[article] Jang Keun Suk, attractive star No.1 even when he bluffs

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[OSEN=Yoon GaYi] Actor, Jang Keun Suk has been chosen by netizens as number one talent star, whose showing off is rather attractive.

Community portal website, ‘DC Inside’ carried out a survey from 15th to 22nd questioning, “who’s the best attractive talent star even when the star shows off?” which resulted as Jang Keun Suk being the top one.

339 votes out of total vote number 1402 supported Jang Keun Suk, who once boasted on his mini-homepage, which netizens acknowledged him as ‘show-off guy’. However, Jang Keun Suk received this response humbly and admitted that his ‘show off’ is one of his attractiveness by continuously donating and performing good deeds.

Subsequently, singer Jung Joon-young took place in second, counting 333 votes (23.8%). He had an image of being ‘a show-off guy’ who grew up in various countries and not being familiar with Korean culture. However when people got to know him, he became to have an attractive image who is cool and has 4-dimentional personality.

The 3rd was actor Kim Bo Sung, whose vote counted 198(14.1%). Talent who has a main image of ‘being loyal’ got the image of being a ‘show-off guy’; however, he is gaining good feeling from netizens by doing good deeds. He has become a hot icon in the internet world by ‘loyalty series’ recently.

Besides, group BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, actor Yoo Ah-in, comedian Yoo Se-yoon followed the next result of the survey.

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42 thoughts on “[article] Jang Keun Suk, attractive star No.1 even when he bluffs”

  1. For him, even it looks he is bluffing, it doesn’t mean so. He’s always pushing himself to achieve higher goals. He’s always trying his best to carry out his words. Even it takes time, he’s preparing until the day comes. He is a very ambitious man!

    • Yes…agree with you Tenshi; ambitious and trustworthy…one call it bluff, others call it dreamsetting or goalgetting..
      For someone who has little or no backing or even gets counteraction…he is truly provision…he puts his money where his mouth is..
      I trust him for he has show me again and again he is a man you can count on..

  2. Thanks Sis. Tenshi for sharing , but I can’t deny that I feel very uncomfortable when reading Netizens said he is “bluffs”. I feel really sad until now a day Korean still mark him with that word. For all the eels, we know that he has proven his ability to achieve what he want and what he dreams of.

    • yes…and who are the fools…they have yet to put a stamp on life themselfs or missed the chance totally…who is bluffing…those who’s butts are still wiped by their parents or people that are to chicken to do what their hearts tells them to do..

    • actually it is how the news are translated to English.. if wrongly translated, it will be misinterpreted. I think those who read the contents of the article in detail will understand the meaning better.. so don’t worry.
      I have seen the Chinese translation too in China fanclub like BaiduSukbar and the translation is showing how Suk is able to convince others that he is able to change a negative traits to a positive traits.

    • Exactly!!! I realized that too.

      Most Koreans news or POLLs that JKS is being #1 are on the topic such as…”Badboy of K-industry”, “Most out-spoken”, “Most pretentious” or bluff….etc. Please…..don’t tell me that means all other K-Stars (not list in this article) are GODs and Angels and never FAKE or pretend. *sighs*

      The FACT that I have followed JKS long enough and watched his BTS, read his articles, read in personal messages, read FAs how he interaction with people work with him and his fans….All are good!!! JKS might not be a PERFECT human beings, sure he has many faults. You know waht, I care for this man MORE when he shows his venerable and imperfect sides of him….that means HE is NOT pretentious or hypocrite like many other STARs who always show GOOD images. Too perfect good image, to the point that FANS believe they are GODs and angels for real!!!

      Lets me show list of some of my personal thoughts and descriptions about Jang Keun Suk……….

      1. Smart, very intelligent man

      2. Multi-talents..if he put his heart to do something, he does that thing, REALLY WELL..!!!

      3. Confident, (sometimes people take it as arrogant)

      4. Sensible and good heart (You can witness that all the charities he attended and provided)

      5. Crazy out-spoken (seems like general Koreans hate a person speaks their mind….like really… HATE. As for me, I take it as his good treat….every STARs have their own minds, thoughts and thinkings….why they need to say what scripted all the time.

      6. Talkative ( he never lost for words to say….(

      7. very funny and witty man, he likes to use humor a lot (some people take his jokes as REAL)

      8. very spontaneous clever man, he never lost for answers to any difficult questions *even some questions are rude….)

      9. provide great fan-services, always..!!! Do whatever to make his fans happy!!

      10. good and loyal to his friends (if there is one person you can count on to help you, that person is JKS.

      11. A dreamer, Trend-setter, ambition person (what’s with setting your GOAL HIGH..? (My own parents always encourage me to REACH to highest goal, to work hard so I can achieve that goal I set someday…..)

      12. very delicate and hard worker ( he put all his efforts and his heart in everything he does)

      ….the list can go on longer….but I think the above list is enough to state my point.

      • Kailey,

        You express exactly what I , and perhaps many other eels, think. I just recently started following JKS but find him amazing & admirable. First, it was his charm, good look, & good acting that attracted me to him & made me want to find out more about this actor. After I read & watched his interviews & BTS, the personal traits that you enumerate made me really like & admire JKS the person. I was hooked. He is like no other actors. His charisma, amazing multi talent, drive, beliefs, & personality make him unique. He really is amazing & admirable.

        I wonder if it is a cultural thing that makes the Koreans not appreciate these traits. Maybe he is ahead of his time in Korea & most can’t keep up with him?

      • Our Keun Suk is a combination of attitude, intelligence, temperament, talent, energy, experience, sensitivity, kindness, and he has a special ability to influence people.
        He influences his listeners emotionally, physically and intellectually.
        Self confidence helps him to be able to speak openly and naturally about his emotions.
        He looks at you directly, frankly, he has the look of a man who has nothing to hide.
        Keun Suk always manages to surprise us or fascinate their interlocutors. He is a magician of words and of the glances.
        However scares many people and unable to understand his complex personality, they prefer to put a label to save their prestige.
        It’s easy to say about someone “Badboy of K-industry”, “Most out-spoken”, “Most pretentious” …… or bluff ….. than trying to penetrate beyond appearances and ideas preconceptions.
        However, he was blessed from birth with charisma, which is something that only some people have chosen and who have a special destiny.
        We who love him and follow him, we know what is the truth and who is our Prince.
        Therefore, we continue to support him and make him know that we are and will be by his side.
        So Dear Eels, JANG KEUN SUK FOREVER!!!!!

    • voltic…I feel you..
      I said it a few times already…they can’t help but praise him because what he does is just to remarkable but they can’t just get over themselves so some “K humor” must be made..you see me laughing..HAA HAA HAA
      Guess they are careful…if one media would go all gaga he or she risks being bashed also…yes..it’s still a circus..

  3. I think its a compliment.frm this article we now know korean see keun suk as an attractive man.who cares about bluffing..keuun suk can make anything look attractive because he is attractive enough.period.

  4. I find the article rather offensive. Perhaps the 339 votes came from haters and antis coz I don’t think his Korean Eels would ever participate in such a poll on a negative topic.

  5. I hope, really hoping that it is a sign that k-netz are now receptive of his unique traits as a star. And have finally realized the treasure they have in JGS, he is their precious star, it would be their loss if they would neglect him instead of cheering for him.

    I see Jang Keun Suk as the star Korea needs to bring Hallyu at its best, he is very much capable with his diverse talents, unique ideas… needless to mention has proven himself time & time again – always succesfully launching a different trend that no one has ever done before.

    • Looking forward to his coming Zikzin Radio in Beijing! And the much awaited dance in the Great Wall of China. We know Keun Suk never bluffs, given a chance he’ll do it as promise.

      • for keun suk..i dont call it bluff.its his courage and confident.he said it..he’ll do it but i wonder if he will do the dance since korean is in a sad situation with the ferry incidence lately.i know suk know what to do.i have trust in him that he will handle it wisely.to do zikzin radio in beijing is still ok in my opinion.

      • @sukasukie

        Yes I agree with you it is his courage & confidence. As for the dance, it slipped my mind about this tragedy going on, anyway as you have said we just have to trust in him that he will handle it wisely. Chinese eels would surely understand why he has to postpone it again.

  6. yes
    people may break,bake,grade and bake him but whats important is what
    makes him.he is bound to make mistakes freely coz his life didnt come
    with a manual like a machine.

  7. For him being called a ‘ho-sei’ (empty gesture) or ‘pretentious’ has been a reality that both he himself and us his eels have had to deal with for quite a while already, rite? I won’t be offended by this poll, I am trying to look at the brighter side of it. People now see his previously regarded negative side as a positive side now- just like what QQ has written in her comment. He is somebody who walks his talk, and they now seem to understand this better.

  8. I repeat: he is the number one for us, whatever they say about him.
    of course my heart aches sometimes when I hear bad things about him but when I see like now that they are more and more people who love him even forever, my happiness is mega dimensional. Stay calm. We know who he is and what he deserves. Forget for a while what those people think about him and focus on making him happy with our true love and enjoy his wonderful presence in our world.

    those people hurts to recognize that they were wrong in the past and that they did a lot of damage to him. They have recently discovered how special, spectacular and unique our prince is. So let’s give them time to fall and join us. Exactly as he said (he bragged) once.Ha ha ha i love you

  9. This is random but I really miss him. I know it’s good he’s laying low resting up working and planning for what’s sure to be a very busy year but I just miss this darling man. Anything he does makes me so happy and is such a mood booster. His laugh. Boy I could listen to his laugh all day.

    • We all miss him…just give him time..we all know he is really busy.his solo album usually release earlier but until now still no news. I hope everything going smooth for him.

      • He has really been quiet lately. I hope we can see some pictures and fan videos when he travels til China on friday or saturday. “Making Zikzin Radio in China” video on his you tube channel would be nice. Is it to mach to hope for? 🙂

    • it’s better if he stays a bit quiet these days because of the current situation in South Korea regarding the Sewol Ferry accident. It seems like any stars who do anything too special (besides donating and expressing their concerns) would be targeted by media and netizens. Let’s hope we’ll hear from him soon and it might be good news.

  10. I am not sure what to think about the article. They still saying that he is the most charming, so it´s a good thing. But why they are calling him for a bluff? He have dreams, and goals, and work hard to achive them. He is multitalented, and has a warm personality. He have all reasons to be confident.

    On the other hand it just 1500 random people on internet who have voted. It was 3000 people on his FM i february. And how many followers he have on weibo, twitter, line…

    I have engoyed to read your comments here. Get alway in a good mood when I am on JKS forever.:)

  11. My language has this news too, but they give the meaning that who is the most charming star even keep a straight face (feel indifferent). Something like that.. If like this, I agreed that JKS is the most charming ^^~

    • Thank you for sharing, QQeyes007! I can see that Sukke is a caring person. Tenshi wrote in her FA how he held Yong Duk around sholuders on FM, and said: ” Yong Duk has worked with me for 3 years. He’s like my real brother. I’m also responsible for him. ” It says a lot about Sukkie as a person.

      And he is funny too. He said in the video: “There is no reason for being captivating by me.” LOL

  12. If JKS admitted and took it humbly then let it be.Perhaps,it doesn’t matter to him, as long as he knows in his heart- he is doing the right thing .If this “show-off-guy” shares his blessing by helping the needy ,giving joy to the dejected,sharing positivity in life and inspiring a lot of people -then it would be best for other stars ,especially those who are trying to imitate him , to follow and join him on this advocacy-rather than pretending to be nice but doing nothing at all. And if this precious superstar is a “bluff” with a heart of gold and beautiful soul ,then we wish for every stars to be like JKS.

  13. fellow eels, let’s take this news in a positive light.. the word “bluff” may have a negative connotation but in this article/poll i think netizens are finally acknowledging that our prince has his own characteristic of showing his dreams to the world, which takes a lot of courage…and yet, despite this, they find him attractive and consider him talented…positive response, right?

    • Totally right, even sukkie accepted it in a positive way. It only means his uniqueness as an artists and everything he does attracts more people and it only proves he’s the number 1 actor whose been doing charitable works and helping a lot of people. What a great inspiration.


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