[article] JKS’ first Japanese TV variety show in his name ‘Agent Jang Keun Suk’ goes on air!!

The other day we posted [flash news] JKS’ own TV show ‘Agent Jang Keun Suk’ goes on air on May 21st and finally the detail was announced today ^^

Original source: Korepo
Photo credits: Fuji Television Network, Inc.

Our long-awaited Jang Keun Suk’s first TV variety show in Japan was decided to go on air!!
Japanese fans (eels) will surely get excited to see his charming real self more than the image of Prince!!

Fuji-TV NEXTsmart variety show ‘Agent Jang Keun Suk’
May 21st (Wed) 22:30~23:00

As as a commemorative variety show of Fuji-TV NEXTsmart opening broadcasting, JKS’ first Japanese regular TV variety show in his name goes on air. He, who has captured the hearts of a lot of Japanese fans through various dramas, absolutely looks like a real prince of our time, but in this program we’ll see his another side, charming him more than his typical image as a prince.

In order to gain ‘popularity (EEL POINTS: points for being an eel*)’ in Japan, JKS is going to accomplish various missions as an ‘agent’ sent by a secret organization ‘UNG’. (*JKS calls his fans ‘eel’ in the sense that fans give him energy like his favorite food, eel.)

tenshi_akuma’s note: UNG stands for UNaGi? Unagi means eel in Japanese. Lol.
In the 1st and 2nd episodes, Agent Jang Keun Suk tries to learn ‘a woman’s mind’ through dating as the mission! The woman he learns about ‘a woman’s mind’ is a popular model and actress, Triendl Reina. She is a bit ditsy. Her eccentric character makes him confused easily. Can he succeed this date with her and complete the mission to gain EEL POINTS!?

When he appeared driving his Ferrari, there was a sightseeing bus in front of him. Surprisingly, his first mission was to play the role of ‘bus tour guide’. The open-air double deck bus left Shiba Park for Tokyo station and Ginza and he was trying to introduce these sightseeing spots like a bus tour guide. Then, the unexpected happened!! In addition to this mission, he’s carrying out another mission through touring Tokyo.

This JKS’ first original variety show will bring out humanity in Jang Keun Suk and entertain not only eels but also male viewers to be his eels without knowing it.

Jang Keun Suk comments:
Q: What do you think about your new TV show?
Finally! I’m going to have my own TV show! It’s a new challenge for me, so I will do my best with the help of guests. I’d like to provide an experience that everyone can enjoy. Please look forward to seeing the show! Eels, it’ll surely become fun. Please don’t miss it!
Q. What is your impression after the first shooting?
My Japanese is not perfect, so I felt scared and nervous to complete my own show alone. But I trust the friendly crew and once the shooting started, I really enjoyed being ‘Agent Jang Keun Suk’ apart from the TV show. Especially, I enjoyed dating with Tri-chan. I feel like I have a friendly feeling for her… We can’t wait to see the next mission of ‘Agent Jang Keun Suk’!

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  1. It’s fun to read the detail about his own TV show. His mission as an agent is to gain his popularity in Japan. He has to gain ‘EEL POINTS: points for being an eel’, meeting non-eel Japanese. I’m sure he’ll have ambition to get more male eel ^^

    • OMO Tenshi…this sounds sooo exciting. We know our Keun Chan to love to do new things, he likes to pushed boundaries meanwhile enjoying himself and entertain us.. I coan’t wait to see and hear more of this…so Jang Keun Suk…you did it again… another star in your sky of dreams 🙂
      But like most international eels we want to know if we can watch this outside of Japan…cross fingers…

    • yes dear Tenshi, when i saw UNG too I knew it was us!! ^^ omo i really hope we can watch this too! another ground-breaking moment for our Sukkie- having his own show in Japan! ^^ thank you Japanese eels! pls support this show!
      Sukkie thank you for another amazing gift you are giving us! fightin’! zikzin! ❤️

    • Hi, do you know how can I watch that TV show Agent Jang Keun Suk in Sydney, Australia ?
      I would love to watch him. Love his Acting So much 🙂

  2. Thanks Tenshi for sharing and translation. His first TV programme must be full of fun. I am sure his charming and competent performance must attract a lot of non eels, especially male eels. Can’t wait for your update and more sharing after the 1st episode released on 21 May

  3. i cant wait !! i hope someone will translate this as soon as it go on air ! it seems alot of fun and wish him all well with his drama airing in japan as well 🙂

  4. Sounds like fun! I like his partner already …she is pretty & cute 🙂

    Best wishes Sukkie! May your program be successful & get high ratings!

  5. Ooh, I would like to watch that too. Now is the right time to move to Japan. 😀

    Sukkie is so charming, and funny, and it looks like to me that Japan loves him. It can´t go wrong. I just hope that we can see the show eventually.

  6. Thanks Tenshi for translating and sharing this!
    He looks very happy and excited about this new project! I’m happy for him! It’s an important project with high stakes. I believe in our Keun Suk and I’m sure he will again demonstrate his ability to respond easily to a new challenge.
    Looks great, more mature and increasingly more attractive, if I may say so …
    Go Sukkie, go! Show everybody that you’re the best!

  7. I’d like to see him in a mission where he try to win the heart of a teenager, He’s very lovely with young peoples, or to attract a non eel grandfather on working with him on a farm. For women it will be fun to date with a football player 🙂
    Or something crazy like that . I hope him a great success zikzin !

  8. I wonder if Keun Suk is the first Korean actor to have his own variety show on Japanese TV. Waiting to see how he will accomplish the first mission, and, his charismatic interaction with Reina-chan 🙂

    • Vivi…I don’t know that but when I read “As a commemorative variety show of Fuji-TV NEXTsmart opening broadcasting, JKS’ first Japanese regular TV variety show in his name goes on air” my hearts goes dugeun dugeun and I feel very proud..
      He did it again…it’s a double FIRST!! ZIKZIN

      I wish him and us a lot of luck…and that this is one of many many many shows to come:)

  9. Sounds fun & exciting…I can’t wait to see this show. Even though we don’t live in Japan I hope there is a way for us to see it. So happy for Sukkie…for this new accomplishment. Thank you Tenshi.


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