[Audio] Jang Geun Suk – Ost Compilation

This is not new, but I just found it today. ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ OST hasn’t been included this track list yet, but most of his OST are included. Enjoy!

Credits: K-POP K-OST V1.0

Track List
01. Love Rain [Love Rain OST]
02. Without Words [You’re Beautiful OST]
03. My Precious [Marry Me, Mary OST]
04. Good Bye [You’re Beautiful OST]
05. Because of Her [Mary Stayed Out All Night OST]
06. Hello Hello [Mary Stayed Out All Night OST]
07. I Will Promise You [Mary Stayed Out All Night OST]
08. What Should I Do [You’re Beautiful OST]
09. Can You Hear Me [Beethoven Virus OST]
10. Full Of Sunshine [Doremifasolatido OST]
11. Waiting for The Time [Doremifasolatido OST]
12. Oh My Lady [You’re My Pet OST]
13. Mandy [You’re My Pet OST]
14. Hello Hello (Ballad Ver.) [Mary Stayed Out All Night OST]
15. 너는 펫 키워봐쏭 ft Kim Ha Neul [You’re My Pet OST]
16. Fly Me To The Moon ft Park Shin Hye [You’re Beautiful OST]

6 thoughts on “[Audio] Jang Geun Suk – Ost Compilation”

  1. Thanks Ms. Tenshi for sharing this OST compilation.
    I’m listening this OST’s on Youtube every morning before going to work, at night if I’m not watching his drama I love all his songs, he has a great voice… I am addicted with his voice, his charm and everything about him…

  2. Thank you, Tenshi. I love it & am very grateful to the author. I listen to it daily while driving to & from work 🙂

  3. It’s incredible. I’ve just founded it on You Tube yesterday
    before seen in this post.

    This the best collection of JKS ost’s and I downloaded it to my MAC already.


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