3 thoughts on “[Pics] “Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)” BTS from KBS Official Website”

  1. I already started to miss his warm smile. In the last episode he has a bitter smile and sad eyes. Now I see that in reality he is the same. Seems very tired and went so well in character that JKS = DMT. Also seems to have lost weight and is haggard. In ep.11 I saw him walking on the street dressed only in shirt and that I know is quite cold in Seoul. Not to mention the pictures above where everyone is well dressed and he is wet. Should the team take care of him like a treasure. I hope it happens. He is so involved and wants so much to achieve high performance that not account for anything. Dear child, please take care of yourself and thank you for the Christmas gift that we offer it since the first episode. God protect you and keep you healthy and strong.


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