1. Wow! Looking forward to the wedding scene. I love color orange and I was thinking it seems to be connected with their Tongyi CF. Tenshi, thanks a lot for sharing this video!

  2. Hahahaha…using the real names gives such a real feeling..hahahaha
    If not love at least good friendship and appreciation for each other
    They match well together
    Are you sure it’s a CF only …Lotte??

    • As you said Mama, they match well together. In my eyes for now, Mr. Jang takes care of her well like one older brother.

      However, by putting them in a cf, It is also an assumption that Lotte wishes them to be together. I’m joking …. but I, as an outsider, do really wish the best for them for their love life, esp for Mr. Jang. I’m looking forward his real love life revelation whether it takes days, months, or years from today.

      It seems Lotte knew that this couple left so much deep impressions after 5 years now, for YAB maniacs. The short movies really bring the memories back. Even the way PSY speak reminds me of YAB bts where she made that nasal voice ( Lotte mandarin tart ep).

      I dont know if any other Kdrama couples made their fans (shippers?) create such blog dedicated to them. All I can see there are GeunShin and foursome Anjell blogs/fb/tumblr out there, and still well maintained by the owners.

  3. Love this one the best, so far! The Orange colour is so refreshing and our Keun Suk looks wonderfully BOYISH, warm and sweet. The short hair really makes him look like 16 to 17 years old. His is the kind who will probably look forever young and handsome. 🙂

    • I´m not sure if I like this one best or the short movie #2.

      Zikzin Radio recording in Jeju is still my favorite, though.:)

  4. They’re beautiful together, they complement each other and shine side by side.
    That’s what a mother wants to see her son as happy with a good girl ….
    Leaving the joke aside, I hope that our Keun Suk to find as soon soul mate and thus become completely. The condition is that she understand him, love him, support him and put him above all else.

  5. yeah, i really love orange! of all the colors, its the one i like the most! its even my motiff during my wedding day! i really have lots of common with JKS that i only discovered after i discover things around him and since i started idolizing him!


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