6 thoughts on “[08.01.2014] Jang Keun Suk LINE”

    On a BEAUTIFUL DAY I saw you, my BEAUTIFUL MAN and I stayed WITHOUT WORDS. In this CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY world, our lives are LIKE A MOVIE.
    WHAT SHOULD I DO? I thought to write you a LOVE LETTER.
    Don’t LET ME CRY ! Please SAVE ME and read my letter. CAN YOU HEAR ME? Can you hear my SERENADE to you? I PROMISE you a BEAUTIFUL CHANGE. WELCOME TO MY WORLD! Give me your hand and let’s RUN AWAY through the LOVE RAIN in the INDIAN SUMMER.
    Don’t tell me GOOD BYE. I’ll ALWAYS CLOSE TO YOU.
    With all my love wish you THE HAPPY LIFE !!!


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