[2014-02-18] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

UPDATE: added the supplement of ‘ji mo mo’

I want to go to China, but Pig hasn’t called me yet.. I love China~ ji mo mo~~
중국가고 싶은데 돼지가 불러주질 않네.. 워 아이 중궈~ 쥐마마~~
tenshi_akuma’s note: This picture seemed to have been taken when he flew to Wuhan from Shenzen Tongyi fan meeting in 2013. The last part ‘ji mo mo’ is the name of a Chinese eel he gave a phone call during ZIKZIN Radio ep7. You can hear the part from 26:00.

10 thoughts on “[2014-02-18] Jang Keun Suk Weibo”

  1. Pig better work harder…for it’s not good for our prince and the chinese eels they can’t see each other…
    What is Jason doing anyway…since prince’s weibo reached 10 million..it’s now almost 18 million now…Come on Jason…why are you still sitting on the bud; you are doing a bad job yilini!!!
    pali pali bring our prince to fulfill his promise and eels wish

    kekeke…I’m almost certain he will be on his way pretty soon…tomorrow?? lol

    • I’m sure Jason is working very hard to bring JKS back to China again, i believe there are certain rules or regulations need to be fullfilled by both parties. Be patient China eels…..asia prince will never break his promise, will he? Haha…

  2. Let’s wait until the spring comes. The beautiful buds around China and the Great Wall will be ready for my as Sugar Sukkie to trod across. I just can ‘t wait to see you there.

  3. Still he looks more dazzling w long lock, dark color one, either (half/) tied back or loose (waves). This is merely one’s preference.

  4. he is so pretty and relaxed in this pic. i love it. hohoho! lucky ji mo mo our prince always remembers her! thank you for sharing this dear Tenshi! ^^

  5. Please inform if it were true that Mr. Jang has graduated from H univ. Any knows abt this? All I know he failed TOEIC last time. Any response appreciated


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