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  1. True that no actors could have pulled off Dokgo Ma Te’s character other than how JKS did.. The plots of 예쁜 남자 is so unique and extra ordinary that only the combined effort of great actors and production team can keep intelligent viewers interested in it week on week. Looking forward to JKS’ future dramas/movies..
    Ahh I’m so hooked in this drama that i am watching it all over again..

  2. Ma Te-ah, im no. Lesson #11…. im waiting for you to hit MY button! Kkkkk!!

    Thanks Nan for your wonderful recap 🙂

    As I’ve mentioned to you, I didnt quite feel Sukkie getting into character in the first few episodes, but he redeemed himself especially in the last few episodes. Looking forward to his next surprise very anxiously!

  3. Thanks sis Nancy for the recap. I waited anxiously for this final episode and I could say that I was quite happy with how they wrapped everything up. It could’ve been better if they added a couple more episodes but yeah… this way is already great. Especially I was glad because they let MaTe & his mother reconcile! Nobody became terribly evil in this drama in the end :). And or MaTe and BoTong’s romance… I know that some people were disappointed with their ‘chemistry’ or ‘kissing scene’. I personally didn’t mind :p. It’s heartwarming to see that MaTe learned about love eventually. The kiss was so light and sweet… both were smiling :). A happy ending everybody deserves, it is! 🙂

  4. Thank you sis Nancy for your thoughts and recap on Ep 16! I agree that the journey of Mate made us all reflect on our Sukkie’s life path and our own self learnings.
    Hooray for Botong’s mom! but somehow I feel bad that I cannot even remember if they gave her a name- which means a lot to me in a drama!
    Oh how i loved NHR’s acting! Her quivering and non-stop tears were at par with Sukkie’s that is why the forgiving scene was just superb IMO! thank you for that!
    and of course episode 16 will not be all worth it if not for the much-awaited and much-argued-about need for a kiss scene! kkk! ^^ Although it lacked Sukkie’s passionate kiss I still think it was fitting of the scene- sweet pecking of lips it seemed but at least I saw Botong’s lips move a bit in response to Sukkie’s sweet pecks!
    To everyone behing Bel Ami- we enjoyed the ride, we learned a lot, and we are all better persons just for watching your excellent work! THANK YOU!!! ❤

  5. Thanks sis Nancy . It arrived and the ending.
    An ending like a white lilac blooms in a sunny spring morning . The way he stands in the open door of the restaurant and looks at her is so suggestive . Is the door open to the life that awaits them both with open arms.
    And the kiss at the end is best suited to their love, innocent , sensitive and delicate .
    I’m gonna miss everyone very much. Frankly, some time it’ll be hard to watch another series without comparing it with Beautiful Man . Sure Beautiful Man will be the winner .
    It was so intense and he touched my heart so much .
    Even though there were a few episodes, I still would have felt sorry when the ending came .
    Congratulations to the entire team that made this marvel . We have seen very clearly that they were a united team, determined to do something to prove value to all who participated in this project.
    But , no offense , who shined the most was our Prince .
    All the best to all.

  6. Great recap and thoughts Nancy!

    I think the reason why Ma Te did not go to work at Bo Tong Company for a year is because of his thoughtfulness. He is considerate of David’s feelings. Seeing Ma Te himself and Bo Tong being a loving couple at work, David would have felt sad and unable to continue working there because it would hurt too much. David also then would have no place to go since he did not agree with MG’s style of doing business. Therefore, Ma Te divided the shares of Bo Tong Company between David and Bo Tong and cease to go to the company. Note Ma Te also waited a year before proposing to Bo Tong even though he is all ready with the ring and knows that Bo Tong would surely be pleased. That is further his consideration for David, allowing David some time to come to terms with the fact that Bo Tong truly belongs to Ma Te and that he should move on and not wait for her any longer.

    Ma Te is not just a handsome man. His personality and thoughtfulness is what makes him attractive and endearing to those around him. Even Bo Tong’s mother and brother loves Ma Te and are closer to him than David.

    • @Staying Up Late: “Even Bo Tong’s mother and brother loves Ma Te and are closer to him than David” –> yeah… how nice it is to finally be a real family with people that you’ve considered your own family for years :). I love how other side characters are not left unimportant in this drama including Botong’s family. Botong’s mum has always been a loving ahjumma for MaTe, even though she often scolds her daughter for being head-over-heel- towards MaTe. So is Dae Shik, Botong’s brother.

  7. P.S. Miss the Beautiful Man and wished that it could have been longer. If it is a Japanese drama, there would have been a season 2!

    • Staying Up Late!!! I’m so happy to see you again here ^_^ We sure miss Beautiful Man as some of us already re-watching the drama from ep1 but good that I don’t have to stay up late after this drama as no need to chase weekly!

      • Hi QQ, have always been around.:) How can I not be interested in what’s happening with our blue eye boy? Dearly want to rewatch Bel Ami from ep 1 but is afraid that I will marathon it and not get any sleep!!! Will definitely do so when I find a block of undisturbed time. Watched Doremifaso yesterday and loved how adorable our Keun Suk looked as a teenager!!!

  8. Thanks for the last recap of Beautiful Man Nancy

    O this drama made us laugh a lot and cry rivers…my eyes were not only wet but the tears dropped down my cheeks just like mate’s…
    Since I don’t really watch all K drama’s but like Adriana I will compare all drama’s with Beautiful Man and the acting of Jang Keun Suk.
    IU was a happy surprise..perfect for her role.

    I love the thoughts of Staying Up Late…
    But I imagining all 3 childeren will eventualy inherite MG anyway..but David from the start really put all his earnest efforts to help build Botong Enterprise so it’s really fitting to give him half of it…and the other half for Botong…wich Mate get’s back with marriage anyway..
    The galbi restaurant is just for fun so he can help out his old friend…who really needs somebody to hold his hands…such beautiful man
    Me too wish there is a season 2 hahaha…but I doubt that because JKS don’t like to do things twice…

    • Agree that David and Bo Tong were the “runners” of Bo Tong Company. However, the Company really could not have come to being without the leader and entrepreneurship of Ma Te. Ma Te was the one who established 1) the “connection” to sell socks on MG home shopping,2)the sock manufacturer to produce the socks, 3) agency for the outdoor brand of clothing, 4)SS home shopping. So it is truly his generousity and thoughtfulness that Ma Te left the company which also means a great deal to him to his friend and lover instead.

      • Staying Up Late, agreed to every thing you said!!!

        That’s the purpose of being Beautiful Man, he learns and grow….and once he achieves his goals he won’t be possessed or obsessed by success, money or frame.

      • Mate could not imagine two more loyal and fair partners..even in his darkest days David did not jeopardies the company; always a hard worker and gave his 101%..
        True Mate did the entrepreneurship but David was the managing executor with good work experience…a good marriage between the 3
        Wonder were the galbi restaurant is where they filmed the last episode…guess a lot of eels wants to eat there..not for the food but to soak up the atmosphere just like the Droptop cafe…

  9. All in the name of true love, right? Too bad the ones who spouted off so much about it have no concept of what love really is. Both the chairman and Bo Tong put Ma Te in no win situations that to get out of would have done severe collateral damage that he wasn’t willing to do. No one thought of this in regards to him throughout the entire show but sometimes growth is doing for others what could not be done for ourselves.
    And so in true borderline fashion he takes the emotional dagger aimed at his heart form mom and aims it at himself. In my world when people start apologizing for being born we hide sharp objects. (lol joke) But seriously when someone makes statements like that to family the intent is to hurt the other person by hurting themselves.
    After 16 episodes of bashing mom as the worst person on earth the chairman swoops in while she’s in pain, apologizes while laying on more guild and we see his true motive. TAKE CARE OF ME! Since he’s dying she goes ahead and does it.
    And Ma Te, bless his heart, does the only thing he can do, accepts a no win situation and decides to make the best of it. I’m glad that he opened the rib place as at least he can start setting some healthier boundaries and push the girl to develop some sort of identity beyond him. It’s not healthy for either person when you are so wrapped up in someone else that you are nothing without him, it’s certainly not love. I really wish that someone would have addressed this in the show but I’m not sure she would have even listened. So Ma Te decides f**k it, I’ll run with this and play for now. I might as well enjoy myself.

  10. Nancy i done reading now ,good job,thanks for share your thoughs,agree with you in a lot of things.I will see the drama again too til Monday because i like it so much.


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