[article] Jang Keun Suk, from Asia Prince to true Actor… let’s focus on his eyes!

Credits: Hanryu Pia

‘Asia Prince’ Jang Keun Suk appeared in ‘Hanryu Pia’ magazine! He said that his latest drama ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ would be his last romantic comedy in his 20s. What kind of impression he left on the interviewer……?

Jang Keun Suk, who captured a lot of people’s hearts after drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ was broadcast, is now very popular in countries as ‘Asia Prince’. He, who told us that his latest drama ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ would be his last romantic comedy in his 20s, appeared in our magazine after a long interval!
About 10 years ago, when he just reached his 20s, we interviewed him. Unexpectedly, as soon as he sat in front of me for the interview, he asked me, “Haven’t we met before in an interview?” I was moved and answered “Yes, we have.” Really I was surprised that he remembered me.
When he was taken photos, he showed us perfect poses to respond our photographer’s request. During a short break, he was fixing his hairdo. Even his way of doing such a thing is beautiful enough. Especially his eyes were the most impressive of all.
After a while, when our interview restarted, I broached the topic of what I saw him in front of the mirror. He said with smile, “I sometimes practice acting, looking at myself in the mirror, but I can’t empathize because I’m watching at me.” I’d like to watch him practicing how to act in front of him even just for once!
In this interview, there is a story about his ‘eyes’. For more detail, please check our magazine! “The eyes reflected in the camera is very meaningful, I think. I feel like they can be expressed my feelings differently from what I say as the character.” This answer really showed his actor side very much.
I felt like previous Jang Keun Suk had very young and pure eyes, but now his eyes have changed as a true actor, not just as ‘Asia Prince’. He also appears on the cover of ‘Hanryu Pia, May 31st issue’ (sales date: April 22nd). There are a lot of his attractive photos, so please check and see.

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  1. It seems to be an interesting interview. I always love to watch and read interviews of JKS. You get to know new things about him and things he said before when he say it again only establishes more who he really is. I’m with him when he said in one interview that the first thing he notices at a person are the eyes. You can see a person’s heart through the eyes, whether it’s pure or not.^^ i also love how he communicates and put his emotions through his eyes..^^

  2. my prnce plz stay smiling like this. my heart stopped aching coz ur enemies ar groundless of late.i will always love and support u coz as a younger sister i have learnt a lot from you.thank you for permitting me to love u.

  3. His hair look weird..suk..are u still wearing that fringe? Kkk…act..what makes his eyes special and attractive is because he know how to express it.the same with his look..if we look for the outer beauty..there are many people with more handsome face and beautiful eyes but the expression will make the different which I found suk is really good at.btw..he looks like in process for building his muscle or just my eyes?

    • He has told on Zikzin Radio that he has excercised hard lately. Remember the episode where he jokes about “chik and tok” and sleeveless topp? He probably wants to be in a top form when he starts with promoting av Bel Ami, the new album, tour… So your eyes er ok, Sukasukie. 😀

      I actually love his hairstyle.

  4. Thanks Tenshi for sharing this !
    I think it’s a very beautiful and very interesting interview. Our Keun Suk always manages to surprise and fascinate their interlocutors. He is a true magician of words.
    This young man is a combination of attitude , intelligence , knowledge, temperament, thought , energy , experience, and has a special ability to influence people and generate commitment.
    He manages to make a strong impact , memorable and lasting impact on those to whom he speaks . He influences his listeners emotionally, physically , intellectually and behaviorally . Influence thoughts and way of thinking and looking at things , change the perspectives and attitudes .
    Our Keun Suk has what is called charisma .
    You can not have a charismatic effect on others until you fail to see yourself from the outside and you consider as objective. Being able to accept how you are evaluated without bothering you and without feeling offended.
    Self confidence helps him to be able to talk openly and naturally about his emotions. He does not need to put a mask, he has the courage to give to the public the permission to see who he really is as a person, not afraid of what people could see.
    Keun Suk gives life to his words and is convincing.
    Besides all this, he looks at you directly, honestly, he has the look of a man who has nothing to hide.
    His love for everything around and his work make him look to be bright and warm-hearted touch.
    Thanks again dear Tenshi. Words spoken by the reporter are very beautiful and indeed, our Keun Suk has changed, he has matured, has turned into a real man and a valuable actor.
    All of these made ​​me to be even more proud of him!
    I wish you all the best!

  5. thank you dear Tenshi for this article! i am loving his smile in the photos; however the 4th one seems to be weird. Sukkie’s face looks deformed there somehow. ^^
    but of course what’s really important is the content. i am amazed as well that he remembers the interviewer. It is fascinating to note how his eyes have changed over the years. Sukkie my love, please do not lose the kid in you and let your pure heart shine through despite the mediocrities of being an adult. i love you so. Will support you always. zikzin!

  6. Love this interview his eye is the best part of him but but but I always miss his millions $$$$ smile,love his hair make him look like a school kid

  7. I don’t know much but I know that I love everything about him 🙂 Reading what you all write about him makes me love him even more. Long live the Prince! Zikzin Sukkie!

  8. JKS has always shown us his true self and being outspoken made him more of a real person to me. He is courageous ,not afraid of what people will think of him. I guess that is why he is loved.

  9. Suk with that precious eyes is our Angel who show us what is thing need to be done correctly .. he shows us what is challenging in life and how to over . He is our master of Art . our master of life .I never say No if someone come and tell me I am crazy more than enough loving someone who he may not even know our existence. I reply Yes, I am. Cos he is a truly impressive one who always shows us his true heart , his trueself though no matter where we are . I realize his eyes for years how precious and talented as an actor.Love you Suk . Thank you Tenshi for updating ..

  10. Hi dear sister Tenshi with all respect and thank to you.love you dear.i am sure that Mr jang knows about you and yr website and who translat and search all news in another site for us .thank you thank you and good job♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡:D

  11. Our Suk is a very precious person.. he really cares about people..it’s not easy to remember people esp he who meets a lot of people everyday…after so much time has past…
    He is always full of attention for everybody and everything that surrounds him..
    Thanks Tenshi dear..as always <3

  12. paraphrasing that old song of Police:

    Every little thing he does is magic
    everything he doe just turns me on
    even though my life before was tragic
    now i know my love for him goes on
    Do i have to tell the story?

    Thanks Thensi.

  13. Indeed, it is such a delight to see him progress in his career. He deserves everything great because he strived to be where he is now. Oppa, fighting!~
    His eyes are really expressive and he deserves to be called an ACTOR. He does not only have a face to boast but a talent to show and the passion to do better 🙂
    I’ll be watching! :))

    Forever fan,
    Jade <3

  14. INFLUENCE. That is what Jang Geun Suk has over his fans. He is a good actor, great singer, total performer, graduated academically, philantropist, a linguist ( speaks Korean, Chinese and Japanese ), the reason why he can communicate well across the globe, thus the tremendous influence. He influences, fans, media, all walks of life wih humility.
    That is what a true artist should be.

    Endless & Ceaseless Eel Fan,
    Claude 😉

  15. We don’t like his make-up in this magazine. We thought its too much. We love him in lotte duty free and Marie Claire .So fresh and charming.


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