[STARCAST] “I am introducing my babies”…Jang Keun Suk’s trunk in

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Hello. This is Jang Keun Suk. The drama ‘The Pretty Man’ ended yesterday. I lived as Dokgo Ma Te for past three months. In regardless of the viewing rate, it was good times as I got to meet the viewers in Korea in such a long time.

Now, the drama is over and you guys are curious about where I am, right? The truth is, I am in Osaka, Japan right now. I came as soon as I finished filming ‘The Pretty Man’ on January 8th. I have to perform ‘ZIKJIN’ live performance until 10th. Due to the schedule of the performance, I did not get to participate in the post-drama event of ‘The Pretty Man’.

Are you guys thinking that it is not enough? So I have prepared. I will show Jang Keun Suk’s realistic daily life that was not able to be seen in the drama. Follow me~

Ta~da. The thing I am going to reveal today is a travel trunk. Because I have lots of schedules overseas, I now became an expert in packing. In these two trunks, there are my stuff, oh wait, no, my ‘It’ item that will be with me for next 4 days and 3 nights. Are you guys saying that two trunks are too much? You guys will understand the reason once when you guys see it.
It is skills to packing by Keun Suk. Do you guys see the neatly organized items? Clothes are folded nicely and other accessories and items are distinguished using either a box or a pouch and so on. It is easy to find later on and when packing again, it is much simple.

Now, I will introduce my It items.

▶ It item 1. Outfit

My love towards fashion. Everyone knows about it, right? This time, I have prepared normal (?) outfit. Maybe because I got influenced by Dokgo Ma Te, I am attracted to chic styles. The weather is cold also. In times like this, something warm is the best.

The dress code in Osaka is black & khaki. Don’t you guys think that it expresses individuality while being well-refined at the same time? I also put padding vest that emphasizes simplicity and practicality. I also did not forget about the black long coat that shows the loneliness (?) of a winter man. There are lots of hidden clothes but since I have so many items to introduce, this will be it for now~

▶ It item 2. Sunglasses & Hats

These are the items that I really love. If shoes are Seo In Young’s babies, then my babies are sunglasses and hats. I feel secure only when packing at least 5 of them whenever I go abroad. They might all look similar but I have to change the style according to the mood and the outfit of each day.

Since these are the items that I really value, I have to store them well. I usually put sunglasses in each of their cases and put them altogether in a pouch once again. Especially, I bought a hat case. When I put hats in a row, I can prevent it from getting wrinkled and it helps to maintain its angle in the trunk.
“In a row~”

▶ It item 3. Shoes

The next item is shoes. Only a sneaker with all those schedules in overseas? It is not acceptable. Packing at least 5 shoes is the most basic thing. Are you guys now starting to understand why I need 2 trunks? It is all because of my passion towards fashion.

From a comfortable sneaker to a chic long boots, I have prepared various things. You guys can imagine my style that matches with those shoes only by looking at them, right? Especially, I think that those long boots are able to be pulled off because it is I who is wearing those.

▶ It item 4. Cosmetics

The last It item is cosmetics. I am thinking that lots of people are surprised due to their kinds and the quantity. Since the number of high quality TV is increasing these days, I came to think more about my skin even when I am a guy. However, I am the pretty man for a reason. I am always putting effort to make you guys’ eyes happy through strict skin care.

Especially, in the winter season like now, I have to care even more for the skin. So, I packed these many cosmetics. Skin care is a necessary item for sure. The nutrition cream and eye cream also cannot be left out. I also have packed mask packs to soothe my tired skin.

My ‘Trunk in’ introduction ends here. Were you guys confused a lot because you guys only saw the pictures of my stuff when you guys wanted to know about my recent news? So, I have prepared. The so-called ‘Keun-jjang’s cooking class’. I am revealing the pictures of my first night in Osaka as a bonus. I usually enjoy cooking.
“What would be the menu for today?
“Cut the octopus in octopus-like way”
“Using the knife is pretty hard”
“round round machine, are you guys starting to get a sense of it?”
“Try making takoyaki!”
“Careful when it comes to octopus”
“It looks pretty good, right?”
tenshi_akuma’s note: It’s Japanese greeting that restaurant staff says to customers when they open the door.
“Flip over desu”
“Throwing in eggs”
“Eh, whatever”
“hot, hot, hot”
“Calmly once more”
“With the decoration, it looks pretty good, right?”
“Spend a burning Friday! See you guys next time”

Written by= Jang Keun Suk
Edited by=Kim Hyo Eun(Dispatch)
Pictures=Tree J Company

28 thoughts on “[STARCAST] “I am introducing my babies”…Jang Keun Suk’s trunk in”

  1. Thank you for sharing !! Love this site, thank you thank youu!
    He is so funny saying normal(!) clothes, and making al that preperation for us 😀

    I couldn’t eat what he cooked but he looks so comfy like that 😀

    Happy to see he is not upset about the drama’s rate 😀

  2. This young man is absolutely amazing. How can he be so only natural in
    all hypostasis. Singing on stage, in front of the cameras, when he shaves, when he cooks, when he laughs, when he cries ….even when sleeping.
    Do everything with maximum dedication and knows how to enjoy every moment of his life.
    Doing well in cooking, and also saw him in Love Rain. Notice that for a man is very tidy. It seems like as a child he had to fend for himself.
    In conclusion, it is a real treasure!! We love this treasure !!!

    • His parents, particularly his mum, did a great job in raising him up. He once said when he was 10 years old, he travelled alone from his hometown to Seoul for work. A parent must have a strong heart to instil in their child so much independence at such a young age. JKS has this maturity (because of his life’s experience of entering into society earlier than the rest) and yet peter-pannish childlike innocent that makes him unique like none others!

  3. Hello dear sister .
    I cannot say any things.He is the best .best than i think….
    Thanks alot God that put him in my life way♡♥=)

  4. He keeps his things so well, knowing the value of them. I agree with Allymissy, I also read about him going to work alone at a very young age. Look how tidy and well planned in packing his luggage. I wonder he may find an opposite attraction, a really messy girl like me! Kkkkkk

  5. “Wow!! Super organized person! His parents evidentky raised him well.. He has matured from a very young age travelling alone..”

  6. Loved seeing his trunks and how he packs. That was so organized and awesome. (Apparently a hard sided case is the way to go? LOL

    I am glad he likes cooking… but no octopus for me thanks! (Still traumatize by seeing my Italian brother-in-law make Calamari one time when I was child.) Sorry dear JKS, not even for you… *shudders*

  7. Very well organize person..his almost perfect from looks to skills..I really love this man.. his parents must be so proud of him..

  8. yup, it is right i’ve already seen he packed his luggage so neat and tidy; even his kitchen considered to be clean and not ‘that’ too messy. Jks is really a special man and ‘unique’ in everything he has done. Not so many men who are tidy, neat and clean as he did. Wish the best luck 4 him in 2014 and the year a head. ~,~

  9. HE’S SO CUTE!!!! Sharing his habits and life like that!:) Love a man who can cook, enjoys cooking for others (shows thoughtfulness and desire to be of service to love ones) and looking right at home and happy like he does.:) Keun Suk is really a wonderful boy.

  10. Well, even I am a fan for so long , it is only now that I am fully knowing the real JKS, lifestyle,values and character when it comes to work , seeing and reading the way he did to his stuff, it is very admirable of him, I pray that God continue to shower him more blessing and I as a fan rest assured of my support always and forever, take care our prince , long way to go, do not change, eels loves your unique and authentic way of sharing your life to them, God bless our prince.


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