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  1. a million thanks to the team for translation, timing and subbing, and sharing! ^^
    i am so smitten by Sukkie’s honesty in this episode!
    and i love it that he kept reminding everyone to take care of one’s health.
    i miss him so much! and i want to tell him that he is perfect just as he is! ^^
    thanks again to the team! zizkin! ^^

  2. So many posts today, and on top of everything Zikzin Radio with english subs. You are amazing! Thank you! I really love your website.

    Sukkie is very open about everything. That is actually a part of his charm.

  3. thank you eci team, great work as per usual.

    when Mr. Jang was reading the message that mentioned his smoking and drinking habit, it was suddenly silence for a sec. I thought my player was acting again but it’s not. He asked his staff but none answered. That was some chilling moment for me, I guess it was me only.

    • Well, I think most of us are worried about it, but then I was thinking that to have some vices is quite normal, and in korea, drinking & smoking are not something uncommon. The only difference of our star from other stars is that he is open about it. But I’m glad to know that he is slowing down on his drinking. With that I know he is someone who can control it if he wants to. I’m thankful for that! About his smoking it sounds like he wants to quit it, using pressure/stress as an excuse as he says. Jang Keun Suk is maturing very well, I can tell that – I once read that he decided to do what he needs to do & what he wants to do later,& for this year he wants to give us a more manly image & he can’t wait to be thirty. I admire him more for this. I know he is someone we can trust.

      My husband during the age of Keun Suk got used to drink a lot too & smoke, & quit drinking at the age of 36, he still smokes. But I’m proud to say though he has all those vices he’s been very responsible to his family & work. So I guess I can say we don’t have to worry about Keun Suk it is a stage of life every man has to pass through or for most men 🙂 very rare now a man who never drinks nor smokes.

      • I agree. The only difference is that other stars do everything to protect their images. Sukkie don´t hide anything. He says “It´s me, deal with it.” We feel like we know him well. It´s a reason why so many people love him, I think.

        I was a bit worried when he mentioned alkohol and vomiting. But it seems that he wants to live healthy now. Oh, Sukkie I hope that you take care of yourself. You don´t need to be skinny. There are so many reasons why people love you.

  4. Thanks to everyone who made ​​us another great gift! A new meeting with the Magician Jang.
    If I had to give a subtitle to this episode, I could to tell “Precious tips from a good friend”.
    This wonderful man, although it has a overloaded program and a infernal rhythm of life, full of generosity he finds time for others.
    In this episode he shares with sincerity, with great care and often humorous his thoughts about weight loss. He shares his experience and very caring he tells us what is right to do and what is not good to do.
    He constantly amazes me with his philosophy of life, a philosophy of common sense, practical and mature.
    When we are forced to do something unpleasant but useful, his advice is: “If you can’t escape it, enjoy it!” It seems to me very fair.
    He urges us not fool ourselves when we take a diet because the body does not lie and highlights how healthy is moving in our lives.
    It was very funny when he told how during the tour this summer he hopping around the stage just like the mouse Jerry from the cartoon Tom and Jerry and eliminated a lot of water and a lot more calories.
    However, his advice at the end, a tip given to us with much kindness, is not to become obsessed with weight loss. He always control their weight because the profession’s need to look good all the time. We don’t have to give up all the pleasures of life for to lose weight, especially the pleasure of eating and cooking something good, recognizing that he likes to cook.
    It was a beautiful and interesting meeting . Thanks dear Keun Suk .
    How about the fact that he likes to drink and smoke , there would be more to say .
    I think the only difference between them and other Korean stars is that he is honest and admit it .
    I feel that to Koreans is common to drink . In all movies / Korean dramas that I’ve seen there is even a scene where the protagonists drink and carry back each other. I do not comment and do not judge that. I made only one finding.
    These things keep the customs and culture of a people and in addition , I think other people have such habits but they do not point out .
    I’m not saying it is good to drink and smoke , but I think I said that, perhaps they are his tools to escape from daily stress.
    At rhythm of life it has daily and infernal schedule I don’t have to wait for him to be a perfect man.
    I pray for his health and their inner peace.

    • Adriana…you should comment on his podcast in itunes… he would so like it..
      He really wants to hear our feedback..

      It’s true…. he is what he says he is…true to his colors..
      In all drama’s you see people drinking like they promote this thing..
      Culturaly..in Korea as well as in China etc..one can’t not escape drinking especially in business where you are almost “forced” to drink by seniors otherwise considered disrespectful, bad for your image, no business.. drinking in these societies, always a lose lose situations..

      I love Sukkies feedback and advices…he is one who is very experienced beyond his age…and surely can tell right from wrong.. For his work commitments he has to do certain things were as “normal” people don’t have to be that rigged about like dieting..just eat right and excercise…and not let the scale dictate your life..

      • Mamacri, thanks for encouragement! I promise I’ll do this one too!
        I must first figure out how to do it. All the best!

  5. Yes, I do admire JKS’s honesty. I also admire his hard work. I do hope he can manage to quit smoking. I read in “The Economist” that there are a great many deaths in China caused by lifelong smoking. It is much easier to quit in the U.S.A. because many of the best hotels have an absolute ban on smoking anywhere on the premises. Also, it is not considered “hip” or “cool” to smoke. JKS has such a gorgeous voice that I want it to stay that way. As for now, I continue to replay his DVD’s and await any new productions that he is considering. Whether he remains very slim or more muscular, that doesn’t matter to me. He will continue to be extremely handsome. I will still be his steady fan. Dena Pitchfork from Seattle, U.S.A.


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