[ENG-SUB] [KBS World] Pit-A-Pat Korean 2 | 두근두근 한국어 2 – Episode 33

This is another episode of how to learn Korean expressions from drama ‘Love Rain. In this episode, the characters seem to ask for help. How do we ask someone for help in awkward situaition? 🙂

Credits: KBS World TV

tenshi_akuma’s note: Here is the previous episode.

36 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] [KBS World] Pit-A-Pat Korean 2 | 두근두근 한국어 2 – Episode 33”

    • This post is NOT about Yoona, JJ. This is a Korean Language Learning Program on KBS World and they use clips from their K- Dramas to illustrate and give examples of expressions. There have been two episodes in which they feature Love Rain. If you watch the video, it’s not focusing only on Yoona but also JKS’s scenes, senior Seo In ha and Kim Yoon Hee and even Seo In Guk. Our Tenshi is a die hard fan of JKS, that’s one thing I am absolutely sure about 🙂

    • It´s an honour KBS World is using Love Rain to teach the Korean Language. a lot of them saying Love Rain is a faillure but ala…yet they use it in such a program that goes viral over the world..something must be very good about it!

      Tenshi is 101% certified JKS eel…(and takes whatever comes with the package…)

      • Have you guys watched “The Great Transformatin of Korean Wave Part 2” presented in KBS World for their 10th anniversary? The studio/apartment that was used by Seo Joon & Hana I think was left as it is, everything is still there, furnitures, photos…I was so happy knowing that they leave it as it is. And the filipina who’s very lucky to have won a trip to Seoul, visiting that nostalgic Love Rain drama sets where Jang Keun Suk & Yoona had their sad & sweet moments.


    • sis Kaori chan, thank you soooo much for doing what you are doing, helping EELs with JKS’ news and updates (or related JKS’ updates) or even posting educational and meaninful video like this clip for those eels who are learning Korean language to benefit from.

      sis Kaori chan, Please please remember, you are our beloved Admin and we, eels, appreciate your hard works very much. You are an awesome JKS’ eel and very kind-hearted EELs admin. We love you..!!!!

      Every things you have done, you did it for the LOVE of JKS and for being kind hearted person to help out International eels, like me and thousands other). Without this blog Admins, especially you sis Kaori, I would be totally LOST eel. You are the BEST of the BEST admin for any STARs (or any fans of any STARs) can dream of. You were not only updating articles, news, or pictures….sometimes, you put your Personal’s feelings and notes for us, eels, to understand the meaning behind the pictures, too.

      By all means, JJ’s comment is not rude or meanful spirit, just wrongly accusation, that’s all. Even though, JJ’s comment was not directly toward me, but reading it, pierced my heart!! Since I am an eel for almost 4 years, and have been reading this BLOG for as long….. I know full well 100% sure that you are a die hard fan of JKS. I never doubt your devotion and love for JKS, like I never doubt my own love for JKS.

      • I totally agree with Kailey about our Tenshi or Kaori Chan. She is a die hard fan of our Sugar Prince. She is also multilingual so she can support him more than any of us. I wish I could support her more. A thousand cheers to Tenshi and jangkeunsukforever team. I wish one day Sugar Sukkie would invite them for a private dinner at his home and give them big big hugs and kisses.

    • From what I understand is an educational video. I searched on Google and this is what I found:
      Pit -a- Pat Korean Shown is a TV show in Korea on the KBSworld channel .
      The purpose of the show is to teach foreigners in Korea some useful Korean by learning words in context and putting them using Kdrama’s and Kpop songs.
      Since the first episode the presenter tells us the purpose of these programs on KBS:
      “Using Korean dramas and K-pops as your guide, we will learn the Korean language in a fun way.”
      In this project Love Rain was chosen to exemplify and this can only make us happy.
      We must consider that Keun Suk ours is not a solitary artist. Over time he has had many partners on the scene. Activities and achievements of an artist should be considered alongside on the scene partners. They are his partners which helped him to complete with good a role.
      Thanks for sharing dear Tenshi. I saw that many episodes are very useful in the understanding of the Korean language and I decided to watch to the extent possible.
      Thanks once again and only best wishes to all.

    • JJ dear, of course ‘Love Rain’ has got something to do with JKS, that’s why Tenshi posted this video of Pit-a-Pat program here. I do believe that you are a follower of this blog and you know that Yoona hasn’t been much talked about here unless it is related to the drama Love Rain or JKS himself mentioned her in any of his interviews. I follow this blog because it is not biased to anyone else but Jang Keun Suk. We eels have different preferences when it comes to Jang Keun Suk’s female leads but I don’t think it should be a big issue. If you notice, articles & posts about Park Shin Hye are even more than any other JKS’s female leads because she has worked together with him more than the others. Should the non-PSH biased eels like me be irritated? Probably not, because those articles inform us about their work & friendships, which are good. I honestly don’t like discussing shipper things here. I only want to look at JKS, and that’s also what Tenshi as our blog admin here has been doing so far :). I also respect her so much for being neutral to all JKS’s female leads. Hope you can understand this 😉

      • Well said, NoonaEel. I also feel that a true Eel should only look at JKS, and give him all the moral support and encouragement he needs. On the other hand, shipping can sometimes result in an ugly battle of words between fellow Eels with different preferences for the girl they ship him with..

      • Very well said.
        We must consider That ours Keun Suk is not a solitary artist.
        We have to take into account he had over the years many partners who contributed to the successful finalization of the characters played by him.
        He also has friends and eels happily talk about them. The eels will always appreciate his friends and his partners even if they are artists. And that does not mean they are necessarily their fans. His friends are our friends … we must respect its friends, collaborators and partners stage.
        I am really glad that in this crazy world of show bussines there are other artists who are close to him.

  1. hmm.. honest i am not bigest fans of love rain, but they made love rain as edu video on their channels, means LR is really something to kbs ya, jgs and yoona as well.

    i am interest with jgs after watching bel ami. and in some case. when antis talking nonsense about him. that i state starting to support him. 🙂

    yoona, she is one of jgs friend rite? so noprob if talking about her here when it is related posting with jgs, we also talk about jj or psh on previous related post

  2. OMG…. I didn’t expect this post brought me a lot of love messages from you.
    Reading your comments about me and our blog, jangkeunsukforever.com made me cry for joy… T_T
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you.

    JJ sis,
    Through JKS, I came to know Yoona. I don’t know her well, but I want to support her as she’s one of his good friends and I think she’s a good actress, too. I’ve never heard or seen her singing or dancing as GIRLS’ GENERATION, but she must be good there, too 😉

    • Dear Tenshi.
      I personally really appreciate hard work that you put together a team that deals with this blog.
      Your efforts help us to be closer to our Keun Suk.
      Generously shared with us information about our Star and give us the opportunity to send our thoughts.
      I send many thanks to you and all my gratitude.

      • JJ, please don’t say sorry. You brought me a lot of love and tears for happiness : )
        Please feel free to leave your comments 😉

  3. Kaori-chan thank you for all of your hard work translating his words into English for us. It enables us to understand what he is saying. We love you!

  4. I LOVE YOONA AND JANG KEUNSUK TOGETHER I WISH THEM TOGETHER FOREVER… you guys please go date fore real I pray you end up together and become a happy family


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