32 thoughts on “[Pics] New Tongyi CF 2014 with Park Shin Hye”

  1. Every time they are next to each other both of us shine.
    Look great together and the third picture warmed my heart.
    They seem to be made ​​for each other.
    Want them health, fortune and happiness!

  2. Looking at the two reminded me of YAB photo shoots where JKS would touch and tickle her ear. It seems ages. Go Mi Nam was so young and innocent then, look at her now “all grown-up and sexy”. She remained friends with JKS all through the years, he would probably be teasing her most of the time.

    • All 20 million+ followers of Suk in weibo and the 5 million+ followers of PSH in Weibo = 25 million Tongyi customers. Buy buy buy buy…

  3. but still so happy to see them together! ^^
    thank you Tongyi for renewing Sukkie’s contract and allowing this couple to work together once more. may this venture bring you more wealth and prosperity indeed! fightin!
    thank you dear Tenshi for sharing! ❤

  4. Im so tired of defencing jks all the time these days!!! with every single article their is a large num of haters . And bashing every where. Why is that ?? But what worries me is their is no eels at all these days . And if their is . They are not even botherd to reply . Where are yyou eels ????!! Plz keep supporting

    • hi Alex,

      I dont know the real situation but dont think that no defence means nothing. It is also a part of support, I think. At (many)times, silence is gold.
      “The more one tries to defend, the more bashing occured”. Think someone here ever mentioned it.Perhaps it is make sense for me.

      And as Sukkie said himself, in the end haters will fall for him. Never when this will happen, but it will. He believes in it and so his eels.

      At last, everyone has their own opinion, good or bad, we could not steer them to like what we like, love what we love, if they couldnt see (yet) the significance of what we sayin.

      Why they bother making such comments and wasting time for the person they dont love? Is that a part of hidden love they dont realize? Hv no idea.

      Merely sharing some thoughts of mine. ^_^

      Have a nice day Alex.

    • Hi Alex, I usually don’t bother to feed those trolls who bash JKS on each article they can find. It doesn’t mean that as an eel I do not care, of course… but it’s really wasting our time to try to fight against those people who ‘care enough’ to hate others that they don’t even know. If I find an article with incorrect information, I’ll write down a comment or two trying to provide the information that I know, esp related to JKS’s SNS posts or history. For example, in this article by kdramastars: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/15615/20140211/jang-geun-suk-and-kim-jaejoong-the-history-of-their-friendship.htm
      They posted an article yesterday but they wrote some incorrect information about JKS’s tweets. I wrote a comment and then… voila! this afternoon I found that they revised the article based on my comment! I think this way is better… we do not ‘fight’ to defense our beloved Jang Keun Suk, but we try to ‘correct’ the wrong information people got about him :). Please be rest assured that eels are always there for Jang Keun Suk 🙂

      • this is the best way noonaeel, and that’s what I do too. 🙂 For me most of the time, the best way to neutralize the bashing is not to directly reply to the bashers/haters but just give a good info about Sukkie to let the other readers know the truth.

      • Yes agree with all the sisters…it is a bit hard to do because you would really like to knock them on their stupid heads but that is exactly what they want…just ignore them, that takes away their power.. , those are just really f*cked up people who has no real purpose in life…..If you still wanne comment on those sites…go ahead…but never answer back on their posts…and if they say something to you…just ignore… the best way to support Sukkie is by direct actions…
        like the foodtruck support that got so many media attention…
        voting..esp on those sites our Korean eels ask us to support…
        up his video etc on youtube and what not….and writing encouraging letters, posts and cards to Sukkie on so many of his media….

    • i was on your situation before alex, argued w/ them, but they dindt stop give more worst comment to hurt our prince, and my eel cingu fr soompi sent me some personal notif, she told me to stop debate with haters, becoz whatever i said the haters will never stop. thats haters jobbrite? to hate and to be hated. so since that time..i stop to give comments on kdramastar site. this site often share wrong articles and sometime worst articles about jgs. i hate the writers named joan mcdonald, she ever made 1 worst article about pretty man and jgs, couple months ago. erg i want to **** her face if i met her. .gosh. zzz. but how popular jgs.. every article about him on that site, always following w/ many comment…lovers or haters.curious w jgs.

    • I have shared a few days ago about a bad experience with an anti. I was not involved in the discussion, I refrained but I was amazed by the miseries that a human mind is able to think and then to translate on page.
      The first thought was to react but I realized that Keun Suk did not deserve in any way may be subject to such discussions.
      These people should be ignored. I think that hurts them. If you reply you give them satisfaction.

  5. So it’s for Tongyi CF :). I’m very happy to know that Tongyi extends JKS’s contract with them… he is indeed a reliable brand ambassador and he has an amazing troop of loyal eels who will support him all the way. It’s also nice to see the reunion of Go Minam & Hwang Tae Kyung :). Shin Hye is at the moment very popular in China after the Heirs so it’s a very good choice to pair her up with our Keun Suk :).

  6. Dear Nabila, I agree with you. And I know what do you feel about it. Freedom of expression is a right of everyone. And not always we hear what we wanna hear. I’ve read horrible things about JKS too. And my heart got broken of pain. I wonder why those evil people hurt the others without hesitating for a moment. It´s better to ignore such hurtful comments and continue to support him with more love. Believe me, not worth getting angry. I always choose to love. Only love begets wonder, only love illuminates what endures over time. Even if someone hates him means that he is present anyway. So Eels, keep calm and love him more.

  7. I really love sir sukkie
    but my country peoples not like it any korean actors and idols
    BAd life Have any line here so follow me
    hamza sukkie

  8. Look at the bright couple…these are the pictures theyntook that day when their photographer friend post a twit with a picture of them 3…the ciuple was so brightly smiling and you see that reflexted in their eyes….PSH only has that special glow with JKS
    Hope they will do some project together in the future again…maybe YAB the next episode ..lol

  9. Hope they will have a new drama project together!!! I love their friendship!!! I just remember the BTS of You’re Beautiful. They’re very comfortable with each other!!! Zikzin!!!


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