16 thoughts on “[2014-03-30] Jang Keun Suk Weibo”

    • Hello Mamacri, I’m giggling. I was thinking that it seemed something wasnt in its place, I know now what it was. Last time after several Anonymous moments, now diff avatar ( personalized commenter’s pic) is coming ^^. Now in every anon comment here, always think it’s you Mama. FYI, This got my attention over Mr. Jang’s update. :-D.

      • hahaha…it’s only when I comment via my phone..I have to fill in my name and I always forget it before hitting the comment button..but will always try to correct…if no correction than it’s not me 🙂

  1. So adorable. Our Prince is the man of all seasons, Azalea match him well? I am more greedy to see him with a red rose between those beautiful lips, kkkkk


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