[Pics-1] JKS at Caffe Bene fan meeting_20140426

Credits: ent.ifeng.com

On April 26th, Jang Keun Suk, a popular Hallyu star who is famous for Korean drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ visited Beijing for the first time in two years to attend Caffe Bene fan meeting. 1,500 fans attended the event and had a great time with him. During the FM, Jang Keun Suk enjoyed bonding with them as well as showed his performance on the stage. Furthermore, the attendees including him was recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records for drinking 1,500 cups of coffee at the same time.


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  1. Awww..love his style..just his hairstyle is kind of..hmmm..dont know what to say.but he looks good anyway. Gorgeous in blue.

  2. So many beautiful pictures today! Thank you, Tenshi.

    I love Sukkies new style, naturaly beautiful and elegant. And cute as always, of course. He can´t do anything about that. He is just born cute. 🙂

    And thanks to you Rossiyn for the video, actually 2 videos, one of the event, and the other of the press conferance. I couldn´t understand what he has talked about but I noticed that he was much more serious this time, obviously because of the Sewol tragedy. He usually jokes and laughs a lot on a press conference. He was completely different this time.

    • Thank you for the good words!
      I also noticed that he kept a little distance, the body language showed some moderation. But also he seemed kind, sympathetic and was interacting with the audience easily despite of the need of translation.
      …a little bit envy to the lucky girl with the dress :))

    • I thinks its his style nowadays.not much accessories and less make up.i believe he want to look matured after dokgo mate role. I love it when he’s so natural.indeed a beautiful man.

  3. Thanks sis Tenshi for sharing so many precious pictures and thanks sis Rossiyn for the 2 wonderful videos!
    The wait was long and full of emotions. Now that I’ve seen the pictures and videos I feel like when my son passed an examination and was successful.
    So to say briefly my feeling. Stylish, sober, refined and decent!
    I noticed the absence of any accessory, fact that was highlighted several times in video with the press conference.
    Although it was much more serious than is usually, his charisma worked perfectly.
    His attitude to the press conference once again proves the maturity and professionalism.
    I am very proud of our Prince and hope to be better and ZIKZIN Radio Open in Beijing.
    It’s a true tour de force for him but I’m sure everything will be fine.
    Congratulations Mr. Jang for today!

  4. I love his new image. Very strong and masculine. I can’t say that I feel any different than when he had his long hair, lol! He was SO gorgeous then too! Love you, Oppa!

  5. Mr. Jang, it’s okay to flash megawatt smiles, blow kisses, lols, or pouts. But don’t lick your fingers or lips, or stick your tongue out, that’s not good for the heart and mind. *No, I’m not Botong* ^_^

  6. Thank you for JKS’ beautiful pictures and the link to the vdos!

    I watched the vdos. Did not understand a thing except “xie xie”, but I sure looooooved watching his beautiful, handsome, and elegant self 🙂 I too love his new look. He reinvents himself almost every year, and every new look that he creates is unique but makes him look as great and heart melting!

    I wonder if he knew that his eating & drinking scenes were so very cute & funny & endeared him even more to his poor eels 🙂

    • understanding from eel friends who attended the event yesterday it is the best experience they have as the program is designed by Suk and only Suk… the close interactions with the lucky 550 eels who got the tickets is sure a memorable day for all… do wait for the Zikzin radio in Beijing vid to be released ^_^

      • Thank you for the reply, QQeyes007. I am sure it was unforgettable. Do you know what was the theme? Was it really his hairstyle?

        I didn´t know that the video will be realised. I can´t wait to watch it. 🙂

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