[2014-04-04] Jang Keun Suk LINE

Attack on Titan.. you can see the full process of my growth..Lol..XD .. Highly recommended!!

Long time no see…. Ponyo…..

tenshi_akuma’s note: He admitted that he gained weight during ZEPP tour during ZIKZIN Radio. This memorial photo book shows that he was slim at the beginning and became ponyo (chubby) at the end. kkk If you’re interested in what he said in ZIKZIN Radio, please check [ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk’s ZIKZIN Radio_episode 10_Losing Weight from 2:00 ^^ By the way, ‘Attack on Titan’ is the title of Japanese popular manga. You can read the detail from Wiki. He used this to describe his body became like a giant!

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  1. It’s brcause we kept feeding him with so many foodcarts..so in a way it’s eels fault..kekeke
    I love his ponya..a bit more fleshy but it’s not good in front of the camera

    • You have right, Mamacri. This was totally eels fault, kept sending him food constantly during the filming of “Bel Ami”. LOL

      Sukkie loves cars. Eels should send him cars next time, og bracelets. 😀

  2. My Soap Box Inquisition-Exposed!

    Geez, Tenshi~I couldn’t understand Geunseok’s LINE inference or context! Thank you for your succinct explanation, further translation, and providing absolute clarity! I understood what Geunseok meant by using the word, “ponyo”=FAT but, I became lost with his inference and context when he used his specific, vernacular expression, “Titan” (all I could critically summize was using my delineation-USA Actor, Denzel Washington’s movie, “Titan”)! What?!

    Still, it would have been so very helpful, if I could have attended ANY of Geunseok’s previous gigs but, as you and all Eels know very well, the San Jose gig . . . UGH~Big bone of contention:

    Why in the world did Team H Management choose San Jose CA, instead of San Francisco is beyond my understanding=big venue choice mistake!? Choosing San Jose is like having a gig in Pyeongtaek/Osan/Songtan rather than booking a gig in Seoul! DUH!! In addition, the LA gig venue was booked in the worst possible place like booking a gig in New York City’s HARLEM Ghetto Neighborhood’s shoddy gymnasium were cancelled for whatever reasons were never explained . . . Team H just totally dropped the ball on USA Eels like myself!

    Furthermore, Geunseok’s performances so far, since the USA gig cancellations have only been booked throughout Far East Asia-this is so unsettling, UNFAIR to USA and European Eels! Nevertheless, I will patiently wait with my patient, baited breath, if and when I may have the privilege making a visual before and after Geunseok’s physique comparison with Geunseok’s altruistic devotion towards his USA Eels, who are positively hopeful, promising (Yaksu ‘• ~ •’ ) future performances (?).

    As they say in Mandarin, “May-yo” which means not possible at this time due to the fact Geunseok must fulfill his upcoming military service obligation soon or find himself in deep Kimchee worse that what his old friend, MC Mong experienced with his dental predicament! Besides, as far as I’m concerned, Geunseok’s physique-Titan or ponyo is certainly irrelevant; what is a greater concern is WHEN Geunseok’s scheduling will allot time performing in Mainland USA! Seriously, this excessive waiting is utterly maddening and grievously disappointing, since I spent close to $700.00 USD booking my concert ticket and my hotel suite at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose CA with the inability receiving any monetary refunds! Grrrrr~What a horrible, financial imposition planning Geunseok’s and Kurt’s gig coming to fruition-NAUGHT!

    I vehemently blew my lid when Geunseok posted his recent April Fools’ pic at the Trevi Fountain; what an insult to European Eels who are also waiting for Geunseok to perform in their countries! > ~ < Grrrrr!

    • Dear Shirley,

      I know it was very disappointing and frustrating for US eels, but JKS must have had a very good reason for canceling it. He is one who loves meeting his eels. I bet he was disappointed by the cancellation too. We just have to keep hoping that he will tour the US one day (I am from CA). If not, I guess we’ll just fly to Asia to attend his concerts. ( I am thinking about it 🙂 ). Zikzin!!

    • Hi Shirley,
      I don’t know you already read this note I posted before, but Sukkie also felt sad about the postponement and talked about it during his Zeep tour. I share here again.

      *supplement 1: According to twitter, Sukkie talked about Team H US tour on the first day of Zepp Tokyo. The summary I read is as follows. “The only thing I promised but couldn’t realize this year is Team H US tour. But I promised, so I will realize it eventually. Maybe, next year…??? Anyway, Team H US tour was not cancelled, just postponed. I’ll prepare well, for example, collaborative work with someone. I don’t think it’s good to see the venue is full of Asians.”

      About the scheduled venues, he didn’t decide them. He himself was surprised to know how big the venues are for Team H first solo stage. Again, Shirley. Please don’t feel sad for a long time. Even it takes time, he’s always trying to carry out his words. Please keep a hope to meet him in person. ZIKZIN!

    • My dear friends.
      The great world music industry is a very complicated world and it is divided into smaller worlds: American, Asian, European, African, Arabic, Australian …. the order is random.
      It’s very hard to penetrate from one world to another by the front door.
      Even if everywhere is talking about globalization, about breaking down barriers between different peoples and their cultures, we are still far from normal.
      From what I’ve noticed, ours Keun Suk knows only enter by the front door and is a thing to appreciate. He does not accept compromises and half measures. His artistic principles are based on respect for the cultural act and for those who participate in this cultural act.
      Probably that is why he has postponed the meeting with American fans, something was not OK.
      At least you have this hope … I expect him to come in Europe … Maybe ….
      Let us look forward with hope and confidence! Let’s wish health and strength to accomplish everything he wants and what we hope!

  3. Thank you for your eksplanation, Tenshi. I wondered what he meant by “Attack on Titan”.

    He is a model, and being “chic and tok” is importen for him, I guess. But he has been extremely handsome all the time.

  4. Thanks Tenshi for sharing this.
    Ours beloved Keun Suk is always humorous and constructive self-criticism ….
    Maybe you laugh but I like how it looks at the end of the tour. Now it has weakened a little bit more … a personal opinion and not necessarily worthy to share ….
    Weaker or chubby, important is he to be healthy and feel good in his skin.

  5. I was also disappointed that JKS could not give his USA concert. I have also tried to join his fan club (as a foreigner). My PayPal payment went through, but then the site would not accept my login. I will work on that later. It is difficult to plan a foreign trip unless one can know in advance the touring schedule and the possibility of buying tickets. Well, hope springs eternal. I am disappointed that other Korean stars have been able to give concerts (at least, in New York) and not JKS! In the meantime, I am continuing to work on my Korean lessons. I want to understand what he says – clearly! A steady USA fan, Dena Pitchfork from Seattle

  6. I know eels outside of Asia have big dreams and less occasions…but we keep hoping.. JKS and Team H are working very hard on that..
    The problems and the differences between JKS and the other korean artists is as it is..
    The others are from big companies and working together…Long time ago he said already..back then everybody made “lously” obligatory promises but nobody kept their words..and they expected him just to keep low key and humble; what is a promise worth if it’s not kept…but that’s not our Keun Suk. So he himself ventured out (in this case to Japan)..and he opened up the Japanese market single handed and for the big K wave to follow.
    Too bad it does not work the other way around…
    You see..some companies got a breakthrough by some artist like PSY..who the west loves because it’s that somewhat odd fat ugly asian with a happy song so they open up more because he is no threat….once in the picture you see all the artists from his company are heavily promoted in the west..now you have a “war” going on between SM and Psy’s company to establish themself in the US market…(Where JKS always promotes the likes like PSY..it never happens they call his name once)
    JKS always wants to give 101% and he wants quality when it comes to his product.. I’m sure they had to depend on others in US and decisions made but out of his scope. My guess the things were not to his satisfaction so it’s better to postpone than to go through with it and leave eels and proteins disappointed..
    He will find his own way with the people he is acquinted with and they will come with a big bang (joke)So keep the faith..he has always kept his word..sooner if not later..compared to european eels you us eels have at least the promise he will come…ZIKZIN

  7. His US gig is cancelled because they can’t fill the venue? He should start doing smaller venue but should be in major city, like San Francisco, Los Angeles…definitely not San Jose. He said he doesn’t want to go on a US tour and see Asians as the audience, what’s wrong with that? He has to make that one first gig so good and enjoyable that people talk about it. When it’s good people will come.

    He has a chance to break into the US market, I saw his Team H concert , they are fun, club like, lots of actions and energy and it is authentic. Sadly, Kpop is known here in the US as canned, formulaic…in short after the first few songs it is BORING.

    Concerts here have a different vibes, energy, it’s freedom, crazy energy and JKS and Team H has that quality that non of the other Korean group has. Psy? Psy is seen as a caricature in the states, funny Korean guy…that’s about it. As long as he makes fresh catchy music…maybe, but the US audience is demanding with real talent. Oh and one more thing, no need to be cute or surgically pretty here..nobody cares as long as do crazy, sick music. Please pass this on to Kuen Suk. He should come and go crazy and break free on the stage, it is allowed here in the States. It will fit his style. He has to be different and unique, don’t be a typical Kpop song and dance crap!

    • The postponement was not because they couldn’t fill the venue. I think there were various reasons that they thought it’s better to postpone the show. Needless to say, the agent in US should have planned more carefully about the venue size, city, when to announce the date or so. Anyway, now Tree-J has learned from this. So I think their stage in US will be a great success!

    • Kara…I think that the charm of Team H…they wanne share their fun with as many nationalities as possible.. They have done music festivals and they like the vibe so it’s the only natural thing to do.. of course Asian’s will be attracted because they might be more know amongst them but Team H music is not a formula like K-pop…far from that; it’s a movement like they say..
      Every song and sound is different, every move is different..and they can go even more wild than in Asia
      (TH caters the shows for various countries)
      Bespoke as to speak..
      Team H will study as what is best to do before going for it..

  8. i believe suk always make a wise decision with their team.if they dont have confident to make the concert yet.eels should wait with patience.its US..not asia country..so they need the best preparation.

  9. Iam sure prince Jks was sadden by what happened because he really cares about his fans. Being with them gives him gladness and energy. I hope his eels would stand by him no matter what.


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