[2014-04-03] Jang Keun Suk LINE

Let you hear the first 10 seconds!! You wanna listen to it, don’t you???

tenshi_akuma’s note: This song, ‘Lovely Girl’ was originally sung by 5Live as one of OST ‘Beautiful Man’. Jang Keun Suk sang this in Japanese. Probably he is going to sing at Beautiful Man Fan Meeting in Japan, and release the OST Japanese version?

The original song: 5Live – Lovely Girl Beautiful Man OST

15 thoughts on “[2014-04-03] Jang Keun Suk LINE”

  1. I really hope so…and that there will be a version released for eels worldwide 🙂
    I love the song…it’s like spring in my heart…

  2. Lately I have listened a lot of his songs. All have a great melodic line that impresses you and once you’ve listened them you can not forget.
    And all are able to pull out his voice. I love his beautiful songs!

  3. I love his mesmerising voice. It is strange that I can always remember this voice no matter what languages the songs are expressed!!! Just simply love and adore him, Sugar Sukkie.

    • Sukkie hasn´t sent any Line-message since “ponyo” message 19th April, Cindy. I am missing his messages too 🙁


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