[Wallpaper] ‘Thank you all, 500K fans!’ from Lotte Duty Free

Credits: Lotte Duty Free Facebook
With the help of your love and support, LOTTE DUTY FREE has reached 500K fans! We would like to thank each of our fans with all our heart! As a small gift, we have prepared a wallpaper with all LOTTE DUTY FREE models. Check your size and click on the link to download! Thank you again, and keep up the good work!

960X720 Size >> http://bit.ly/WALLPAPER_960X720
1024X768 Size >> http://bit.ly/WALLPAPER_1024X768
1280X1024 Size >> http://bit.ly/WALLPAPER_1280X1024
1920X1200 Size >> http://bit.ly/WALLPAPER_1920X1200

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