22 thoughts on “[fan-made MV] 함께 만든 PROPOSE (Jang Keun Suk FM in Seoul, 02/08/14)”

  1. I’m going to watch Seoul FM DVD tonight as I was floating for a long while after last Seoul FM trip… need to recall the beautiful memories soon…

  2. Ooh, this is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. Sukkie was so cute that day. I can´t even imagine how it was to actually be there.

    Lucky you QQeyes007! I have ordred the dvd from someone who buys things at Zikzin shop in Tokyo, and sells it online, and I should be receiving it soon. But I have never ever buy something that way, and don´t dare to hope that I really will get it. Wish me luck. 🙂

    • Zoe, I also got some items from the World Zikzin shop even I know some items are way mark-up but that is my only way to get some items sometimes….

      • Thanks. I can maybe start to hope now. It must be ok if you have bought stuff from the shop too. 🙂

  3. Sukkie looks soooooo awesome in white formal! He looks great in any formal wear. He will be the most handsome & adorable groom in the world! I have to say that Korean clothes are very well cut. They always fit the person perfectly, & look top class when worn by someone like Sukkie.

    QQeyes007, was it a cigarette that Sukkie was holding at the beginning of your vdo clip? He was smoking on stage ?

    Thank you so much for sharing your precious vdo with us! God bless!

    Zoe, I am thinking of doing the same. Would you please let me know when you get yours? Good luck 🙂

    • Amyli sis.. yes.. Suk smoking whenever he sings certain songs like “turnoff” or “save me” on stage of Seoul FM or Zepp tour.. to tell the truth.. I never like people who smokes but when I see Suk smokes on stage.. I find him so sexy as he performs the song in that… he is the only one I can accept smoking besides my dad (when he was younger.. Thank god that he has quitted more than 20 years ago..)

      • QQ…You are bias 🙂 Because Sukkie is the apple of your eyes, he can do no wrongs 🙂

        Maybe smoking is part of his act for that song but still, it isn’t a good public image for him in my opinion. It gives the impression that he promotes smoking, which is unhealthy as we all know. Maybe smoking & promoting smoking is still be acceptable in Asia but I wish my Sukkie would not be the one setting a bad example or promoting it 🙁

        Again, thank you QQ!

      • Amyli, his smoking is not part of his act for the song. Sukkie once said he knows smoking is bad for health, but he smokes because it helps to relief his stress and gives him huge energy. As for him smoking on stage, he only did it in Seoul FM and his Zepp tours, which are smaller scale and very intimate performances than those Asia Tour/Cri Shows where audience is huge. He wanted to show his natural self to us, and that is why he love Zepp so much where he can be himself and do the things he likes.

      • Hi Allymissally,

        Thank you for the clarification 🙂 Do other Korean/Asian performers smoke during their FM too? Smoking must still be normal in Asia 🙂 I am just not used to it. In the US where I live, I have not seen a cigarette or anyone smoke 🙂

        I hope Sukkie can stop smoking one day soon. I would like him to stay healthy for a long time 🙂

      • Hi Amyli,

        As far as I know I haven’t seen any Korean performers smoking on stage. Not the KPOPsters nor actors doing their FMs. They have an image to maintain and the things they do are pretty much staged. I have attended Japanese rock concerts before though and seen some performers smoking on stage. I’m sure some western performers also smoke on stage.

    • Hi Amyli!Thanks 🙂 It´s World Zikzin shop like QQeyes007 have mentioned. I don´t really know if I can put a link here, but you can google it. It´s on facebook. And I haven´t received the dvd yet, so I don´t know if I can recommend it to you or not. I let you know when/if I get it. 🙂

    • Amyli sis…better not compare Sukkie with other artists…just because it’s like comparing apples with pears… LOL

      Sukkie has liberated himself from certain things…if you have follow him enough you should (find out eventually) know.
      He started his own company because he was tired of living what others ordered him to…say, do and feel…he hated it.
      He does not comment on the K scene, only that it is a very dark place; once in a while if you listen close enough you will learn that “everything you see and hear is true but also everything you don’t see or hear is also true” ….you make up your mind.

      As eels we know he is just as any living being doing the things he wants to do or must do .. he is no saint and an eel should never expect him to be one 🙂
      Accepting the fact he wants to live his life as thruthful and free as possible…brave and comfortable enough to share it with us…because he trust his eels..and we choose to love THIS MAN as he is

      We should be inspired by his hard work, his dedication to be truthful to himself and his surroundings, his artistry, his fans and respect him to have his “own” things like many of us have our own “bad” habits

      He knows when he does certain things as the others already pointed out..
      Most of us don’t want him to live the stressful and staged life of other K artists; we want him to be just JKS and stay mentally healthy and if he thinks he needs it than he needs it…trusting him he is no fool
      we may eat 3 chocolade bars to relieve stress…he can’t because he can’t turn into a pig prince with ponyo belly..otherwise we will “nag” him about that too….LOL

      • Dear Mamacri, Allymissally, Zoe, Rossie, & Cora,

        Thank you for your replies, comments, & words of wisdom. I really appreciate them as I am still new & learning about dear Sukkie. I read your unconditional love for him through your words & I am touched. Learning that he smokes does not make me love him less. It is just human nature to be concerned about those we love. I am going through what some of you probably went through when you started following him. Eventually, I hope to catch up with you 🙂 Zikzin 🙂

      • dear Mamacri you’re awesome 🙂 hhhhhhh
        I mentioned earlier that if our jks has a kingdom Tenshi should be his Minister for Foreign Affairs because she promote him very well; and now I see you as his defense minister or his spokesman 😉 you’re always ready to defend him with firmness and enthusiasm, you make me think of a mother bear who fiercely defend these babies from attacks but with a friendly tone. really our prince should be blessed that he has a fan like all of you 🙂

  4. Watching this small video I could only wish I was there with him and all the other eels.. Luckily I have the DVD to slowly savor for many times to come..

  5. Thanks dear Tenshi! Really touching! Sweet and precious memories for us and for our Prince!
    Whenever I see videos or photos from this FM I’m really impressed.
    I think any of us would want to be near him at such events. Lucky for us there are DVD or generous eels who share with us such wonderful moments .

  6. Beautiful fan make video with my favourite song. Watching it makes me feeling suffocated of my love to JKS that wants to burst out and tell him how much i love him.

  7. That smoking part indeed was a turn off, hope he can get rid of it asap. it takes some discipline and determination.Peace to all eelsxx

  8. oh my god that’s what such a sweet video how I wish I was there! I was really touched!! I was about to cry xoxoXdxd for you sukkie ;p

  9. I can not see it! Only on Dailymotion 🙁 Thanks a lot, love U
    Regarding smoking, don´t worry too much. I smoked when I was young, just because I thought the same thing like Sukkie. Eventually I quit it. It was not easy because I live in the country of the best Habanos, to smoke is normal for many here, which does not mean it’s right. JKS looks very sexy by smoking. He enjoys it, i can see it. Give him time to react. I want the best for him too. All the best.


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