3 thoughts on “[fan-cam] JKS arrived at Gimpo airport from Tokyo after Zepp Nagoya_20140203”

  1. Welcome home!
    You worked hard but you come home victorious.
    Now you have to recover the energy lost. You did it with extreme passion and you left a part of yourself to those fans who’ve surrounded you with their love and their spiritual warmth.
    We can never properly appreciate your effort.
    To appreciate the effort and passion made ​​you we should know what value they have for you all the things you sacrifice for this passion.
    But we know that things made ​​with passion and commitment are the most successful. Just like the kids made from much love.
    Take care of yourself. You look tired and sad.
    Head up and please, look only forward. When one door closes another door opens. It is important to stop looking at the door that closed for the risk to not see the one which has opened.
    I am very proud to be your fan and I send best wishes to you, health and enjoy your life because you deserve it. God be with you.

  2. we will always support you cool jang, yes..he look tired, but i dont know.. does he look sad..?wae…? we hope he will not to be sentimental :-), i know he has soft heart..but you do great for everything, dnt to much worry dear sukie. . just taking some rest but,still alot of work you do after tour..please take some holyday first. refreshment.so,he preparing tim H recording..yea we cant wait to see the result 🙂


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