[article] Interview with JKS about ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ in commemoration of the broadcast on KNTV

Original source: Korepo
Photo Credits: KIM SANGDUK / KNTV

Q: In June, ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ will be broadcast on KNTV channel for the first time in Japan. You’ve appeared on many romantic dramas so far, but what do you think is the most distinctive charm BM has?
The most important thing when I decided to appear on a drama is the character I play. About Dokgo Ma-Te, he associates with 10 women, but he changes how to approach each woman. In early days of filming BM, I discussed a lot with the script writer and the director. When he associates with each woman, he shows a lot of his unique skills. Every time he starts to associate a different woman, he transforms himself into a new personality. His hairdo and fashion style are also changed. When I decided to appear on BM, I thought it would be nice to play this kind of character that can be acted only in my 20s.

Q: As with ‘You’re Beautiful’, there is a lead character like ‘Prince’ and the process of his growth was depicted in BM. How did you felt about it?
I still don’t know what ‘Prince’ means. But I think pains in the process of our growth will be a big driver of ambition. I think the character who has ambitions in his mind is more attractive. Not his appearance, but something invisible he has matters.
Q: What did you think when you heard costars such as IU, Lee Jang-Woo and Han Chae-Young? I heard that you worked with Lee Jang-Woo in ‘Nonstop 4’ about 10 years ago and about Han Chae-Young, you established a special relationship with her.
A special relationship? I have no idea. Lol. I was the first person who was cast BM. That’s why I made frequent visits to the producer before the shooting started and discussed the scenario over and over. However, casting the lead actress was very difficult. It took a long time. When I heard the news that IU accepted the offer, I really appreciated her. She suited the role. I thanked her choice to be Bo-Tong. She had a nimble wit while acting. She played the role well. I didn’t have to give advice to her. About Jang-Woo bro, we reunited after 10 years. I was literally moved. Lol. In entertainment industry, if we are far from the limelight for 10 years, people will think we’ve faded away. But in our case, we’ve grown up a lot in 10 years and we worked together as leading actors. It was very nice to work with him again. As he also loves camping, we became close through talking about camping. About Chae-Young sis, we’ve known each other before BM. I’ve had a dinner with her. We’ve talked a lot while filming, but we don’t have something special otherwise. Lol.
Q: I understand how fun you were while shooting. By the way, who do you think was a person who inspired others while shooting? Do you have anyone you still keep in tough after BM?
I guess I was the person. Lol. I have a mischievous nature. I like chatting with the staff. I even brought snacks to the shooting site to get close with the staff as soon as possible. In fact, the shooting place was a bit far from Seoul, so there was no restaurants or convenience stores nearby. My fans supported to prepare meals from beginning to end of the shooting. Fans from all over the world made catering arrangements. While eating with the staff, I was so happy. Thanks to them, we had fine meals every day. My camping equipment was in my car when I went to the shooting place, so I used them to cook a ramen or simple meals for our midnight snack. As the shooting was tough, we felt pleasure even in such trivial episodes and became close. After shooting, everyone returned to our own life. Lol.
Q: Bo-Tong that IU played and Yoo-Ra Han that Chae-Young played are opposite types of characters. Bo-Tong is super unique and does stupid things, but she is adorable. On the contrary, Yoo-Ra has a rose-like atmosphere. Which do you choose in reality?
Well… a bit difficult question… but I think Yoo-Ra is more attractive. It doesn’t mean I like Chae-Young sis. Lol. No, I like her, but I mean the personality like Yoo-Ra is very attractive. Personally, Jang Keun Suk prefers a woman who is not easy to get, attractive and intelligent. Bo-Tong wears eccentric clothes. On the other hand, Yoo-Ra is stylish. Lol.
Q: What kind of man do you think is a true ‘beautiful man’?
Hmm… I think there are two major characteristics. One is the man who can practice self-management. You can take this in a lot of ways, but my definition is the man who has his own style on everything like fashion style, appearance, personality and so on. I mean the person who has his own philosophy, not just to follow what is in fashion. The other is the person who has ambitions inside. We can tell from his eyes. In conclusion, the man who has his own style both on the outside and the inside and who has ambitions in his mind is a true ‘beautiful man’ for me. In fact, I’m the one. Lol. I’m a beautiful man.
Q: Finally BM is going on air this June in Japan. Then, you’ll be back to Japanese TV through BM after a long interval. Please tell us the highlight.
As an actor, I feel very fortunate and happy to appear on an drama. As I originally started working as an actor, playing a new character in front of camera is a great happiness for me. I had a great time while shooting BM. Appearing on BM after a long interval and playing the role of Dokgo Ma-Te gave me pleasure. In addition, it was cathartic for me going through BM, which made me get attached to BM more. The highlight is… I think most of the viewers will be women. There are 10 women that Dokgo Ma-Te seduced appearing in BM. So please imagine yourself in their shoes. Ma-Te is trying to seduce them in various ways. If you watch BM as if you were one of them, you’ll enjoy yourself more for sure. Satisfaction by deputy. Lol.
Q: BM fan meeting will be held on July 14th. Any ideas or requests about it?
It was my first drama fan meeting after YAB and ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night’ FM. Looking back, June means about one year after the shooting started. Time flies. I think at FM I will show you Ma-Te, not Jang Keun Suk. I’ll participate in BM FM as Ma-Te. I’m sure we’ll have a great time, reminiscing with IU and Jang-Woo bro. Please look forward to the day to come!

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  1. thank you for sharing this entertaining article! our Sukkie never misses a chance to gloat and be cute! love love love! ^^ he is very careful not to be linked to dear Yoo Ra. lol.
    This BM FM is another amazing event for our Japanese eels! I hope they support the FM and BM showing big time!

  2. Thank you for sharing it was really sweet interview …but i thought that the drama will air or foji channel or somthing witch is like the bigest or not cable channel ?? I never heard of this kntv ..tenshi what do think ?

  3. Oh and that thing when he chose HCY over iu was a play and did mean he would actually choose HCY ..cuz he said he likes women who are not easy to get ,and iu has a very strong personality even he was having a hard time trying to get close to her . So it was just deceiving Way cuz he didnt what to say he likes iu more cuz that will make the fans go crazy lol ….

    • WE don’t know why JKS didn’t choose IU and only JKS knows WHY so IT’S hard to jump into the conclusion bcuz IU has not a that a very strong personality IU said to an interview she is the type of person who is easily to falling inlove so lets respect JKS words of choosing HCY OVER IU

    • just relax..we are commenting based on his taste..maybe visual taste.about personality..i have no idea about both of them neither.kkk..btw..hcy is a married women.nothing to spazzing about.kkk..

  4. Thanks sis Tenshi for this !
    An interesting interview at the same time relaxing. My boy never disappoints me.
    What I can say is that at such kind of questions, so answers …. ha ha ha
    He is always disarmingly honest but on women every time he was careful and diplomatic.
    Thanks again!

  5. Thanks Tenshi for the translation..
    I didn’t know there was an interview about BM
    I love the interview…I can vividly imagen JKS liking BM Dokgo Matae more and more while bringing it to life….. it’s such a beautiful and colourful character to play…really not an easy one to play…..but he did it again…he brought Dokgo Matae to life in an amazing way..
    I’m so curious to know how he will do the FM as Dokgo Matae..it’s “acting” all over again.
    JKS is truely a Beautiful Man!!

  6. Thanks for the translation! Japanese eels have so much to look forward to. I hope that BM will be success in Japan. Sukkie was really good as a Dokgo Ma-te, and deserves more appreciation for his acting.

    예쁜남자 화이팅 !!! 🙂

  7. I don’t understand why his ratings were not higher in Korea. He is an excellent actor, not just another handsome young man. And he has flawless taste in selecting his wardrobe. Thank you so much, Tenshi, for the translation. Dena, a steady U.S.A. fan from Seattle

  8. Most of his answers are cute. Wonder if he knows the word “humble” 🙂

    By “Prince”, did the interviewer refer to the Little Prince who visits different planets in search of answers about life? Does anybody know? Now that he mentioned it, the Little Prince’s & MaTe’s thirst for answers and process of growth are similar.

    I too pray that BM does better overseas. I think it was very interesting & well done. I very much enjoyed following Mate’s journey of self discovery. JKS is fantastic in BM. The only thing is I wish they developed Mate/Botong’s relationship a little more, & focused less on David/Botong’s relationship. I felt like they tried to promote LJW through BM & JKS.

    • yes dear Amyli, anyone who has watched Sukkie’s drama Love Rain should know the book “Little Prince”. Personally it has been one of my all-time faves since teen days. But I think in this context Sukkie dear is referring to himself as Asia Prince. ^^

      • I think that too. The interviewer asks him how much of JKS can we see in Dokgo Ma-Te, I believe. But your idea was very good, Amyli. I can see similarities between the Little Prince and Ma-Te when you put it that way.

        All this talk about Dokgo Ma-Te make me want rewatch BM. 🙂

      • Thanks Kendra & Zoe. Sukkie’s reply threw me off. I totally missed the point…or rather the question 🙂 I just read the Little Prince to my niece & I guess it was still in my mind 🙂 Have a great day!

  9. Surely,BM will go well in Japan.His Japanese fans have great passion and love for an excellent actor like JKS. They have good taste- his films,songs even his endorsement are fully supported by his Japanese followers.Surely, their love and admiration will be doubled a hundred fold when they watch him in Beautiful man. JKS has shown his different technique of transformation in this series.And Dogko Ma Te is pretty much like JKS. A young man who has face of an angel with a wonderful personality.

  10. ss Tenshi,
    Q: BM fan meeting will be held on July 14th. Any ideas or requests about it?

    The date of Fan Meeting in July or June ss?
    Thanks for your translating. Really love Suk and “Bel Ami” film.

  11. I really love reading Sukkie’s interviews.. It always shows how witty he is, his answers are full of sense and never boring.. Is there a video of this interview? I like to see him giggling and his reactions when asked about the “special relationship” with HCY? ehh? haha!!


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