and BM.

  5. I have watched it more than 5 times, on line as well as DVD that I have bought, however, I will still be watching it every night from tomorrow for the next 4 weeks, lucky me, Mary loves you Sukkie, will always support you, love love

  6. I hope BM will do well overseas. Personally I liked it.

    Dear Tenshi & all eels,

    Does anybody know how well Love Rain did in Japan & China? I really loved this drama but it did not appear to get very high rating in Korea. I am still a little puzzled. Love Rain had all the ingredients of a very successful drama…the Winter Sonata & Autum in my Heart directing & screenwriting team, JKS one of South Korea’s best actor, Yoona a popular & pretty singer (although her acting was week in LR in my opinion), beautiful music & songs. What went wrong in Korea? Your thoughts on this subject would be very much appreciated 🙂

    Thank you, & have great day/evening!

    • It’s From wekipidia : Love Rain received low ratings domstically, with an average of 5.1% nationwide.]But due to the Korean wave appeal of its lead stars Jang and Im, of all the Korean dramas sold abroad for 2012, Love Rain went for the highest price to Japan before it even broadcast in Korea. The contract for Love Rain‘s publication rights with Japan was completed earlier when its pre-production began. Many countries in Europe have bought the broadcasting rights as well. It cost ₩450 million per episode, adding up to some ₩900 million (or US$10 million) in total.[43] It has since been exported to 12 countries in Asia and Europe including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, and Singapore, recording around ₩115 billion in overseas sales. Although the ratings in Korea were disappointing, the drama isn’t exactly a failure due to its overseas sales and profit from advertisements. Some even say that the proper and accurate reviews for “Love Rain” should start after the drama ends in Korea.

      by the way did you read my reply for your last question on [2014-05-31] Jang Keun Suk LINE ???

      • And in Japan Love Rain was voted by viewers the best Korean drama two years in the row. I read about it either in this blog or somewhere else.

      • not only Love Rain, actually 2009 YAB drama was actually getting low rating in Korea too but it is still the most popular drama overseas todate after 5 years… recently, it was voted as the most popular classic drama in China (even it is 5 years old) among the 100 over dramas.

    • I love Love Rain too and have watched it several times.:) I have read that they have made 2 movies of Love Rain – “Forbidden love” and “Fate”, and have shown them in the theater in Japan. I guess the movies has been a great success. Japan usually love everything Sukkie does. Isn´t that right Tenshi?

      I would like to watch them, but I havn´t see the DVD of the movies yet. I would like to see what was cut off. Is it possible to buy it, or watch it some place on the internet? Do you know that Tenshi? Does somebody know that?

    • And I think the timing as well. Though Jang Keun Suk has been a child actor & not lacking in experience as an actor, the competition at that time was against a much more veteran actors than him like in You’re Beautiful – it was competing against Iris of Lee Byung Hun (senior, veteran actor) at the time it was aired & with that YB is considered to have done well on its own. Love Rain was against MBC’s Lights & Shadows which already gained the interest & loyalty of korean viewers & which stars another senior & veteran actor. At that time korean viewers don’t want to let go of the Lights & Shadows. You know like what happened recently to those dramas that were competing against Empress Ki, it gained the highest viewer rating throughout its airing while dramas on same timeslot couldn’t pass the 10% viewer mark If I’m not mistaken they were Prime Minister & I which stars Yoona & Full Sun.

    • Dear all,

      Thank you so very much for your replies! They make me feel much better. LR is such a beautiful love story & Sukkie is incredibly fantastic as usual. I so want it to do better than it did in S. Korea. As always, Sukkie put in more than 100% & needed some well deserved recognition & encouragement. I hope that BM will do better oversea as well.

      Many thanks to everyone of you who replied again! Have a great day!

      Zikzin 🙂

  7. I watch most of his film on the sm.screen except Beethoven Virus,where can i find the DVD? is not available either in YT or online. I bought love rain at HMV and watched again the complete ep.in YT.addicted to our prince.there is a news from Arirang that JKS has a coming film on the small screen soon,can’t wait.Thank you xx

  8. LOVE RAIN! Big words! I watch an ep. every day, again and again. It´s never enough for me.I’m also addicted to anything that smells of JKS. I’ve watched all his dramas and movies.

  9. You are Beautiful and Love Rain are classics. They never get old. You can watch these over and over and over and still get engaged in the story line. JKS’s acting is top notch. It doesn’t hurt that he looks very handsome too in both the dramas. JKS’s dramas may not get good ratings in Korea for whatever reasons, but it is a fact that his dramas have a very long shelf life and can be easily enjoyed multiple times. The dramas that have got high ratings in Korea, I can hardly watch them even once!!! Who will want to watch Iris twice??

    • I totally agree with you, abha :-). Last year, I started watching that most popular k drama everyone went gaga about just to find out why it was so popular. I couldn’t finish Epi 1! And I didn’t even know JKS at that time! Now I am perfectly happy with our Sukkie 🙂 He may not be perfect but is certainly the most interesting person in the K entertainment world 🙂

      • Amyli, if you are talking about “The Heirs”, I had zero interest in watching it. I have Dramafever premium membership and that’s where I watch JKS’s dramas. Dramafever co-produced “The Heirs” and has been promoting it heavily in the United States. These days it is always listed under “Most Popular” category on dramafever.com. I couldn’t stand “Boys over Flowers”, suffered the miserable storyline and misery of watching it until episode 3 or 4, the whole time wondering why it is so highly rated, and then, just skipped to the last episode and fast forwarded it to see the end of the story. Why would I want to watch another clone of that drama!!! By the way, are we not allowed to name the dramas we are talking about??? I hope I am not breaking rules here.

      • Haha…How did you guess?!!! I 🙂 I dont think you broke any rules. I just didn’t want to bad-mouth someone else favorite star or drama. I’m trying to be a good JKS eel here :-). I kind of got sick of the dramafever promo. It turned me off. Re. BOF, I couldn’t watch past Epi 1 neither! However, I think Sukkie would have done a much better job playing the BOF lead role. He would have nailed it….& I would have watched it :-). LMH is handsome but in my opinion not a very strong actor from a few samples I have seen.

        How long have you been following JKS?

      • Amyli and Abha, you two are soo funny. I laugh at your comments. Eels are so much alike think a like. Certain things or topics, don’t need to mention words, we do know what being said……LOLL

        Abha, no you did not break any rules. However, like Amyli said, we like to refrain from discussing about other STARs here, especial stars around JKS’ age group. I know you know who and who…..LOLLL

      • Kailey, I did not mention any actors or actresses names, just that the storyline of the drama was not to my liking. I will never say anything bad against any actor or actress, as they are all doing the best they can. It is a tough business to be in and it takes a lot of courage just to stand in front of a camera or an audience. I am impressed by each and everyone who has that courage and I wish them all well in their chosen profession, peace, health, and prosperity.

        Amyli, it was my husband who insisted that I should watch “You are Beautiful” last year in September. He was working at Netflix at the time and had come across some Korean dramas in Netflix’s instant stream library. He told me this actor (JKS) is called Asia Prince and I will like the story of You are Beautiful and it is in Netflix’s instant stream library. You won’t believe how much I didn’t want to watch a foreign drama where I would have to read subtitles. He made me watch it against my wishes!!!! Afterwards, I could not believe what I almost missed out on!!! JKS is an amazing actor and singer. I got Dramafever membership to watch JKS’s other dramas as Netflix only has his movie Baby and me other than You are Beautiful.

      • Ha, ha, ha, sukasukie. I don’t think my husband is a male eel. He reads up about shows online and came across JKS’s profile and his status in Asia and he knows the kind of stories and productions I like. He was absolutely correct about this one. He watches a wide range of Korean dramas, I only watch JKS’s dramas. Sometimes I will watch a few minutes here and there with him of other dramas and eventually leave the room, rolling my eyes…….

  10. I also watch JKS drama multiple times including BM… I don’t like to watch high rating korean drama, I only love to see JKS acting with Park Shin Hye, Yoona and IU and Moon Geun Yung


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