6 thoughts on “[Pics] Princejks.com new cover photos”

  1. I love the first pic…I’m so in love with his sideburns
    Yesterday I saw the movie 47 Ronins…All the way I could imaging Sukkie playing such a role…I hope someday…
    He is so handsome in costumes

  2. Somehow he looks different in the first picture… the eyebrow? the nose? nevertheless stilll lookin hawt ! Love em when he ties up his hair like that ! awwwwwwwww love his smirk on the last picture !!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing sis Tenshi.
    I looked with love at pictures and this is what I saw in them:
    1 – a fearless samurai
    2 – a clear sky
    3 – a naughty leprechaun
    4 – a wonderful surprise
    5 – a prince charming
    6 – a lively mountain river
    7 – a dear and lovely child
    Good or bad inspiration, that I’ve seen ….
    All the best.


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