[2014-05-21] Jang Keun Suk LINE

*UPDATE with my personal thought, and reliable guess by others

This is what u like, isn’t it?

Ummm…. No…no…

I know…. for my hair style…

the hair style from Agent Jang Keun Suk is better…. kkk

It starts tonight!!!!

Who wrote the article from my LINE?

james sticker
tenshi_akuma’s note1 : He didn’t mention why he posted this message with angry JAMES. It’s just my guess… He has seldom tweeted recently. Not only he but other celebrities have come to use fewer twitters. Before whenever JKS tweeted, many were out as an article. So he seems to prefer using LINE than twitter for eels lately. Because LINE is not perfectly open to the general public. Users have to download the app and register him as a friend. So he can post some funny updates for eels without hesitation. Many his tweets were became articles, but I think this is the first time to make an article with his LINE updates. I’m not sure he’s got very angry, but I think he must have felt sad reading the article and thinking that LINE is no more a peaceful and free playground with eels. Media is checking his LINE updates and will publish an article with LINE like twitter. I’m afraid he stops using LINE… 🙁

tenshi_akuma’s note2: The article used a photo that has a ‘copyright (c) Fuji-TV’, but they put their original credits on it. It’s strictly prohibited. They must have known such a basic policy if they’re working in media industry. It’s possible JKS got angry about their rudeness.

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  1. Yes prince! i like your hairstyle as Agent JKS more.. so manly handsome! ♥_♥ GOD Bless the premiere of your show tonight! Zikzin!:D
    Dear Tenshi and Japanese eels: we (non-jap.eels) are relying on you.. Thanks and GOD Bless! ^_^

  2. We like everything about you lol,if you’re happy,we’re happy too! go go Prince ! no puff again if you know what i mean be healthy ,praying for you. xx

  3. Yes prince! i like your hairstyle as Agent JKS more!! so manly handsome!! ♥_♥ GOD Bless the premiere of your show tonight!! Zikzin! 😀
    Dear Ms. Tenshi and Japanese eels: we (non-Jap.eels) are relying on your hardwork.. Thanks and GOD Bless.. ^_^

  4. Sukkie is really such a tease..
    He knows we are discussing his hair since we saw the first pic of new Team H album…and we don’t want him to go boring K-pop style…he’s been lurking around I’m sure!!

    Wonder what he will do with his hair…

    Agent Jang Keun Suk is one thing and that hair suits it fine but we need something special for Team H parties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sincerely team h will not be the same without the crazy style of suki and serious temperament of BB. It is what has made their exceptionality and their differences.

  6. All the best for you and your show my prince. you look great always.

    Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child, See heaven’s got a plan for you…
    Don´t forget that we love you, ZIKZIN!

    thanks Thensi

  7. Love you, Sukkie! and love every look & hair style you try. They make you look handsome & cute differently. Best wishes for Agent JKS!

  8. He has been abused by the media. My Sugar is in this pond for a very long time, probably he just got sick of it. However, he has to accept that he can’t afford to be an island being a famous star. We will always support you with our unconditional love. LOL

  9. When I read his line msg..I think he’s just joking. Is the article say bad thing about him? What kind of bad thing could be made by that funny msg..I wonder..

  10. I have seen an article in korean. It starts with his line message, and it is about The Agent JKS program. There is nothing bad there. Maybe JKS just dislikes that the media keeps an eye on his line-account. It´ s also possible that he is joking.

    I hope he will keep sending messages. I have been in a good mood all day because of “This is what u like, isn’t it?” ♥

  11. Thanks Malice for the link. I was able to watch The agent JKS program. I was totally engrossed watching it. It would be nice though if there is an English translation to it. It was so refreshing to see our Prince looking so handsome as ever, his candid charm, his smile, his warmth and most of all his gentle personality is so clearly seen in the camera. This kind of program best showcase JKS not only as a true artist but it shows what a beautiful person our Prince is inside out.

  12. Good luck for your new show agent jang,any hair style will suite you I”m not kidding,it must be only you my PrinceJKS I try to count your hair style may be 20-30 different look you have it with all confidence it all look great,if I have to choose I prefer shoulder length just look so sexy and handsome but your short hair (kpop style) make you look like innocent young boy,come to concluded we love all your hair style,love you forever

  13. Malice, thanks for the link!!!

    Sukkie is so very cute, handsome, & charming. The girl is also very cute, pretty, & charming. I couldn’t stop smiling watching the 2 of them. They are a perfect match for each other :-). Go for her for real, Sukkie!!!

  14. Thanks Tenshi for sharing your thoughts and afterthoughts about his “angry” remark on LINE about the article..
    so we learn more and more about our prince
    He has right to get annoyed with these people who as “professionals” don’t even honor the law.. it’s a small thing to do if you want to share..at least use the right credits.
    I know Japan to be very strict in with their laws on these issues and they are totally right to do so because because piracy in Asia is very big.

    So even stars and their companies work very hard they don’t get enough/full returns because everything is just copied righ away by those “pirates”

    If we love our prince we must be very careful in sharing things esp things that has his copyrights…always best to buy the original; best quality to keep forever

  15. Dear Tenshi Akuma. Thank you for sharing and information. If article still have. Please!!! Could you give me the link of this article? They persons who lacks from respect. Hopefully They delete “Line” the about article. Him is such not entitled to disturb no one. Our Dear Prince Jang Keun Suk is wonderful, so precious and unique a person. Fighting!!! Jyo!!! Happy Zikzin!!!

  16. Dear tenshi,
    Did JKS stop using line now? Coz I think he’s line automatically send a reply everytime you send him message. It says, “Too bad… I can’t read your messages.”

    • Don´t worry Christine. It has been like that from the start. We can´t send the messages to JKS on the line. We can only recive his messages. You must have twitter, or his official app if you want to send something to him. His official app wil be terminated on 300614, so twitter must be the best. 🙂

      • Thanks for the answer Zoe. Since I just installed my LINE app, I was overwhelmed when I saw JKS official account. I didn’t know that it was like that from the start. Lol! Which account will be terminated? The line or twitter account?

      • No problem, I could talk about JKS all day. 😀

        His official mobile App will be terminated. It´s something different.It has nothing to do with LINE and twitter.

  17. Being famous and popular has a prize indeed,don’t let those negative critcism destruct you from what you are doing our Prince, but instead turn them into positive,you are ahead of them,just go on do what ever you know in your heart is the best for you and to those who love and believe in you.as the saying goes “damn if you do ,damn if you don’t” you can’t please everybody,we your fans esp. your ells will support you and love you.Your sweet smile and charming eyes be your revenge to your destractor.God bless you all the way.You are in my prayer. xx


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