10 thoughts on “[Pic] JKS from AUTO TRUS Facebook”

  1. Good to see him hanging out with his friends… Handsome cool guy.
    Love this man and his car.
    Thanks for sharing this picture Miss. Tenshi!

  2. our master is just too cute here! typical man who glows with his hot car! ^^
    i love the cars but that open smile and million-dollar forehead just cannot let my eyes look elsewhere! ❤️
    thanks for sharing this!

    • Ms Kendra I Like your comments “million dollar forehead” want to add he have “billion dollar smile” also thanks Ms tenshi for all your hard work

      • Orasinee Ratana….”Million dollar forehead” was his nickname from his family from his birth until around his 16 yrs…he told us in one of his FM…
        But “billion dollar smile” sure must be our nickname for him as eels…he is one electric prince eel LOL

  3. nice to see you again louis jr.! have fun on a road trip with your handsome boss! ♪♪♫♫Let’s go baby!! (i suddenly picture in my mind Sukkie’s Black Engine MV)♪♫ hee hee!! 😀

  4. He and his baby. It’s so nice seeing him very happy enjoying his hobby, being a car mechanic. Just simply love him.

  5. Seeing loius here makes me want to watch those funny scenes in Bel Ami – the first time Mate saw Louis in the drama, funny scenes with IU lol.

    Sukkie is truly amazing, he loves to try his hands with almost everything. I can see that he is not a type of person who will just sit down and wait though he can afford to do that coz he is a famous celebrity after all. I love you Keun Suk & stay sweet as you are!


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