[2014-05-20] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

2014-05-20 18:42:59
Artworks of TEAM H 1st single ‘Take me’ were revealed!

Artworks of TEAM H 1st single ‘Take me’ released on June 25th (Wed) were revealed!

[1st single ‘Take me’] released on June 25th (Wed)
1. Take me(Japanese ver.)
2. Time goes by
3. Take me(original ver.)
*The first limited production version [CD+DVD]
Price: ¥1,600 (not including sales tax)
– DVD (‘Take me’ MV and the making)
– application coupon A

*The regular version [CD only]
Price: ¥1,200 (not including sales tax)
Bonus (only for the first production):
– 1 trading card (there’ll be 3 types)
– application coupon A

8 thoughts on “[2014-05-20] Team H/ JKS Ameblo”

  1. Sukkie is so cute. He looks like a teenager. I am missing his ponytail, but just a little bit. Can´t wait to hear the songs.

  2. Thanks Ms tenshi for all this pic&info,I will need help all information how to purchase all this cd&dvd please let me know what website to look for thank you in advance,also they both look great

  3. My Sugar is skinny and so handsome. BB is hunky that is not my style. Anyway, in music they are very compatible. Love Team H

    • Yes agree Sudie sis……me too love the naughty one…that sexy jumping jack flash half of Team H…
      I love BB too but he is more quite but as team they do wonders kicking ass.
      I can’t imagen them being with somebody else…I can’t imagen someone from K scene doing Team H parties…
      TEAM H, take us to the highway…ppalli, ppalli


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