2 thoughts on “[Fan-made MV] 예남MV Part6. Run_장근석 (Jang Keun Suk),아이유(IU) & 이장우(Lee Jang Woo) from “Pretty Boy (Bel Ami)””

  1. JKS and DMT are both two strong characters. Both go boldly forward, they do not know to give up regardless of obstacles.
    I do not know how the script was originally but JKS has managed to give life to the character DMT through his life.
    JKS was very generous with DMT and gave him full of his will, the strength and determination to but at the same time blessed with his sensibility, protective attitude toward loved ones and rarely, as it is the story, with the sense of humor that he has it in abundance.
    DMT is a debtor-sold to JKS because he turned him into a real man.
    Well done and really enjoyable to watch!
    Happy New Year and God protects him.


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