14 thoughts on “[Pics-2] JKS at the premiere of ‘Elegant Lies’_20140304”

  1. I love his new attitude that he displays in public.
    It is the attitude of a man sure of himself, aware of its value and at peace with himself.
    His smile is not of a spoiled boy. It is a manly and slightly mysterious smile.
    I love this new Keun Suk – ssi.

  2. Sukkie has what is known as a ” baby face ” , hence he looks much younger than his actual age. Part of it has to do with his personality and general outlook in life.He can be so endearingly childlike which makes him so lovable. Sigh, how can we hug him ?

  3. He is oh so drop-dead gorgeous!! I love him more when he doesn’t wear any make-up or a heavy accessories. His style like this is just perfect. God.. I hope one day I can meet him face to face :))


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