12 thoughts on “[2014-05-31] Jang Keun Suk LINE”

  1. From a girl who always love listening to slow songs (ballads) and soft rocks….Team H changed my mind of electronic music. Electric music is sooo up beat and soooo energetic!!! Every time I listen to Team H songs, I feel revise and alive and upbeat positive energetic. LOVE this type of music now!!!

    Can’t wait for Team H!!! Fighting, JKS and big Bro!!!!

    • Aren’t they vitamin D to make one come alive…
      I love this heavenly 39 seconds already
      I just wish to be in one of their party’s too eventhough was was never such party goer

      Chochochozerrrrrrrrrrrrr TEAM H

      • This is my first time that I follow an artist, I’ve never known the feelings of excitement and i wonder this heart palpitations due to waiting and expectation.
        funny feelings 🙂 knowing my character, sometimes can’t really believe that I am the same person!
        this year 2014 : suprises me !

      • I knew him a little less than one year. considering the geographical area, in my country there is a little interest for Asian productions in general : (
        Iwas by chance that I saw my first drama “Slave Hunter” on a satellite channel and since that I became addicted to drama without an interest in a specific artist.
        I searched on the net lists of the best dramas and I watch after. To our dear JKS ♥ he was an artist like the others, I saw you are beautiful MMM but the drama that marked me the most was love rain and even though I was far from being a fan!
        Coincidentally I saw the teaser of pretty man I said to myself I should see it ! luckily, after some time I came across the first two episodes, I saw them of Affiliate I liked it and I started to wait every week the new episodes ……… I’m still not a fan 🙂
        Meanwhile I read too many reviews about this drama and especially about the actor, and this is where it’s triggering my interest in him …… because it was abnormal that boycotting! !
        How so? And why he is always compared to “LM”? Questions that I asked because I always found the drama in the lists of best drama on the internet? I’m an analyst person I wanted to know the real reasons behind those discords , as they say there is no smoke without flame!
        since that he was not an artist among others for me but an exceptional person who has by himself to fight a giant who is the show biz and the Korean press !

      • I forget to say that I read everything that I find about him to the point that I read the entire archive of jksforevere. 🙂
        gradually I make my own idea about him and HERE I AM ! A faithful eel 🙂

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