13 thoughts on “[Pics-1] JKS returned from Beijing to Seoul_20140427”

  1. this hair style look better on him.so neat..its hard to see him soo..neat like this.kkk..i think chinese eels really wont let him go.

  2. Wow, Sukkie looks super handsome in the hvite “pilot” shirt. Looks finally like his age again. And he was in a good mood too.

    Thank you. 🙂

  3. OMG…look at that perfect hair cut…perfectly layered…perfectly styled…perfectly waved….perfectly framing the perfect forehead & face of a perfectly beautiful man!!! (I can’t find another word to describe our Sukkie 🙂 ) This new hair cut makes him look younger yet he appears to be more mature, more manly. And he looks splendid in white! White gives him a special glow, a special aura.

    I love Sukkie’s 2014 image! The 2014 JKS is still as gorgeous, charming, & charismatic as ever, but adding to that, he looks classy, sophisticated, manly & mature. I think our Prince is ready to conquer the world…after his rest 🙂

    ZIKZIN Sukkie!

    • You are absolutely right dear Amyli! Our Prince looks great, he is perfect. Stylish manly, decent and charming are just some words that can express my thoughts. His unlimited charisma shines in every occasion. He spreads stars dust around him and he’s irresistible in white shirt.
      He is able to conquer the world, of course after a well deserved break …
      Thanks for sharing!


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