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  1. At last, I wrote up my FA of 2014 Jang Keun Suk Seoul Fan Meeting. Soon many of you will be able to watch the whole through DVD, but I just wanted to keep it as a memento and managed to write it. After or before watching the DVD, I’m happy we can share our thoughts in the post.

    • Thank you Kaori San for sharing to us this special FA of yours…I feel like I was there also with you! You are so lucky to be able to go attend his FM..I wish I can also attend just for once in my lifetime would be great!hehe! Since his tickets are quite expensive and usually always in japan, china and Korea. I really enjoyed your FA, thank you sis Kaori for this, I feel so happy reading your FA!

  2. Oh my, sis Kaori thank you very much
    The FA, I thought that you… no nerver mind
    You are truly our sanity saver
    Off to read now..

  3. Hi, how lucky were you to see Jang Keun Suk up close and personal!! I wish I could be there!! All the way from Los Angeles, California, USA,AMERICA, here i am waiting for some day Jang Keun Suk could come and meet him in person. I admire him a lot and Love all he has done, he is a great actor and i LOVE his songs, his voice is so particular and beautiful, he is very talented indeed!! I hope he has an idea how far away he has come, here far away from his home country there is a fan that admires him and feels and gets in love with his songs, because the language of love is the only one we need, and i can feel it in everything he does. He is an angel!!

  4. Kaori-chan… Our Tenshi! Thanks a lot for this FA. Indeed, it’s worth the wait :). I couldn’t attend the Seoul FM and was very sad but I’m happy for those who could share this special moment with him. I can’t wait for my DVD to arrive :). And i love it when he said ‘let’s get along beautifully with each other’… Here on JKSForever blog and on ECI group we have been doing that, rite? I’m just so happy that I’m a part of this eel family world :). Let’s zikzin together, for always 🙂

  5. Tenshi, good job. I wish I were with you and your mom on the day. It was a very touching and exciting experience. Thank you for sharing.

  6. My eyes got teary reading this, i can’t express what i’m feeling it right now, i feel like i want to hug him and say thank you for being who you are, thank you for everything, you’re more than an amazing person. i always feel his sincerity through his words, he always trying to show his real self, i believe one day everyone will understand his sincerity and love him, cuz he is an amazing guy who doesn’t fake himself to please others, i do love you JKS, you’re an inspirational man. you’re a realy good role model. and i would say this and proudly JKS is my role model in the life! , and kaori chan, thanks a million for writing this. you make me feel like i was there, thank you for everything you’ve done for our prince.

  7. omo dear Kaori- thank you so much for this FA of yours. You know I shared your mom’s words to my sister and I cried a little too- touched with your mom’s words. I read the rest of your words and laughed realizing I cried too early as you mentioned you did so yourself. ^^ we are softies with our moms.
    thank you for sharing the final words on the screen as I did not understand them. Thank you for the message you requested of Sukkie. Thank you for reminding us that the journey we will share will still be a long path and there is no need to make unnecessary words to fill the space between two hearts that beat as one.
    I love your words, I always have, and pls know I will continue to support you too, always. we eels are proud and always grateful of you.
    Sukkie, our prince, may you always find reasons to be happy, we eels are just always here – and we will still come to your next FM and more! with sexy-back or not! ^^

  8. Dear Tenshi,

    Thank you so much for sharing your special experience with us and for taking the time to translate JKS’s words for us. I am very grateful. May God bless you for your generous heart! You make me love and appreciate JKS even more.

    I like these word of his:

    “I’ve learned that in order to do what I want to do, I need to do what I have to do.”

    “I won’t fall down for this reason.
    I won’t stop for this reason.
    I won’t live with no room to breathe for this reason.
    I won’t be lazy because I’m tired for this reason.”

    I admire his resilience and determination, and wish him success & happiness with all my heart!

    Fly high…dear Sukkie!

  9. Thank you, Tenshi! You FA is so beautiful and thouching. I have enjoyed reading it. I wish I could have been there.

    JKS is really unique. I love his personality, so open and outspoken as a child, not afreid to be misunderstand by others. I hope that he always will stay true to himself.

    I have listened again to the begynning of episode 8 of Zikzin Radio where he was talking about ” Propose” FM. He mentioned that entering on the stage with a skatebord was a suggestion from a eel. I can imagine JKS appearing on the stage riding a skatebord with “Nature Boy” in the background, slipping, and pretending to be hurt. It´s just his style, so funny.:D

    Thanks again. I think I will read your FA several times. I hope that I will be able to get the “Propose” DVD one day.

  10. Thank you, dear Tenshi!
    Your FA are big windows to the JKS world for me because I am not asian and somethimes I don’t understand many of his words and actions. But you are there and you are my bridge to this wonderful world. Thank you once again!

  11. O Tenshi dear…it’s always a joy to read your FA
    For I know you love our prince as dear as I do.
    I’ve learn a lot again from Sukkie through your FA.. and he is still the artist I admire the most…He is ever so inspiring and real
    I agree with you all who commented on Sukkie he is just a wonderful man who shares his being sincerily with others..

  12. Thanks Tenshi, as always, I love your FA and really appreciate your effort to share with us. I really wish to have the DVD but can’t even though I am the member of China FC. FC’s admin has rejected my request as I’m not staying at Taiwan neither mainland China ….so sad.

  13. Thank you so much sis Tenshi for this detailed FA!! I’m so looking forward to finally get my own copy of the dvd. Your side notes in the FAs have personal touch and I agree with you that it’s rare to build that special bond with JKS and eels, a bond that don’t need words or constant communication but deep understanding and continued support is there. I also wish to be one of those rare eels. ^^ JKS is truly unique, he’s true to his words and actions, without pretense, who is not afraid to say what he feels and thinks, to show his true self. I don’t know of any artists like him – most have scripted words and permanent smile plastered on their faces. I think having the same life philosophy as him is what captivated me to him. JKS keep on Zikzin! I will always support whatever you do! Say as you are dear!^^

  14. thanks as always Kaori for sharing with us your detailed FA. it’s really worth the wait and you made us feel that we’re there with you. I am loving him more by reading your daily updates here in the blog.

    likewise, i admire you on how much you love your mother. your mom does not look her age maybe because she’s always with you in watching Sukkie’s shows. i wish that i could also have a daughter like you………

  15. Thanks Kaori, I greatly enjoyed reading your FM and can understand how it must have felt being there. Its lovely too that you could travel and share this event with your mom. Absolutely Wonderful!

  16. P.S. What is Keun Suk doing nowadays? He says he his schedule is fully packed for the entire year but we don’t see or hear much of his works? I am afraid he is getting ready to join the army and do his mandatory service soon.

    • Don´t worry, he is probably just busy preparing for the FM´s, new Team H album and Asia Tour. Fan meeting and Zikzin Radio recording in Beijing is scheduled for the next Saturday. We will hear from him again next week, i hope. He doesn´t use to announce the schedule for a whole year.

    • Hi Staying Up Late,

      Zoe has given her thought but I’d like to share mine as well.

      It’s not only you who missed Mr. Jang’s works or public appearances but no worries. It’s already mentioned before and in the Propose FM as well that he needs more private time, IMO as in recharges more energy prior to his non stop schedule started this late April ( china and japan activities, asia tour, team h album and so on).

      I hv read his Hot Chili Paper mag interview in 2010 some days ago, he stated that “I guess you all might think that I must be playing around whenever you don’t see me on television, but the fact is everyday…. Everyday, at a place where you can’t see me, I am learning seriously to improve myself.”. It was something like that. After reading this part, I, for my self, am at ease for not knowing his update or whereabouts. He will show us his upcoming works when the time is right.

    • As you know, on April 16th the South Korean ferry Sewol capsized and still a lot of passengers were not found. Not only Koreans but people including me have been overwhelmed by grief. So please understand their feelings and pray together for the missing people.

  17. Will ECI join the fund raising event for ferry disaster victims? If yes please let the blog followers join the effort as well.

    • mature eel, actually the fund raising event was done last Friday by Cri-J and members of ECI were shared on this info but the cut-off for the fund raising was done on the same day perhaps due to overwhelming response… We will inform when there is another fund raising for the ferry disaster victims and families..

      • Could you please share the Korean news article about Cri-J’s donation in JKS’ name with the readers of the blog here? Thanks 🙂

      • Thank you, QQeyes007.I hope that the payment deadline will be longer next time. The paymants due was 16 pm on the same day, and it´s almoust 16 in Korea when I wake up becouse of the time difference.

  18. Dear Tenshi,

    Thank U again for sharing another FA with us. You are truly an amazing and devoted eel with all the many translation work from JKS. In addition, U have an amazingly good memory too, to be able to recall the sequence of events during the FM !
    This FA is the prelude to watching the DVD….can’t wait to get hold of the the dvd to experience the FM.

  19. Amazing FA! thanks tenshi!!
    Eel: I want to see you dancing ‘sexy back’ again.
    (JKS laughed out loud!) Hey, don’t ask me to do it again. I’m already over 25 years old. At that time, I didn’t have my own song, so I danced with music. [Then, suddenly the music played… JKS looked surprised, but he danced shyly anyway! Eels became too excited! Then, JKS showed his dancing to all angles proudly! haha]

    I want to see him dance “sexy back” shyly.. haha! XD

  20. I always love your FA sis Tenshi… well detailed as always… Every words that was written is truly a heart breaking as if we were also watching the show together with you. HOw I longed to do the same FA as you sis… I wish I can watch or see my Prince perform live on stage. I am crossing my fingers for this. THanks again my dear friend for sharing this great experienced of yours… 🙂

  21. I just finished watching ‘Propose ” FM DVD which I got this morning…. Aaaaaaa what to say?????
    It ‘s hard to explain how I feel right now. As an eel who could not attend any of his fan meetings I was overwhelmed to get this precious DVD.
    To be honest today I feel like I was reborn as an eel.The bond we eels share with him is really special and pure.He loves his fans so much.I have not seen such an adorable celebrity who cherish and love his fans this much.

    Sukie you ‘re so special .I will keep zikzin with you until the end of the time…..

    And also I want to tell my fellow eel sisters you people are so amazing .I love this fandom a lot………


  22. Dear Tenshi Akuma. Many thanks for the fact that you have shared with us this wonderful experience.
    I must admit that I read your lines several times. Not because I did not understand what you wrote, but I wanted to enter beyond the words of our Keun Suk.
    Given the events of the last period and I refer to the period that began with the Beautiful Man broadcast, thoughts expressed by him in Fan Meeting PROPOSE showed me everything in a different light.
    For me, Beautiful Man is a milestone in his life. I am tempted to think of the period before and the period after BM.
    With BM our Keun Suk changed his look and his attitude.
    At the same time with the maturing of character Ma Te, actor Jang Keun Suk also matured as a person, as a man.
    What I say here is a personal opinion and not necessarily have to be correct or to be embraced by anyone.
    He said :”I’m going to reach 28 years old in Korea this year. I’ve got a lot of support from all over the world as well as from Korea. I feel responsible. I’ve learned that in order to do what I want to do, I need to do what I have to do. I have to accept the fact that some eels leave from me. That is my responsibility. ”
    These words impressed me very much.
    “I won’t regret whatever project I choose as long as I choose it by myself. But I want to choose my project carefully.”
    And these words seem to me very deep and full of responsibility.
    I have great confidence in him, in the choices he will make and I’m sure he will be the same Jang Keun Suk, determined, hard working, courageous, honest, with open minde, with strong character, fair, good-hearted, inspired, with head up and full of life.
    Some time ago he said: ” I am not living each day indifferently, but facing each challenge with renewed vigor. Of course, I know that there will be failures and successes. But even if I fail, it’s alright, this is the price to pay for being young.”
    Perhaps he believes that period has passed and went to make choices more carefully.
    It’s very touching the declaration of love for his beloved eels and how he thanks them for their support, even if few eels that really know how he feels without his words.
    For all this I admire and respect this young man and I wish for him to no longer feel alone.
    God protect him and I wish him good health and strength to go forward.

  23. Temshi, thank you so much! Your FA brings me back all my best memories that I will never forget in my life. I read your FA with watery eyes! I love your words “both of us to build a special bond even without words. ZIKZIN!” Let’s zikzin together and I will always love this beautiful man – Mr Jang Keun Suk!

  24. I feel blessed to be an Eel and to have you as a guide our dear Thensi. Today is a special day for me (the 17th birthday of my son Adrian) As I’m always talking about Sukkie at home he tells me all the time: Mommy, are you crazy? I congratulated him of course and said then: Adri, I want you to be as JKS, a wonderful man in every sense of the word.
    Thank you very much for everything that you share with us, Thensi. I know how you feel, you are one of those rare Eels and that´s why I’m with you.
    JKS, my beloved prince, this is the only way I have to tell you that I love you, even from the distance certainly I´ll go Zikzin with you cuz I believe in you.

    Thensi,I was very sad for the victims of Ferry and the death of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, once again thank you for your beautiful words and for sharing your beautiful memories.

  25. Kaori Chan–shii,

    Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful FA with us. As always, I feel closer to him and understand him better every time I read JKS FAs. I was so busy lately, I didn’t have change to be gloofing around on Internet much…kkk. I read this FA briefly before. I carefully re-read it again, afraid I might miss something the first time. Woww… you are an awesome detailed and expressive writer.

    Your FA is truly like a connecting bridge between international eels to JKS. Many of us don’t have chances or means to go see him or attend his FA or Concerts….but thru your FA, we can feel the happiness and joy thru your beautiful story, and see JKS thru your eyes. You always write with your heart, too. You can truly convey what you feel, and what Jang Keun Suk would feel while saying what he was saying. Sukkie can be very poetic and deep thinker person and sometimes, he is saying things that I couldn’t understand. Thank you so much for explaining the meanings of his messages.

    I don’t know why after finishing reading this FA the second time around, my heart beats un-evenly…with mix feelings of happiness and longing feelings…..someday, I wish I can attend his FA or concert!!! You know, I am happy envious your beautiful relationship you have with your MOM, so special bond!!!

    Nowadays, I feel like his FAs are so hard to come by……so I feel so appreciated and will treasure every single FAs provided by you, or any other fans.

    I feel SAD in a way when I read Sukkie’s comment, “ I have to accept the fact that some eels leave from me. That is my responsibility. I can’t stop them. But personally I don’t want you to feel regretted that you’re eels.” I know I think irrationally now…..but I can’t help thinking WHAT IF…?!!! I don’t really know how to expressive my deep feelings about the fact of E-biz life…… fans come and go..!!! Big STAR today becomes history tomorrow!!! Even I never doubt about my loyal and feeling to support JKS, to stay by his side thru Ups and Downs thru out his entirely CAREER life.

    Lately, I have this fear or un-easy feeling……..that one day……I won’t be able to find JKS’ blog for me to comment or express my thoughts and feelings about him or things related to him anymore….……and worst of all…….. this blog is no longer exist……goshhh…..my heart stop beating thinking about that possibility!!! I admire and love JKS too much I really don’t want my eel life to end too soon. I pray and wish JKS will have long, long, long 10….20… 40 more beautiful fruitful years in ShowBiz.

    Any way, after I read his message…………..
    Heroes are always alone.
    I’m not talking that I’m a hero.
    After all, in my life… I can say yours as well,
    we are all alone.

    I won’t fall down for this reason.
    I won’t stop for this reason.
    I won’t live with no room to breathe for this reason.
    I won’t be lazy because I’m tired for this reason.

    ………… I now know without doubt that there are still lots fire of courage and strength in JKS to fight on, to continue paving his career and life journey. I know without doubt…..I will stay with him, support him, and fight with him all the way…!!!

  26. Eels who know what I’m feeling without my words are rare,
    but I’m always encouraged by eels anyway!!
    Thank you always~!

    I have nothing much to say except my feeling his heart with teary eyes.. I will be one of your rare eels SUk .. thank you very much Kaori Chan. Love you too.

    Zik Zin Sukkie. Zik Zin eels with our prince .

  27. Thank you Tenshi for sharing your FA. It was worth the wait. I also appreciate each & everyone’s comment on our Sukkie!!!! Just keep on Zikzin!!!! We are with you all the way Sukkie!!!! Keep smiling!!!

  28. Finally I watched Propose fm…. I can say that I felt his sincerity in his speech throughout.

    You know that he takes responsibility towards his fans and staff really seriously. For the fans who have stood by him, he always try to find a way to give back to them. I was especially moved when he openly said that Young Deuk has become his responsibility.

    As he said, fans come and go… but he will always keep the door open for them to return…

    Just some of the things he said which impressed me. This vid is for keeps <3


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