[2014-02-12] Jang Keun Suk LINE

wait for the DVD….

English translation: tenshi_akuma
Heroes are always alone.
I’m not talking that I’m a hero.
After all, in my life… I can say yours as well,
we are all alone.
I won’t fall down for this reason.
I won’t stop for this reason.
I won’t live with no room to breathe for this reason.
I won’t be lazy because I’m tired for this reason.

tenshi_akuma’s note: This is a part of his Feb 8th fan meeting. So it means the DVD will be released?? Wow! Can’t wait for the detail!

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  1. Life is alone… Suk sometimes describes our life as such.
    Personally I’m totally for this idea. And honestly I’ve had this idea since my childhood.
    But please don’t take this original idea wrongly. It doesn’t mean that I feel lonely to admit so.

    In fact, we are born alone and die alone. That’s why I don’t want to regret my own life. Even I live my life surrounded by my beloved ones, I can’t blame my life for them. All I can blame my life is myself. No one knows what happens tomorrow. But I only know that I won’t change that I’m living tomorrow. That’s why I want to live as what I believe. For me, this idea gives me power to be myself. I think Suk also thinks the same.

    • I know it’s hard to get the point what I wanted to share with you. So I add the supplement here.

      I’ve often read and heard what he describes his life as ‘life is alone’ or ‘we are alone’. I can’t show you all examples here, but I found he clearly mentioned this idea was taught by his mother on his twitter (April 17th, 2013). http://jangkeunsukforever.com/archives/23268

      This is the quote.
      “Of all my mother taught me, there is a word that reaches the deepest part of my heart now..

      After all, we are alone.

      How powerful and surreal this word is.. I will not be vulnerable any more…
      Now is not the time.”

      I’m sure this idea gave him power to ease his feelings such as anxiety, loneliness, hopelessness, emptiness and so on. You know mothers want to help their children. Even it’s not directly, but she threw light on issues he faced on that time, by giving him this idea. And I’m sure this idea is now the basis of his life.

      Again, this idea ‘life is alone’ or ‘we are alone’ originally doesn’t sound sad or lonely to me. Please don’t take it so wrongly. But I know it’s hard to understand the point, and I know it sounds sad or lonely to many of you. Even my mother doesn’t understand why I’m thinking so. That’s why I explain the concept of this idea here and I think Mama Jang and Suk think so too.

      Life is alone. We are all alone. It means each of us has our own life. My life is mine. Your life is yours. In my life, I’m the lead character. Parents have their own lives. Children have their own lives. Again, each person is the lead character in his/her life. No one can play the role.

      Needless to say, in his life, there are eels. There are his family, friends and people supporting and loving him. But they are a part of his life. His life is his, not others’.

      He has learned that everything is changeable. In his career, he has experienced ups and downs. Even eels, some leave even they promised to stay with him forever before. I’m not saying it happens only in showbiz industry. Even in our daily life, everything is changeable. We can’t assume perfectly what will happen tomorrow. That’s why he sometimes says “Only we can believe or rely on is ourselves”. Even we are betrayed or even we fail, if we are proud of our way of life, if we don’t regret our choice, we can say “I’m sure I’m living a happy life.” I believe so, too. That’s why this idea is based on a sense of responsibility. He often says something like this, “I won’t regret my life. I won’t blame anyone. I’m responsible for my life. That’s why I want to chose my life by myself.”

      No one except we ourselves can judge how happy our life is for each of us. If I can say I’m happy proudly, it means I’m happy. Even it looks it’s hard to live for me from others’ points of view, if I feel happy even under such situations, it means I’m happy.

      Again, I want to emphasize that this idea ‘Life is alone. We are all alone’ is a magic phrase when we face difficulties. It motivates us to live our own life, be ourselves, and not to think too much about what others think. For me, this phrase sounds similar to ‘Believe yourself. It’s your life. Live your life happily’. So it doesn’t mean that we don’t care about others at all. Originally we are alone. But living with our beloved ones enriches our life. That’s why we need to thank this happiness being together. And sometime even we show our thankfulness to them, it’s possible they leave from us. Even under such hard situations, if we accept the idea ‘Life is alone. We are all alone’, I think we can accept the fact and look forward to Zikzin.

      Lastly, I have to admit this phrase might reach only those who have faced difficulties before. If you are fully satisfied with your life without any difficulties, you might not be able to understand my point… But I think people who can take in it have overcome the difficulties they had before and learned how to live easily and happily.

      Thanks for reading my long post. I love you all.

      P.S. I think that’s why he always thanks us eels being with him. He doesn’t take it for granted. I’m sure he was full of happiness having great time with many eels at this fan meeting. He said recently at Zepp tour, “You might forget me. But I won’t forget you eels.”

      • I know what u mean..as long as we live..people around us might come and go..but believe me tenshi u always have God.

      • sis Kaori chan, thank you so much for your wise explanation of this “alone” conception. Indeed, very simple word, but deep and difficult concept for some people to understand. You have explained Sukkie’s message perfectly. Sometime, I am sooooo amazed of how cunning and insightful you are that you can be able to look and understand deep into other people’s minds and hearts, especially JKS.

        You know, EELs are sooo lucky and bless to have you as our Angel (beside being great Admin, of course). More blessing for JKS to have you as his true eel.

        To dear Keun Suk,

        Even the world is changeable, Life is changeable, and Nothing is set in stone. Even when you get older, by then you might not even be in the BizWorld anymore…you still will be my Shinning STAR.

        I want to tell you that I will be your eel for life, no matter what’s your Star’s status will be or lack thereof. Though, I can’t promise your forever or eternal love, but based on my feeling right now, it sounds like one!!

        Please keep on fighting and live your life to the fullest with no regret and on your own chosen, not by your parent or even your eels.

      • my dear tenshi, you may not believe it but in truth I feel you.
        I too have always believed that we are all solitary people living our lives, that is why I always travel alone, that is why I never had any SNS accts until I met Sukkie, but also how i learned to appreciate and love my strengths and weaknesses first before loving anyone else.
        Having said that I want to share one of my fave quotes not because I pratice it well but because I wish to believe in the hope that it brings. I have always wanted to send it to Sukkie but cannot due to limited Twitter characters. One day I hope to muster enough courage to write him a letter and tell him this.

        @AsiaPrince_JKS – You’ll need coffee shops and sunsets and road trips. Airplanes and passports and new songs and old songs, but people more than anything else. You will need other people and you will need to be that other person to someone else, a living breathing screaming invitation to believe better things.

        Jamie Tworkowski

      • Tenshi..I get your explanation..and that is the feel I get from it…
        He is ok…we don’t have to worry much about that.. but since he is with his eels he wants to relay to them…he’ll bear it all…….all things that people trow at him won’t break him down because that is not the way he want to go…not yet, not now…he is not done yet…the things he wants to do for himself are not done yet and he wants to do it all for himself… way to go Sukkie…I chose to support you…you do what you chose to do. ZIKZIN

      • Thank you Tenshi for sharing your thoughts of loneliness. Only when one can thoroughly comprehend loneliness, one can be completely free, and responsible for one’s own life.

    • Tenshi, thank you… this post and your comment really mean a lot :’). I don’t think I can say anything better than any other fellow eels who have commented here… I just want to say that I’m grateful I’ve found Jang Keun Suk and this eels’ pond. Yes we are all alone and entitled to our own life… yet with each other’s presence we are certainly not lonely 🙂

    • Dear Tenshi.
      You have sent very deep thoughts. I agree with everything you said.
      I am surrounded by wonderful people, family, friends, work colleagues, neighbors.
      However, in the important moments of my life I had “to press the button myself.”
      Those around you may give you advice but can not make decisions for you. They can extend a hand to you but they can not get over the obstacles of life for you. They can support you, encourage you, but they can not live in your place.
      True, our life is our life, the lives of children is the lives of children.
      I think it’s normal to be so. And it is normal to still have moments of despair, fatigue, just that we are humans, we are not robots.
      But that’s where the loved ones around us who support us.
      Keun Suk knows that eels are with him and it will not leave. Beside him are the team and his friends.
      I’m sure it’s based on eels and that consider them the source of energy and inspiration.
      Keun Suk, is not ashamed to show your feelings and sorrows. As more human you are the more you will be relieved of the burden and you will be loved more.

  2. Omg ..my poor prince i can see his red noise and teary eyes . Oh dont worry sukkie you are not alone. We eels will always support you and love you . I know i will

  3. sukkie I sense that you are longing for someone I see in your eyes.. sukkie don’t think that you will be alone forever who knows tomorrow you will not be alone any more

  4. Dear Tenshi .
    I understand what Keun Suk says . And I also understand and what you say.
    What I want to say is that it is not unusual to feel alone in this world.
    Since you were born you have to learn to accept yourself and live better in your own skin. You must learn to be your best friend and have confidence in yourself .
    In life it’s not better to depend on others because , as they say, even your shadow in the darkness disappears.
    From what I understand , Keun Suk had to overcome the many obstacles over time . Perhaps in those moments , even if he had besides a team, he felt that responsibility for decisions about him and about the team sitting on his shoulders .
    In addition, his busy life did not help him to make close friends with whom to share the joys of success and sadness brought hard times .
    Perhaps these responsibilities that pressed his sensitive shoulders ever since he was a child and left a painful mark . Now that he is a watershed moment , feels best pressing accumulated over time.
    It’s good that he managed to express his feelings.
    It would be a shame to be and that a new topic comments nasty outside .
    A man who is able to open the soul is a good man and deserves all appreciation and support .
    And those who think they are surrounded by friends and they think that everyone is at their feet must be very careful because it can definitely be deceiving appearance .
    Dear Keun Suk .
    There’s no reason to give up and stop. Air and water for you are the eels . You should be proud of what you have accomplished up to this point in your life.
    You have to focus , breathe deeply and move forward with the same courage and the same determination as before .
    Sometimes appear moments of fatigue and discouragement but this is part of our lives.
    Be strong and continue to be the best.
    You are my Cola!!!!

    • haha..when u mention cola..i kind of unsatisfied with his answer in the latest zikzin radio.kkkk..i think eel who ask that question too.what cola r u talking about keun suk ah..

    • When I was a kid, for me a bottle of Cola was as they say “the forbidden fruit”.
      A capitalist Cola bottle in my country, in the communist era be considered one spoiling. This spoiling was not allowed anyone and therefore, for a normal child like me, Cola flavor was really something special. And now that I can drink a Coke anytime but with moderation because of health reasons, Cola flavor has something special, has its own charm, like Keun Suk says.
      In the latest zikzin radio Keun Suk said, “I want to be the Coke for you.” From this I deduced that he wants to be for us the unique flavor and not usual flavor.
      Keun Suk is for me the unique flavor that does not get enough and I miss all the time.

      • Very well said sis…cola is THE flavor…it’s sweet, bubbely, frizzles and sissles…sparkling,…tempting for every age..even you know you should not have it…it’s like angels dancing on your tongue when you take a zip…..the fulfillment of a long longing perking you up….wow..very addictive….one can drink as many juices and soda’s but nothing compares to cola…and beware of the fakers….copycats…it’s bubbely and all, maybe evenmore but has not the original taste or satisfaction.. SUKKIE is my COLA too…

        Tenshi thanks for sharing again…
        It makes me happy to see him opening up again…not that I want his unhappiness..in the contrary…he as always is the originator…and many more artists follow suit…E biss is a really harsh invironment…many are doing their jobs..enslavered by a long and harsh contract going from gig to gig…have no room to breath…no time to rest and little or no ocassions to unstress and have heart to heart talks…
        compare to other artists JKS has even more responsibilities and counteractions from competitions, opponents, haters and bashers…and for someone like him this is really hard to bear…that’s why he says he won’t give up because of these reasons, his mentality and the fact he knows a lot of genuine eels supporting him all the way are good reasons to keep going all the way…the way he knows best… Not fans must decide how an artist should produce art but a artist must be spiritualy and creatively free, the fans can decide later to like it or not…that is art imo

      • Adriana, i know very well what you mean with ” the forbidden fruit”. I´m now in that era, that´s why i said before ” I live in a black hole” I´m sure that you understand me. Sukkie is my freedom idea, my dreamed hero, my could be. I can loose my work if …BUT That´s the power of the Asia Prince, he makes me break the barriers, jump the walls, cross the oceans. JKS be strong we are with you. Hugs for everybody and Zikzin!

  5. My Prince.. you are not alone, and you wont be alone, we promise you that we always be with you. Be happy and stay healthy anytime in a whole your life, fighting and jyo zikzin!!

  6. jks oh my prince don’t feel alone…i am always there for u ..and i am always thinking about u momo….come to india i will take care of u….

  7. Oh Adriana!!!!
    Better said, it´s impossible!I always though that JKS is for me my Redbull. Lol.

    Thanks Tenshi you are an angel for us.

    Dear Sukkie,

    our sunshine, don´t be like that. You have us.

    If you think you need someone to love break the circle and meet some new people.

    If you think that you have a great charge on your shoulder due to some people do not understand or support you as you wish or deserve, take a break and stop to work for a while. Please, keep calm, you are so young.

    Why do i have the feeling that you’re in pain?

    • His eyes is combination of pain, sadness, emptiness, burden, and more things that he could not explain to the world yet. He needs someone that love him inside to share his feeling, not eels, friends, managers, nor even parents. I dont think it is good to hold a feeling in a long time, that makes feel even more burden and not got for the health. For women, it can be helped by crying, it is a way to release the pain, no it’s not only for women, men are allowed to cry. *Sad* * Tear drops*

  8. i hope he will be ok soon, i think somthing happen recently, probably very personal matter not about work. he should be more relax and not to be more sentimental, coz it will hurt him more.gosh.. please sukiee, strenght your heart soon ok? you cannt be like this, talking about sadness, lonelyness, eveybody feel the same way, but as long as we know what we do is to reach better path in our life, no matter people love or not. keep focus, keep going..dont be weak.keep thingking positive ways..take adeep breath sukie..and feel your worry fly away ok.

  9. em..i am curiois..do you scretly has agirlfriend? find your princess soon prince.. when you already have one, dont let her go, i hope you ll find your happiness sukie.. 🙂

    • Same here. I want you to fall in love with the right girl. Someone who loves you regardless, who will respect and love you unconditionally whether you are a prince or a pauper. Someone who’ll bring laughter to you regardless. Someone who cheers for your achievements and does not nag, complain and blame you if you fail. Someone who is indeed your better half.

  10. is he religius? if yes.. this is the time to get closer to god. free his sress..just pray and cries. no one in this world understant his feeling. only him and god..just pray. pray to god is the most powerfull magic he could do to release the stress. trust me sukie. 🙂

    • Nabila..I hope so..I think people without religion can get easily lost in this world. I hope suk will find what he searched for..the TRUTH..I always have this hope for him.

  11. The only time I ever felt truly alone is when I pushed others away. I hope that this guy who keeps telling us to trust him can learn to trust us (or just me, I’m not going anywhere) Now, on with the show!

  12. Cheer up! You’ll never walk alone.

    We learn from experience. We challenge ourselves to move on and to do our best. You always do your best.

  13. ..thank you so much Tenshi for adding explanation of what Suk meant…God bless you sis for all your effort in giving deeper meanings on what he always says….

  14. His words are so deep and full of meaning.

    I remembered once when he said, I cannot afford to fail because I am an only child of my parents. He has always been a filial child.

    Remember in his childhood when at a very young age and when their finances hit rock bottom he would commute alone between Seoul and their hometown. and when he was a child actor he never complained although he was hungry or cold etc so that he wouldn’t be yelled at by the seniors.

    Remember when he said that when all the child actors and actresses were fetched by their parents in their cars, he had to walk alone to a bus station to commute home.

    Years might have been tough for Sukkie. He was deprived of the joys of playing with other children in the neighbourhood. He seems tired at 26, and he felt the world is on
    his shoulders – and that includes the people working for him; he feels responsible for them too.

    He is TreeJ’s only talent. They are not as influential as big entertainment agencies like SM, Namoo, etc. When journalists wrote about him as an “icon of failure” they could not do anything to stop that. Those kind of article are immediately stopped by big agencies if it pertains to their talent. Instead, JKS stood back and bear the hurtful comments from the public and the media. Some people even call him “crazy, fool or stupid” when his IQ is much higher than theirs. Public and turncoat fans could not accept that they cannot “mold” him to the image they wanted him to be.

    But, compared to other talents in K-entertainment, JKS is one of a kind. He is honest (natural is more apt – physically and in character, mind you there are others who may have not gone under the knife but are walking “pinochios”) and really smart (just listen to how he talks and you know that he is not just a handsome face that the distance between his two ears are full of brains).

    Go JKS! Be encouraged!

    • you made me cry Kitkat though i knew very well those things you have commented. he deserved all the success he is getting now but some people are so cruel to him. sigh! if we could only shield him in all those kinds of people……

    • if there’s a “like” button here,, i’m gonna hit it a thousand times.. love what you said.. Sukkie is really one of a kind, overflowing talents: check! smart, witty, funny: check! sincere and loyal: check! awesome looks with that killer smile: check! the girl whom he will choose in the future will be very blessed to have him.. ♥ ^^

    • Beautifuly written…and I totally agree..everything he had to swallow from others, blows he had to take and the isolation others tried to put him in….the pain it gave and still gives him he only knows how it feels…and it only made him stronger…
      mama Jang is a good mother…to be able to let go of your child so he can grow stronger so able to protect himself…
      people come and go in ones life but at the end of the day you are and will always be with yourself…so the best investment is to be one with yourself…
      as I teach my daughters no matter what you do you must always act in a way you can keep living with yourself…your conscience will always be with you..even if your shadow leaves you…so live in a way you can always be at peace with yourself even if the world turns against you…..Sukkie has amazing skills and willpower I can only
      admire him more and more each day

      • yes, mamacri, you might not be my mother, please allow me to learn from you.

        Life can be difficult. One’s life is more than difficulty than other. One must depend of oneself to survive in this changing world.

    • KitKat, I just read your comment. Your comment touched the truth and my heart sooo much, I feel like crying of joy and understanding. I love Sukkie becoz of his real characters, all the above you mentioned and more…!!!

      Whoever said he is “stupid”…I guess they are not intelligent enough to find intelligent words to describe him.

      No matter how much you achieve in life or lack thereof, no matter many people claimed they love you and promised to stay with you forever but people left you anyway, so at the end, you truly only have yourself.

  15. Sukkie keep your head up and don’t listen to your haters. Millions of people from around the world loves and supports you and that all that matters. I hope you find the right girl for you…I want you to be happy and healthy always!!! Please take a break and rest for awhile. If there’s a DVD for this FM. I can’t wail get it. Zikzin Team JKS!!!

  16. omo if i went through above and beyond to be at the FM I will have to do even better to get this dvd! my mother mary! bless me please once more! ^^

  17. thanks sis Kaori….i never know it consists of such meaning till i read your explanation…i learned something today…thanks we able to meet…

  18. Suk, you need a break to re-charge. It will really do you good. Come to New Zealand, to sunny Nelson where you lived for 6 months and to the beautiful Queenstown. See Wellington and do some bush walking and tramping. Smell the freshness of New Zealand’s botanical gardens. Take the train from Auckland all the way to the South but take stops in-between.

    Here’s the link: http://www.kiwirailscenic.co.nz

    New Zealand is waiting for you, you were once its international student.

  19. sukie.. if you think some people hate you, just choice to remember milion people who support you, if you think some people wanna make you weak, just choice to think these milion people who wanna give you strength.. 🙂 do you remember you say these “Negative words could hurt me but instead, I chose to let them build me up. Not everyone can like me” – .“If I could take my entire savings in place of something, I’d chose time.” – “The only bandage for the scars is to be even stronger.” – Jang Geun Suk. i know you can control your stress dear brother prince :-):-)
    🙂 heyy… start to work again rite. start the recording for tim H..work work work.. hahaha you never lose ur passion to work how hardworker u r 🙂

  20. Tenshi, I liked your comments. JKS shouldn’t be depressed about negative comments directed about him. He must know that he is uniquely talented and therefore the subject of a lot of adoration, but unfortunately a lot of jealousy. The comments about being “alone” are sort of Buddhist-like in that to search for Nirvana one must do it alone. However, it would be good if he were to find a special someone to share his life with. Nevertheless, in the entertainment business a person can probably succeed better if one travels with friends, but not a “special” friend. Dena, a steady U.S.A. fan

  21. When I first saw Jang Keun Suk 2 years ago here in America in his Drama: ” You’re beautiful” i immediately fell in love with his character, but when i got to know him more and more, I got to see that he is way more than a beautiful face and a great talent! He is a very mature boy for his age, very smart, very talented, very funny, positive and he is always smiling, he is always giving love in his songs and all that he does. Go Jang Keun Suk! Go Sukkie!! You have our support and yes, WE all have our ups and downs in life, having God in your life gives you the strength to continue!! WE love you Jang Keun Suk!!!

  22. And it is time for you to relax Jang Keun Suk! Take a brake and enjoy all the small things in life! Come To USA! Take a walk on the California beach, enjoy the sunset, sleep all that you want, don’t cut your hair, enjoy life!!! WE love you!!!

  23. where to get his latest cd propose 2014 with engsub somemore, i’ve been looking for his latest fan meeting but couldn’t get it. Any idea THANK YOU

  24. Dear. Tenshi I just found this script and just finished reading it it’s a very touching article I totally agreed with it ‘ you borned alone and leave alone ‘ it’s kind of sad but it’s very true. You can be alone but you cannot say that you are lonely you have friends , family and the loved ones, but funny though sometimes I enjoy being alone and have my free time ,as long as you understand that you have support around you that’s good enough . That’s human nature .your childhood affected you a lot . I totally understand you JKS be positive and Zikzin our Prince .oh btw why we cannot the Video of the FM ? and it said its unavailable ?


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