8 thoughts on “[Pics] Jang Keun Suk, Marie Claire photo shooting scene”

  1. Aigoo, My heart is pounding so fast watching his photos. God sent him for us to feel love, loving, and caring. Thanks a lot Tenshi. I wonder how the lady photographer could work. Could she breathe alright?

    • Randa….
      O how I hate those korean k-pop “come back” stragedies…

      Sukkie was never gone…so how can he come back..lol
      He is just silently(not really because he is mega busy) preparing his things..he is not a machine but a living breathing talented artist, he does everything himself..unlike the K-pop and Idol stars..where almost everything is already determined by the company..
      But I’m sure we are in for a Suknami pretty soon..

      (he will have a come back after his sm, that is a proper CB)LOL

  2. Our Keun Suk is tireless. He always has many different engagements that need to be settled in accordance with the contracts. In the entertainment industry, the more you are known and appreciated, the more you’re busy. Typically, a contract successfully completed and attract other contracts.
    Once you got on this train is dangerous to descend while has speed.
    When we ask what do Keun Suk, he works really hard.
    Take care of yourself my dear. You look beautiful in all the pictures. You’re Prince Charming …


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