[article] JKS showed his cuteness, his love of eating, gave fans short floral pants on stage

Credits: ent.qq.com
English translation: Wen Lee from ECI

After a year, Asia Prince JKS came to China once again to promote a coffee brand. Although JKS came to Beijing to attend CF event, it still attracted 1,300 fans from everywhere.

In return for the love from fans, JKS donated 3 pieces of clothing to fans, amongst them was actually a pair of men’s floral shorts. At the event, JKS also showed how much he loved eating, he couldn’t stop eating when it came to the coffee & dessert whose brand he’s spokesperson for. While eating, he kept licking his fingers, showed off his Chinese & kept saying ‘taste good’, made fans screamed nonstop.
JKS was very accommodating, he self confessed he actually loved eating, asked the MC ‘can I eat waffle?’, ‘Can I drink this coffee?’. Showed his cuteness several times, really could eat. When the MC was talking, JKS couldn’t help himself & ate stealthily, could not stop. When he was really into it, JKS kept sticking out his tongue, licking his fingers, showed off his Chinese ‘tastes good’.
Apart from knowing how to eat, JKS also said he’s a good cook, ‘I can make kimchi hotpot, stewed ribs & my speciality is BBQ meat.’. After hearing their idol run through a long menu, fans couldn’t stay calm anymore, they expressed their wish to eat at his house, facing such a demand from fans, JKS laughed wickedly & said ‘my house needs pass code!’. But JKS revealed himself he is saving money to buy a house in Beijing, maybe one day fans can visit his house here.
Being Asia Prince, JKS has a group of very loyal & dedicated fans, they have a common name called eels. On the day of the event, JKS, who hasn’t appeared in Beijing for a long time, attracted almst 1,300 eels to the event. The eels came from Fukkien, Hunan & some especially from Korea, only to have a look at Oppa.
Facing his passionate fans, JKS also came prepared, he specially brought 3 pieces of clothing to repay his fans. One of them was actually a pair of floral shorts & the one who won the shorts was a female. Facing cheering from everybody, JKS added fuel to the fire by saying: ‘I want to see what you look like in these shorts’. The female fan covered her face with her hands & laughed, showing her shyness.
JKS hasn’t appeared in China for more than a year, but there were fans who wouldn’t let him off about an old promise. The reason was because JKS has said he will go to the Great Wall to dance previously but he hasn’t made true his promise. At the event today, JKS once again made a promise with fans, he will go to the Great Wall next time he comes to China.
Although being lied to repeatedly, eels expressed they did not believe JKS, but when they left, the thousand fans still shouted JKS’ name loudly. And what’s surprising, at leaving, fans took almost everything that has JKS’ face on it. From the small coffee bottle to the big promotional poster, really wild.

6 thoughts on “[article] JKS showed his cuteness, his love of eating, gave fans short floral pants on stage”

  1. Thanks for sharing sis Tenshi and sis Wen for your effort in translating this article to all of us… Great work as always 🙂

  2. That was quick. Thanks so much for the article and translation. I hoped that we would be able to see some pictures from China this weekend but all this was much more than expected. 🙂

    What they mean by saying that eels have been lied to repeatedly. It´s understandable that he couldn´t dance on the Great Wall this time when Korea is greiving. He will do that some other time.

  3. wow! thank you so much dear Wen Lee! so quick indeed ^^
    i am happy that even if the event was short, Sukkie and eels made the atmosphere really fun! love the way he ate that waffle! ^^
    thank you for sharing this!

  4. Awwww…he is sooooo cute at this FM! BTW he looks great in blue too! This guy looks great in any color & any style! I give up 🙂

    Wen Lee, thank you so much for such a pronto translation!

  5. AP did not lie!!!!!!!!!!!! o…such people
    Eels would never want our prince to do something that would hurt him willingly. With the situation in his land we are already very happy he could keep his obligations oversea without someone draging him to the guillotine…
    AP is perfectly able to keep his promises and he was very sweet and obliging to his eels the whole trip…and made his eels very happy
    We will see him very soon again.

    He is so naughty..his house needs a password.. I can vividly imagen that hahaha

    Did he made an other promise?…saving up buying a house in Beijing? He did promise that when weibo hits 20 million he would buy a house…so he is ready to keep that promise too?????????? OMO

    That eel with the flowershort must have died and go to heaven winning this special piece and having de prince teasing you like that on the stage LOL

    I love it when a men can enjoy his food like that…and Sukkie really love his food and he knows when he can have it and eat it like no tomorrow.. So cute

  6. Ohhh he´s so funny hahaha looks so handsome tasting the coffee. I did not like the end of the article but hey, I do believe in the AP. Thanks for the beatiful pics.


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