7 thoughts on “[Trailer] KNTV Jang Keun Suk special programs in June & July”

  1. omg what the hell ??!!! i’m so angry ! japanese fans are sooooo lucky 🙁 ! why the hell weren’t i have been born in japan ??! :((((((( this is so unfair 😛 but i have to say that japanese eels are amazing ! they deserves this and more ! they are really loyal and i really wish i can support sukkie with them form japan once 🙂

    • i’m so jealous too 🙂 but as you said they are very loyal and i respect them for that. I hope they will share with us the news and remarks 🙂

  2. if we had these much Sukkie airing on Philippine TV I would request work-from-home shift for the whole 2 months!!
    so much to look forward to for our Japanese eels! daebak! totally! i hope they support all of the shows bigtime!
    Sukkie fightin’!!! zikzin!

  3. I just saw on our national TV Channel U will be airing Bel Ami on 2 June at 10pm every weekdays! When I saw the trailer, I couldn’t believe it. I got to see JKS on national TV! Wooooopi! Jumping with joy!
    And only 2 days ago, i discovered repeat telecast of He’s Beautiful showing every weekend (Sat & Sun)from 5-6.30pm!
    This means, I can see JKS everyday!!!!!^_^
    Thank you MediaCorp! You bring JKS to every household in Singapore!
    Gonna ask everyone I know to watch!
    Must watch you know! Kekeke!


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