[fan-made MV] Lovely Journey in Jeju

These videos were made by the same eel. She said the first one, ‘Lovely Journey in Jeju’ is her taste. But the last one will entertain YAB fans! Which one you like best?

Credits: mayumixmauve
1) Lovely Journey in Jeju

2) Memories in Jeju ~ I am missing you…

3) DREAM JOURNEY IN JEJU feat. 美男ですね (YAB)

13 thoughts on “[fan-made MV] Lovely Journey in Jeju”

  1. Thanks for the videos. I still love YAB, so my favorite is the last one. I love the song, of course, and the transition “5 years later”. And now I want to rewatch YAB, thanks to the video.:)

  2. Thanks for videos and thanks Tenshi for sharing .
    I love all three.
    First especially for the final. Celine Dion adds romanticism.
    The second especially for the song from Budapest Diary, my movie of the soul.
    The third for the sequences from YAB and because it is made as a continuation to YAB.
    All deserve admiration.

  3. Wow…I love all 3! Each is special in its own way. The 3rd is like they are on the honeymoon after YAB 🙂 They are very enjoyable. Thank you for sharing!

  4. thank you so much for sharing all three dear Tenshi!
    each one had its own its own charm and i truly enjoyed all of them ^^

  5. The fans are more artistic than those who put the LDF mv.

    Suk should have a contest among fans to write the script for his next movie, including concepts. I can sense the overwhelming artistry of eels worldwide. from drawing, painting, script writing, directing, editing…i am so overwhelmed by eels’ talents.

    i saw several drawings, sketches and paintings of eels for Suk – gosh they are indeed a work of art. i have searched for other popular celebrities if their fans have same talents, i Suk’s eels are really good.


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