4 thoughts on “[Video] Jang Keun Suk, Marie Claire photo shooting scene”

  1. Thank you Tenshi! You are the super!

    He did smile in some of the shots! He is soooooooo cute and adorable and huggable ! Love his current look (and all his past looks 🙂

  2. Gorgeous Prince. You look boyish and so handsome. I also love his pouting in the video. Anyway, I found no pouting photo of him anywhere. Tenshi, should we have a collection of his lovely funny looks as an album for eels. We just love and adore him no matter how he looks.

  3. Thank you Tenshi!
    Ours Keun Suk makes everything seem easy and natural. Photo studio, movie sets and the concert stage are his home and teams with which he works are his family.
    For him, to be in front of camera and in front of fans is life itself. All these are as the air and water for him.


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