[STARCAST] Jang Keun Suk’s graduation day…”I introduce my memories”

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“Hanyang University, Theatre and Cinema Department, class of 2006 Jang Keun Suk, is graduating!”

Hello, readers of ‘STARCAST’. This is actor Jang Keun Suk. I finally graduated. It is in 8 years after entering the school in 2006. I would like to give applauses to myself to congratulate as I finished academics while fighting with the schedules for a long time. Clap, clap, clap.

The place I am standing right now is Hanyang University. This is my alma mater. On February 20th, Degree awarding ceremony of ‘Hanyang University Department of Physical Education•Art’ was held. I cancelled all my schedules and ran to school. I feel touched just with the fact that I am graduating but I even received a contribution award.

It was too sad to just leave only after finishing the graduation ceremony. So, we have looked around the places of memory with ‘Dispatch’. Ah, there are memories everywhere. Jang Keun Suk’s untold graduation story, we will reveal it right now~.

Everyone, the tears…

It is not an obvious and typical~ graduation fashion. I took out my classy gray suit to attend the graduation ceremony this day. Does it look good? I want to look as neat as possible to professors and friends…

“Runway in Hanyang”

“Stole all the attention at graduation ceremony”

The highlight of the graduation ceremony is no doubt taking pictures. Just like other friends, I also put on a graduation cap and a graduation gown. I could not leave out the flower bouquet. The truth is, I also could not believe that I am graduating when I was coming to school. But, after wearing the graduation cap, I could finally feel it.

“A man who graduated”

“I can’t get it to a right angle~”

Throwing the graduation cap also cannot be left out. I really wanted to try this. I think I am an official graduating student only when I do this. But, I think I had way too much passion. I failed the first try. Try once again~. Success!

“Fly~ Graduation cap!”

Right here, rare pictures will be revealed for our ‘eels’~. Enjoy it for a long time.

“The graduation cap is something that returns”

“Keun Suk is jumping”

“Everyone, clap, clap~”

Then, go straight to that place which has the memories of when I was a student!

Are you guys saying it just looks like an ordinary square? It is a very special place for me. The truth is, the history of ‘Team H’ began right here. ‘Team H’ is a project band group that I formed. When I was 22 years old, the first performance of ‘Team H’ took place right here.

When I performed right here for the first time, there were almost no audiences. There were only about 10 friends from my department. Now I think about, it is embarrassing. Where did I get courage to sing like that? But, I was most happy back then. Now, I matured a lot as I even go on Asia Tour but, I still can’t forget about this memory.

Also, there is one behind story. ‘H’ from ‘Team H’ is the initial letter of ‘HANYANG’.

“It is right over there”

“Ah, old days”

“Keun Suk is going to the main building”

This is what most of my school life is about. This is BT building. It is a place in which the lecture for Major in Theatre and Cinema takes place. I want to go in for a while but there is somewhere I have to rush to so I will skip this part. We will go to the heart of Hanyang University, the main building~.

“Keun Suk is going to the main building”

“There is ‘some’thing on your face, handsome~”

This is the main area of Hanyang University. A wide open square is impressive, right? There is Hanyang’s cutie in the middle, the lion statue. Let’s take pictures in front of it…. Ah, since there are so many people, I don’t think I can go that far. I will just be happy with the picture taken on the top of the stairs of the main building~.

“The students from the whole school are paying attention to me”

“Congratulating for graduating, thank you~”

“Take pictures altogether”

Why did I wear the graduation gown again? I just wanted to visit the main building with the right as a graduating student. Now, last but not least, I am walking towards the entrance of the main building. It is said that there is a trace of me at that place.
“I will go to the inside of the main building”

There is my face carved in the main building. I sponsored a scholarship hoping that it helps the school lives of younger students. It is said that this is a monetary gift to commemorate the sponsors. It is embarrassing to talk about it through my own lips but I am still happy when I think about younger students..

“Good job, Keun Suk”

src=”http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7452/12672786233_140c6ff1e9.jpg” width=”500″ height=”333″ alt=”カメラロール-3461″>
“Kids, study hard”

My memories, was it shared among everyone? I get a little sad as I think it is graduation as of today. Now that I graduated college, I will also show more matured sides. I, Jang Keun Suk, will try hard on whatever it is so please show lots of support, you guys must do so!

Written by=Jang Keun Suk
Edited by=Kim Hye Won(Dispatch)
Pictures=Song Hyo Jin(Dispatch)

29 thoughts on “[STARCAST] Jang Keun Suk’s graduation day…”I introduce my memories””

  1. CONGRATULATION!!! I will say it a million times. Well done my love, for a lone ranger like you, working so hard with the busy schedule to make all your eels happy, and yet you achieve what you really deserved – both studies and work. Mary is really proud of you. Mary loves you – no words can describe the happiness you gives me and thank you for sharing your joy, Mary loves you, love you,love you,love you.

  2. I notice that:
    – Mr. Jang brought back Dokgo Mate by wearing the suit. The way he walks – 2nd to 4th pics- more or like like DM after sock president’s visit ep.
    – He totally rocks as script writer/story teller, still amazed by his ad lib skill
    – he, Jason, and Gunsama wear color coordinated suits. They’re like cohesive and inseperable threesome.

    Once again, congrat Mr. Jang for your graduation. Good luck for your future endeavours. Zikzin always.

  3. Omg his own words ,congratulation to him ,pretty boy ,you grow up .
    The old memories always are there in his heart ,is sad a little to say Good Bye at the school ,and all that places but the life must be lived ,another young generetion will be there .Thank you

  4. Sugar Sukkie has shown his soft sentimental side here. Graduation is a strange feeling, some may ask “What next?” In a sense of lost of direction. For Sugar Sukie, it is a mixed emotions between happiness, reflecting on his good old days and how he did start Team H that has become very successful, and the sadness of parting with his university life.

    I was so touched that I shed my tears reading this article. He is so good in his writing. Sugar Sukkie is always so pure and sweet like a baby. There is a lot of child in him that makes his eels love him so much. All the very best for whatever he wants to do or pursue in life. I just simply love this son of Koreans.

  5. Congratulations dear prince! once again: I´m so proud of you!!!!!
    all the best for you and your family! now zikzin to the world! We are with you.
    Thanks for sharing with us your memories. Thanks Thensi for the translation.

  6. Ahhhh i still can’t get enough of this.. Happy that i saw this special moment with our Prince when it happened. Lookig forward to more achievements by him. Will just be around to cheer on him from amongst the sea of eels..

  7. you are such a talented handsome guy my prince someday u will be a great scriptwriter…once again congratulations and I love you with all my heart..fighting bachelor degree oppa!!!

  8. Wow!!! I enjoyed reading Actor Jang Keun Suk´s memories! He is so talented as a writer! He expresses himself really well!! I can´t read Korean, but I read the English translation and this is one of my favorite parts:
    -“I get a little sad as I think it is graduation as of today. Now that I graduated from college, I will also show more matured sides. I, Jang Keun Suk, will try hard on whatever it is, so please show lots of support, you guys must do so!!” –
    Keun Suk, please feel supported, loved, admired and respected by m-a-n-y people, not only in Asia, but all around the world. We will try very hard to let you know that we will always support you, no matter what. Way to go! This is one more of your triumphs and glories! Many more will come… and you will be congratulated over and over again. Enjoy this precious time of your life! Celebrate! 🙂

  9. I must be a very proud moment of suk , chasing his dreams to finish his college is not an easy it needs his efforts and passion since his a man of many commitments of his career but because of his desire to finish his studies with all of his heart all of his hardworks the come out is Success and I do truly admired him for being ddcated to his stdies salute and biw is all I can give him . I am really proud that my only star on earth reach one of his dream, though his hardworks isn’t oover yet after he graduated since this is only a break because he still continuee to enter the new battlefields of his life but since suk already success his one goal no wonder that no matter what hard life tries to hit him he can surely be survive cause I trully believe suk capabilities of his heart desire , for my only KEUN CONGRATULATION YOU REALLY DESERVE IT !”!

  10. wow, congrats Prince JKS. what a beautiful memories you had shared to us. i really like to read this many times as this also reminds me of my own memories in school. you are exceptional since you had succeeded both your education and have a very sound career. you are an inspiration to us all!!! aja, aja, fighting!!!

  11. Congrats!!! On to new things! Thank you for wearing that “classy gray suit” it was distractingly tight. Not complaining at all…lol

  12. I think you are awesome. It was so admirable that you completed your education despite already having a very successful career. You have set a good example. Congratulations!

  13. You graduated 2014 I read this article just now 2019.exactly 5 yeears ago.I was so touched reading your memories.As always you have this style of saying words that tickles us readers.Clap clap clap!!!For many years of relating to your eels you have developed the mastery og making us close to you.Close as in close.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Congratulations for hurdling the 8 long years and never stopping till you reach your dreams..You’re amazing!!!You proved to the world you deserved the title of being Asia Prince.??????Now you’re only halfway of your life…You can still move forward to reach more dreams..Being World Prince is not far behind…Go reach more dreams..Oscar Awards , Tony Awards, whatever awards related to acting and singing???We your eels were just here, supporting snd rallying behind you.We are your wind beneath your wings…Fly fly fly so high !!!?????We love you!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Mommy ,Granny ,Honey


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